Jo O’Meara Recounts Failed Suicide Attempt

In an interview following her controversial appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, former S Club star Jo O’Meara told News of the World about how she locked herself away and refused to go out, failed in her suicide bid because a friend came home unexpectedly, believed she was too psychologically fragile to go on the show, and felt betrayed and abandoned by Big Brother bosses. “I was in so much pain and just hurting. I couldn’t believe what I’d become, and how I’d been shown on telly,” O’Meara explained. “I was shaking, but I poured the whisky into the glass. Then I just took one Nurofen, then another, then another. I was on Prozac so I knew I wasn’t allowed to drink but I swallowed a quarter of the bottle. I thought this will take it all away and I’m out of it all then. I just felt, I can’t keep going on and it can’t get better. I went very sleepy, and it all started to become a blur. I could feel I was starting to drift off. I didn’t care. All the suffering was slipping away.” Luckily her best pal Cindy Lazarus, who’d been staying with her, returned home in the nick of time.

Jermaine Jackson Comes To Jo O’Meara’s Aid

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Jermaine Jackson is rushing to the aid of his ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Jo O’Meara, hoping the help the former S Club singer’s struggle with depression after the firestorm her comments towards Shilpa Shetty created. “I’ve written a song with Jo in mind,” Jermaine said. “She is greatly talented and can climb back out of this. I would like to help all that I can, and this could be the start.”

Invicta FM’s Party In The Park In Kent

Freefaller, former S Club stars Rachel Stevens and Jo O’Meara, Chesney Hawkes, Keisha White, Love Bites, former a1 star Ben Adams, The Noise Next Door, former Blue star Lee Ryan, former Take That star Mark Owen, Liberty X, Bananarama, Lemar, and Charlotte Church performed at Hop Farm Country Park in Paddock Wood, Kent, England on July 10th.

Ben Adams Backstage Romance With Jo O’Meara

Ex-S Club singer Jo O’Meara and former a1 member Ben Adams were spotted “smooching away backstage” at the 02 Party In The Park in Brighton, England on Sunday, a source tells The Mirror. “They even shared a cigarette at one point. Then Jo said: ‘I really want it. You don’t know how much I want it,’ the source added. “No one’s sure whether she was talking about the ciggie or Ben.”

Jo O’Meara Signs With Fuller In Bid To Hit America

Former S Club singer Jo O’Meara has signed a solo management deal with pop mogul Simon Fuller in the hope of breaking the American music market. A source at Fuller’s 19 Management tells The Sun, “Simon wants to make her the next Christina Aguilera – she’s got one of the most powerful voices in pop.”

S Club Star Had To Talk To Her Own Leg

Former S Club star Jo O’Meara spoke with the Sunday People about her struggle with two dehydrated discs in her back, which led to troubles with her legs. “They should be white but mine are black and don’t work, and I have two bulging discs,” O’Meara said. “When the discs don’t work, it puts pressure on your back, which makes the sciatic nerves react and you get bad pains in your legs. It hadn’t happened for ages, but when I woke up in the mornings my left leg would be completely numb. I had to hop to the bathroom, dragging it behind me. Then I’d sit under the shower for ages to get the heat going and wake it up. I’d slap it, saying: ‘Come on, I’ve got to go to work today’.”

S Club Jo O’Meara Admits Gambling Habit

The Sun reports S Club star Jo O’Meara has a gambling habit that has seen her spend thousands on slot machines. “My back’s not too good so gambling is all I can do. I come as much as I can; quite a few times each week,” she admits. “It’s my only release and it’s an outlet for me. I play on the fruit machine that pays out a £500 jackpot. I have already won the £500 prize nine times. I think I’ve just about broken even.”

S Club’s Jo Ordered To Rest Over Spinal Problem

The Mirror reports S Club singer Jo O’Meara has been told to rest until the new year to help ease a back condition that could land her in wheelchair for life. The singer has been diagnosed with a hereditary problem affecting the disks and nerves in her spine. “Jo is not just resting if that’s what you think. Her condition is really serious,” said a chaperone for the group. “She has seen specialists in the UK and in America and has been told that if she has an operation to correct her back then she could face being in a wheelchair.”

S Club 7’s Jo Calls Off Wedding

The Sun reports Jo O’Meara of S Club 7 has called off her wedding to fiance Lee. Jo revealed they are still together, but won’t get married this year as originally planned: “We had problems over Christmas and wanted to ease the pressure. I’m sure we’ll get married but not yet. Things just got too much for us. We are still very close.”