John Mayer Advises Guys To Carry ‘Variety Of Tampons’

John Mayer is dispensing love advice in the new issue of Spin magazine. Asked by one reader how to get a female classmate to take their friendship to the next level, Mayer advises, “Try getting her in trouble so that you both get held after class and you have an excuse to talk to her. Or, every time you see her, ask to borrow a pen. When you have all her pens, she’ll have to start asking you for hers, which is when you say, ‘Well, I’m afraid I left them all at home. You’ll have to stop by and pick them up.’ Finally, have a variety of tampons on hand because it makes you look incredibly thoughtful. Accidentally let one fall out of your backpack. That’s when you say, ‘Well, you never know when someone is going to need one.'”

John Mayer Ends Relationship With Jennifer Love Hewitt

While John Mayer was photographed walking hand-in-hand with Jennifer Love Hewitt last month, he revealed to Entertainment Weekly that their relationship is over. “It was a strange little detour that I took for a minute,” he said. “Hopefully the people who listen to my music can relate to it in their life — save for the People magazine part. It’s really just an all-American, boy meets girl, check it out, fall madly in love, go overboard to the point of no return, and then do your best to get over it story. It sucks. Because the idea of it was fantastic. It just didn’t work. And I hate that. Because I would’ve been loyal. And I was, but it just didn’t…. I hope I’m not being too cryptic. It’s not anything [other] than two people being very different. And hopefully I can go through it and not be cheesy about it and not be the guy in People, but just the normal heavyhearted guy.”

John Mayer Says He Has An Uncool Fanbase

July 25, 2002 – Anastasia Pantsios of the Cleveland Plain Dealer chatted with John Mayer who admits his fanbase is comprised of people who are distinctly uncool. “My lyrics are clearly by somebody who’s doing nothing but sitting down and thinking about themselves all day,” he explained. “It’s not ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ but ‘Please let me purge and tell you what it’s like right now.’ I think the people who latched onto my music live inside their own heads and have been second-guessed for it a lot.”

John Mayer Received Real Confidence Booster By Elton John reports John Mayer received a “real confidence booster” when Elton John called him up and invited him to dinner. “It was no big deal. Look, making a record is like moving into a neighborhood. And Elton lives four doors down,” he said metaphorically. “He comes out in his bathrobe and knocks on my door. He says, ‘I like your music and I live down the street. If you need anything, just knock.'”

Elton Explains Why He Skipped Liza’s Wedding

March 21, 2002 – Contributed by chris: Today on Rosie’s 40th Birthday episode, Sir Elton John told Rosie why he skipped out of the Liza Minnelli wedding to David Gest last weekend. John said, “‘Why aren’t you coming? Why aren’t you coming?’ And they were so rude to us and this was a wedding and my mum was in town and I went out with my mother for her birthday which was a damn site better than going to Liza Minnelli’s bloody circus.”

John Mayer Hooks Up With Jennifer Love Hewitt

The New York Post reports Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boyfriend of the moment is John Mayer. Jennifer has been hanging out lately at Mayer’s Los Angeles rehearsal studio and sent him a balloon and cake arrangement to congratulate him on his recent sales spike, so say spies.

John Mayer Credits His Honest Music For Connecting With Crowds

May 30, 2002 – John Mayer tells he believes he’s connecting with a large audience because his music is honest. Mayer said, “Hopefully, when you see me on stage playing, you believe it. I mean, that’s really the true litmus test of whether somebody is liked as a musician, as a performer, is ‘Do I believe them?’ Well, why do I like Aaron Lewis from Staind? Well, because I believe him, because I believe that that’s the kind of guy who used to, like, scratch his girlfriend’s initials into his arms with a pen when he was in high school. I believe that. And so, hopefully, when people hear me singing, they believe that I’m the person who’s creating that.”

Clip From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Album On Rosie

May 11, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the Rosie O’Donnell show on Friday. They played a brief cut from her new album, which is due out in September. They showed a cool clip of ‘Tuxedo’. She cried a little at the end saying “good-bye” to Rosie and she bought Rosie a trip to Hawaii as a going away present.

John Mayer Announces Yet Another Tour

John Mayer will be kicking off a summer tour June 24th in Vancouver, this despite the fact that he’s currently on his spring tour. Again on this tour, he be supporting his major-label debut ‘Room for Squares’ with concerts at several North American locations until August 18th in San Diego. For a complete rundown of Mayer’s tour stops, read on.

John Mayer tour dates:
6/24: Vancouver, Richard’s On Richards
6/26: Toronto, Opera House
6/29: Ottawa, Barrymore’s
7/17: Boston, FleetBoston Pavilion
7/19: New York, Central Park SummerStage
7/20: Wilmington, DE, Kahunaville / Big Kahuna
7/22: Rochester Hills, MI, MeadowBrook Music Festival
7/24: Cleveland, Tower City Amphitheater
7/25: Pittsburgh, Amphitheater at Station Square
7/26: Columbus, OH PromoWest Pavilion
7/27: Chicago, A. Finkl
7/29: Kettering, OH, Fraze Pavilion
7/30: Milwaukee, Eagles Ballroom
8/1: Minneapolis, Northrop Auditorium
8/2: Kansas City, City Market
8/3: St. Louis, Fox Theater
8/6: Denver, CityLights Pavilion
8/9: Portland, OR, Arlene Schnitzer Hall
8/10: Seattle, Paramount Theater
8/16: Berkeley, CA Greek Theater
8/17: Los Angeles, Greek Theater
8/18: San Diego, SDSU Open Air Theater

John Mayer Wants To Invest In JTIM

April 27, 2002 – Teen People caught up with John Mayer and in the magazine’s latest issue he says of *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake: “Justin Timberlake. If he were a stock, I would cash out all my publishing and buy it. I think Justin Timberlake is the next Michael Jackson. That kid is walking around with this melody bomb in his head and nobody knows it’s about to go off.”

John Mayer’s Benign Revolution Is Under Way

April 23, 2002 – David Lindquist of the Indianapolis Star reviewed John Mayer’s show Sunday at the Murat Egyptian Room, calling him a ‘worthy rival’ to Dave Matthews’ frat-rock throne. Lindquist revealed the singer scored laughs with a near cover of the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ during the set. Of the Matthews comparisons, he adds, “Consider that Mayer enunciates when he sings, writes songs tailored for radio airplay and plays stylish guitar solos. Mayer also is better-looking than Matthews and more personable with an audience.”

Individualism Is A Two-Edged Sword For John Mayer

April 19, 2002 – Jim Farber of the New York Daily News spoke with John Mayer on his musical style that is so unique, it’s somewhat of a double-edged sword for him. “The trait of becoming a good songwriter isn’t as easily duplicable by the industry as, say, everyone wanting to be Pearl Jam,” he says. “Then, all you had to do was clench your teeth and sing real loud. To be thoughtful, it takes something more.” The full story at has since been removed.

John Mayer Was Gravitated Towards Music

March 29, 2002 – Mikael Wood of the Dallas Observer spoke with John Mayer on his debut ‘Room for Squares’ and how he got started into music. Mayer revealed, “I was always around music, you know? Growing up in Connecticut, there was a piano in the house from the time I was born, and I just gravitated toward it.”

Expectations Rise Dramatically For John Mayer

March 28, 2002 – Steve Hochman of the Los Angeles Times spoke with John Mayer following the dramatic underground success of his major-label debut album, ‘Room for Squares,’ which has cleared 250,000 copies. John said, “So many things in my life appear to be noble, but in reality they’re circumstantial. What I do know is I made a record that wasn’t watched by a lot of people, and it seems to have turned out fine. I can hold it up and say, ‘Look what happens when I make records this way.'”

Vanessa Carlton Reportedly Dating John Mayer

According to a posting on Vanessa Carlton’s official site message board, the singer is reported to be dating fellow singer John Mayer as Carlton was at a recent Mayer show in San Diego cheering him on. She also was said to have been with Mayer when he came to Star 100.7 for an appearance.

Vanessa Carlton Gets An Education From Hedonism 3

March 30, 2002 – Vanessa told fans on her official site on Saturday that she’s back from her trip to Jamaica, which sounded like quite an interesting one. Carlton wrote, “All I have to say is that I stayed at Hedonism 3. It was the most alarmingly naked place I’ve ever been to. No one told me everyone was gonna be nude. Needless to say there was a lot of shriveledness going on. I’m so ecstatic about being home right now. I will not join a nudist colony. I will not join a nudist colony. I will not join a nudist colony. Did you know that there are glass bottom hot tubs with viewing pools underneath them? Is that really necessary? Ha hahahah!!!”

As for her Monday performance on Regis and Kelly, she said, “Looking forward to Regis. He’s quite the man isn’t he. I have to shorten ‘A thousand Miles’ to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in order to fit it on the show. Just a warning. The things I do for Regis.”