Checking Into The Onyx Hotel In Orlando

Monday night, I checked out the Onyx Hotel Tour starring Britney Spears in Orlando, Florida.
First of all, let me say that the show was surprisingly awesome. Not counting the not-so-impressive opening acts Skye Sweetnam, who has a great voice, but no stage presence at all, and Kelis, who apparently was really sick, so I didn’t expect her to be that good.

Joey Fatone Checks Into Onyx Hotel Orlando

I was on the floor last night at the Orlando show of Britney Spears show. Joey Fatone of *NSYNC slipped in during one of the opening acts while the lights were down. He was looking real cute wearing a black beanie and black t-shirt. He appeared to enjoy the entire show. He slipped out during Britney’s last song. No one really noticed him during the entire concert, of which that really surprised me!

Howie D. And Joey Fatone Playfully Bust Each Other’s Balls

Contributed by elgato:

Howie appeared on Los Angeles radio station KIIS 102.7 FM on December 19th. According to fan and listener DawnJElmer, Howie said he was spending the holidays in Florida with his family. JoJo, the DJ, said he wanted to have a song on the new Backstreet Boys album and Nsync album. Howie reiterated that BSB are back together and will start recording on January 10th. JoJo told Howie that he had someone on the line that wanted to talk to him; it was Joey Fatone of Nsync. The two talked about recording and shared a few laughs. Joey playfully gave Howie a hard time about how BSB beat Nsync “to the punch with recording next year & that BSB was always beating them with everything.” Howie playfully shot back and said something about how BSB focuses on music but haven’t put out anything for the past 3 years while Nsync tends to focus on putting out ‘stuff’ (i.e. dolls, lip balm, merchandise, DVDs). Howie also confirmed that BSB are once again managed by Johnny Wright. He acknowledged that Nsync are still managed by him as well, and said that maybe the two groups can do something together in the future. Read more.

Fat-one’s Holiday Diet? ‘I Indulge Like A Fat Pig’

Us Weekly asked several celebrities what’s your secret to keeping off the Holiday pounds. One of those asked, if you could believe it, was *NSYNC star Joey Fatone. “I indulge like a fat pig,” Fatone admitted. “I don’t even work out. Who cares?” Meanwhile, Shakira says, “I try to control the carbs, but it’s hard because I have a sweet tooth.”

Joey Fatone To Star In ‘The Cooler’

Contributed anonymously:

*NSYNC star Joey Fatone will again tackle the big screen in the upcoming film, ‘The Cooler’. The film stars such veteran film and stage actors as William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin and Maria Bello. Fatone stars as upstart singer Johnny Capella. Fatone is also featured on the soundtrack along with jazz artists Diana Krall and Bobby Caldwell. The film opens November 19th in NY and LA and December 19th across the US.

Howie D. And Joey Fatone At Disney World

Contributed anonymously:

Howie Dorough of The Backstreet Boys and Joey Fatone of *NSYNC united on Wednesday (October 8) at Walt Disney World Resort, for the red carpet premiere of ‘Mickey’s PhilharMagic,’ an all-new 3-D spectacular in the Magic Kingdom theme park. Hundreds of press lined the red carpet as celebrities filed in and out of the premiere in the Fantasyland theater.

Joey Fatone Chats With *Nsiders

*NSYNC star Joey Fatone took part in an online chat with members of’s *Nsiders. He was asked about the new *NSYNC album and responded, “Right now we’re actually writing, and we’ll start recording at the beginning of next year.” Asked if he checked out bandmate Justin Timberlake’s solo concerts, Joey responded, “I saw 2 shows of Justin’s… It was wonderful… actually got up on stage for a few songs.”