Jordan McCoy Wonders Where Have All The Good Guys Gone

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Monday (April 28), wondering where have all the good guys gone. The teen pop singer writes, “This one I’ve been having a little trouble with lately. No matter what guy I find, it’s always and I mean ALWAYS one thing or another. It’s becoming pretty ridiculous actually. Lately, I’ve been contemplating being a nun. hahahha no way just kidding! But seriously, this is reaching crisis mode!!! It’s a common known fact that girls mature faster than boys, and all the guys I’ve met 18 and under have drove me completely nuts! They’ve been clingy, needy, constantly blowing up my phone, and one actually threw bread at me. yes, that’s right!!!! Threw bread at me in an attempt at flirting! I mean come on!!! And if they’re not obsessive they’re too afraid to talk to me. I don’t bite! Really!!! So that only leaves me to look for some one slightly older…. but everybody always looks down on older guys dating younger girls. It troubles me because how do I know if they’re cool, or just trying to get into places they’re not supposed to be getting into?!? Are they all just pedophiles? Is there ANY hope!?”

Jordan McCoy On Her Long Delayed Debut Album

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Saturday (April 26). She writes:

So – a quick recap for those new to the wonderfully chaotic world of Jordan McCoy… I came out singing and dancing and I’ve never stopped! Lol, I got signed to Bad Boy when I was 12 and I’ve been busy working on my album and learning the ropes of the biz ever since. All the delays on my debut album release has taught me patience!!!! Its made me stronger, and I’m more ready than ever. I have all my trust in my big brother Diddy, he always knows what he’s doing and has a reason for everything. He’s my mentor and is amaaaazing, don’t we all agree!!?

Jordan McCoy Not Allowed To Go To Prom

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Thursday (April 10) with the following message:

Heyyy! Guys im so bummed! I went to public school until the 2nd half of my fresh. year of high school. I’ve been home schooled ever since, and I’m about to graduate! (can you believe it?!) anyway! – since I’m in home school there’s no way of determining what “grade” I’m in, and prom’s for juniors and seniors.

So- one of my best friends from my hometown asked me to prom this year, but since they can’t prove I’m in the right grade, my old high school’s not letting me go! It’s my last chance to go to a real prom, because by next year I’ll be out of school. It’s just really, really sad…. :(

But! I’m still visiting my hometown soon.. videos for my YouTube! <33
Love you all, and hopes everyone has a great time at prom if your school lets you go ;)

Jordan McCoy Spoofs Miley And Mandy Show’s E! Shout Out

Jordan McCoy spoofs the Miley and Mandy ShowJordan McCoy is out with spoof videos of the Miley and Mandy Show on her YouTube channel.

The first clip features Jordan attempting a quick hello to Jason Kennedy and Debbie Matenopoulos from E! as her unnamed pal laughs along.

Episode two has them lip-synching it to the original Miley and Mandy posting.

Watch both, and the Miley and Mandy clip that inspired it below.

Jordin McCoy ‘Rockstar’ Audio, TV Show Leading Album Release

ClockWork Entertainment CEO Debbie Hammond checked in with fans on Jordin McCoy’s MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Sunday (January 20) with the following bulletin:

Hope you are well. Check out ‘Rockstar’, as heard on ‘The Hills’! We wanted to show our appreciation for your continued patience on Jordan McCoy’s debut album release. Sorry for the delays. The album will be released with a TV show called, ‘Good Girl/Bad Boy’ that Jordan did with Diddy! We are hoping it will be no later than April (if not sooner.) The writers’ strike has delayed all TV.

If you’d like to show your support for Jordan McCoy, please buy ‘Just Watch Me’, the single from or

We love y’all a ton!