Dream’s Jordan McCoy & Hunter Pecunia Cover ‘Disturbia’

Jordan McCoy and Hunter Pecunia of DreamJordan McCoy posted a new video clip on her YouTube channel, featuring the Bad Boy singer and Hunter Pecunia – who joins Jordan as the newest member of the revamped girl group Dream – doing a cover of one of their favorite Rihanna songs.

It hasn’t been explained what the status is of McCoy’s debut solo album ‘Just Watch Me’, which had been set for release February 2009 after several delays.

Watch their ‘Disturbia’ performance below.

Jordan McCoy ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ Acoustic & Fergie Feud

Jordan McCoy performs 'Big Girls Don't Cry'Jordan McCoy posted an acoustic cover of Fergie’s biggest solo hit ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ at her MySpace TV channel. The Bad Boy artist is still upset about the backstory surrounding the song, which was initially shopped around because it apparently didn’t fit the them of her debut album ‘The Dutchess’.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the issue:

Eventually, the song was sold to Bad Boy Records, where it was handed to Jordan McCoy. McCoy’s team felt they had a huge hit on their hands and quickly recorded the song, assuring Fergie and her management that they were going to release it as a single.

However, according to McCoy, after Fergie heard their finished version, she had a change of heart and recorded the song as well. Without the knowledge of Bad Boy Records, Fergie went ahead and tagged it on to her album at the last minute. Jordan and her team were upset by Fergie’s decision, scrapped the entire project and considered suing Fergie. However, because Fergie co-wrote the song, she had partial ownership and they could not sue her.

Watch the “cover” and a clip about the controversy comparing the two recordings – which Jordan posted on her YouTube – below.

Jordan McCoy Inspired After Seeing Lady GaGa Live Set

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (August 18) after watching Lady GaGa perform. The Bad Boy pop artist writes:

Yo Yo!!! Happy Monday! It’s very rainy and gloomy in Texas… but sometimes I write the best songs when it’s disgusting out so we’ll see what how it goes!!

I had a great weekend! Lady Gaga was seriously AWESOME live.. she’s so inspiring, I can’t wait to get on stage again, maybe I’ll even be on her tour.. Stay tuned!

We had a blast at the 2 venues, and I got to preview her upcoming album “Fame”. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while, the kind that you put on and listen to the entire thing all the way through and never stop dancing! That’s exactly the kind of records I like to make and exactly what you can expect from my new all girl band Dream!

The blog and a picture of Jordan with Lady GaGa has since been removed.

Jordan McCoy ‘About To Make Some Magic’ With Vincent Herbert

Jordan McCoy talks about making magicJordan McCoy checked in on her MySpace TV channel while hanging out with camera shy producer Vincent Herbert, the guy behind Lady GaGa, who they were about to go see.

“I’m so excited to see Vince because I’ve missed him so much and I can’t wait to work with him,” the Bad Boy pop artist told viewers. “So you guys stay tuned because we are about to make some magic.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Jordan McCoy Has A Weakness For Guys’ Hair

Jordan McCoy updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) earlier today, discussing ten things fans might not know about the Bad Boy pop artist. Among them:

5. Every time I get change back for something, I leave all the pennies on the ground heads up

6. I drink Oolong tea with honey everyday

7. I’m a closet Asia fan lol

8. My favorite thing about guys is their hair!!! Seriously, I can’t turn some one down if they have amazing hair!.. its my weakness!

9. Two of my favorite Beatles songs are Dear Prudence and Yesterday

10. I love living a chaotic, unpredictable life. But I have just as much fun when I get to go home, hang out with my sisters and old friends, and do the same ridiculous stuff that we used to do! I think it’s extremely important to never forget where you come from and the people who love you.

Jordan McCoy Covers Avril Lavigne And Janis Joplin

Jordan McCoy covers 'Fall To Pieces'Jordan McCoy has posted a pair of acoustic covers on her YouTube channel.

The Bad Boy pop artist tells fans, “I’ve decided that Tuesdays will be my cover video day!!! So, every Tuesday make sure you come check my site for my new video!!! I was having too much fun singing today so i posted 2! lol, la la love youu<333 :)" Watch Jordan perform 'Fall to Pieces' by Avril Lavigne and 'Me and Bobby McGee' by Janis Joplin below.

Jordan McCoy Auctions iPod Touch To Help Fire Victims

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Wednesday (July 30), discussing her efforts to help victims of a fire. “A young couple tragically lost their lives in a fire in my hometown of Mt. Vernon a few weeks ago,” the Bad Boy pop artist writes. “They left 3 children behind. These kids lost their parents and everything in the fire… ALL proceeds of my autographed iPod will go toward a fundraiser to help buy them clothes and school supplies.”

Jordan McCoy Covers Belinda Carlisle’s ‘I Get Weak’

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans with a video clip on her YouTube channel, where the Bad Boy pop star got on an almost empty flight to New York City. Arriving at the airport, the teen did an a’cappella cover of Belinda Carlisle’s hit ‘I Get Weak’. Jordan said she was in town to meet with Nickelodeon.

Jordan also wrote on her MySpace blog this morning:

How crazy is it that a plane is THAT empty to NYC!? I was shocked… i wanted to put my stickers on all the seats so it looked like there were more people, but then I was afraid they wouldn’t come off and I’d get arrested or something. LOL! now THAT would be crazy…

I sang almost my entire album to the driver on our way to our hotel! hahahah, I think he liked it though!! :D love you guys!!! hope you’re having an AWESOME weekend! I think I’m going to go see Batman today! im soo excited, i’ll let you know what I think!

<333333333 mwah love ya xoJM

Watch the video below.

Jordan McCoy At New York Airport

Jordan McCoyJordan McCoy checked in with fans on her MySpace TV channel on Tuesday (July 22). The Bad Boy pop artist was at an airport in New York heading home, and talked about having meetings – promising more news and videos soon – and said she loved the fans for their awesome support.

“I’m in the airport. I’m on my way home from New York,” Jordan said. “I had some meetings today, which is more news soon and more videos soon that I took today.”

Watch the message below.