Jon McLaughlin Album Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Jon McLaughlin wearing a t-shirtJon McLaughlin posted some behind the scenes footage from a photo shoot with his photographer friend Cliff for his new record, which is coming out September 6th. It will be the Indian artist’s first new album since his 2008 sophomore effort ‘OK Now’.

“Hi, we are at the photo shoot today. My name is Jon,” the singer songwriter said before introducing the lensman. “Cliff is a professional photographer. You see we have all these things that probably don’t do anything, but he brought them.” As for that notepad he was using as a prop during the shoot, Jon said, “You probably think, oh he’s not really writing in this notebook. He’s just pretending. No, I’m really writing. I’m writing a note to my wife, Amy. It says, ‘Amy, I hope it’s okay that I’m writing in this notebook right now. I don’t think you ever use it.'”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Jon McLaughlin Working On New Record

Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jonmclaughlin) on Monday (March 29) with news on his new album and playing some of the material at a couple club gigs. The singer songwriter tells readers:

..So for the last year, the band and I have taken a break from the road and have been working on new songs for the new record. Now all the songs are done and, before we go into the studio to record I want to a play a few shows to try out some of the new stuff. I wish we could go to every state and play these small, intimate listening shows but unfortunately we’re only gonna do 2 – April 9 in Bloomington, IN and April 21 in Chicago – Lonely tickets are waiting for new owners right now.

You can enter to win tix for these shows by texting:
April 9, Bloomington, Indiana text “JonIN” to 66937
April 21, Chicago, Illinois text “JonIL” to 66937

If you can’t wait, you can also buy tickets at

Can’t wait for the shows, can’t wait for the new record, can’t wait to get back on the road and see all you fine people.

Hope all is well, my friends!

A Day On Tour With Jon McLaughlin In Chicago

Jon McLaughlin checks in with fans before his concert at House of Blues in Chicago as he waited for a cabJon McLaughlin gives us a close look at a typical day day on the road while in Chicago on February 20th before his gig at the House of Blues. Jon was freezing as he waited to catch a cab to head to radio interview. Next stop was a stop to the venue for soundcheck. After taking a walk, Jon was heard singing the Bumblebee Tuna jingle in the shower. After a discussion about their entrance on stage, the video ends with Jon walking out to cheers.

“I thought maybe it would be fun to let you guys know what I do all day on the day of a show. So right now, I’m in Chicago. There’s the House of Blues, where we’re playing tonight,” Jon said. “I’m getting ready to do a radio interview, but I don’t have the address of the place. So I’m waiting on a phone call to get the address of the place and then I’m gonna take a cab and hopefully I won’t be late, and it’s freezing.”

Watch it below.

Freezing Time With Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin poses a would you rather questionJon McLaughlin played “would you rather” in a video clip at his YouTube channel, asking fans if they’d rather freeze time for ten seconds to remember a person’s name, or freeze time for three seconds to move.

“Would you rather be able to freeze time for ten seconds, and everybody, you’re in a conversation and someone asks you something, and stumps you, you can freeze time for ten seconds but you can still think for ten seconds, but after that ten seconds, they won’t know time has been frozen,” Jon explained. “Maybe like if you can’t remember someone’s name and it’s really important, you can freeze time for ten seconds, hopefully you remember their name. Then you’re like, ‘Oh! Sandra’. Or, would you rather be able to freeze time for three seconds but you can move. So you can freeze time for three seconds and if you want to leave. If someone pulls a gun on you, freeze time, and you have three full seconds to run. You only have three seconds. You don’t have to move. You can do the three seconds and just think.”

Watch the video below.

Jon McLaughlin Remembers 2008 Highlights, Previews 2009 Tour Stops

Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin welcomed in 2009 and announced his tour dates for the new year in a video clip on his MySpace TV channel. “So 2008 was a big year,” Jon said. “And I think 2009 is gonna be even bigger. We’re gonna get in the bus and we’re coming to your city.” The clip has since been removed, but check out the tour dates below the fold.

Jan 16 2009 8:15P Harding University- Searcy, Arkansas
Jan 17 2009 10:15P The Parish @ House Of Blues- New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan 19 2009 10:00P The Parish – Austin, Texas
Jan 20 2009 9:00P Warehouse Live – Houston, Texas
Jan 22 2009 8:00P Vinyl- Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 23 2009 10:30P Jack Rabbits- Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 24 2009 9:30P City Limits- Delray Beach, Florida
Jan 25 2009 9:30P The Social- Orlando, Florida
Jan 27 2009 10:00P Cat’s Cradle- Carrboro, North Carolina
Jan 28 2009 8:45P Birchmere- Alexandria,Virginia
Jan 29 2009 8:00P World Cafe Live- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 30 2009 10:00P Paradise Rock Club- Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 31 2009 10:15P Blender Theatre @ Gramercy- New York City, New York
Feb 2 2009 10:00P Revolution Hall- Troy, New York
Feb 3 2009 8:45P Rex Theatre- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Feb 4 2009 8:50P Tralfamadore Music Hall- Buffalo, New York
Feb 13 2009 10:30P Blind Pig- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Feb 16 2009 9:00P Majestic Theatre- Madison, Wisconsin
Feb 17 2009 8:15P Luther College- Decorah, Iowa
Feb 20 2009 7:30P House of Blues- Chicago, Illinois
Feb 26 2009 8:00P Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood – March On Stage- Universal City, CA
Mar 1 2009 8:00P Hard Rock Cafe – March On Stage- Sacramento, California
Mar 7 2009 8:30P Benson Great Hall- St.Paul, Minnesota

Jon McLaughlin Excited Before Next Week’s ‘OK Now’ Release

Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jonmclaughlin) on Tuesday (September 30), a week before he releases his second album ‘Ok Now’ on Island Records. The Anderson, Indiana singer songwriter tells readers:

So I’m in St. Louis right now, sitting in my hotel room writing this blog to you all to let you know that it’s October. Guys, it’s OCTOBER!!
We have only 1 week until the new record comes out.
168 hours from right now.

I am really excited. This is me excited. I want to thank all you guys who bought “Indiana” and made that record such a success and I really hope you all go out and buy this new one. If you liked “Indiana” then you’ll like this one, I think it’s even better.

7 days…

Ok now… Hope all is well with everyone -j-

Jon McLaughlin Summer Tour Highlights

Jon McLaughlin posted a video clip highlighting his summer tour, where the singer songwriter is seen in Denver, then driving to Seattle after performing a gig in Boise. Jon and the crew then rented some scooters to go sightseeing in the Emerald City.

The clip at has since been removed.

Jon Mclaughlin In-Store In New York City

Jon McLaughlin in-store performance at J&R

Footage of Jon Mclaughlin’s in store performance at J&R Music and Computer World in New York City last month has been posted online. Watch the Anderson, Indiana singer-songwriter perform ‘Industry’, off his debut album ‘Indiana’, below.

Jon McLaughlin Hated High School Piano Lessons

Yahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next’ features Jon McLaughlin, where the singer songwriter talked about how much he hated to take piano lessons in high school as a kid and how the lessons he learned were beneficial in emulating an artist he looked up to.

Jon McLaughlin talks about how he was happy as a high school kid to break his arms to avoid taking piano lessons“Everybody goes to piano lessons, but when you’re a freshman in high school, nobody has piano lessons anymore,” McLaughlin said. “Every week, I was trying to talk my parents out of these piano lessons. I would come up with any angle I could. I’d try to talk them out of these weekly lessons, and it would never work. One day I just put my rollerblades on, went out real quick, ironically it was right before a piano lesson. I fell the wrong way. I wish I could say I was doing some wicked trick or something off a car. Just fell the wrong way and broke my wrist and that was my out. I was happy to take two broken arms for a couple of months to get out of (the lessons). I ended up not playing piano for a couple of years after that.”

Citing Billy Joel as an influence, Jon said, “The thing was, especially at the time I was in high school and wanted to get out of it, I never really bridged the gap between classical piano that I was playing week after week after week, and the Billy Joel tape that I loved to watch. Nobody ever put a Billy Joel song book in front of me and said you can actually play ‘And So It Goes’. You can play that. It wasn’t until 5-6 years ago that I started kind of doing what I’m doing now.”

Watch the performance of ‘Beautiful Disaster’ (the interview has since been removed) below.