Josh Hoge Geared Up For November Tour

Josh Hoge updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Friday (October 10). The Nashville based singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m starting to get geared up for this tour in November with Marc Broussard and Gabe Dixon. I couldn’t be more stoked! This is seriously gonna be a great night of music. And I’ll say what I’ve said before, GET TIX EARLY CAUSE THESE SHOWS COULD SELL OUT FAST! Contact the venues websites for more info if you need. Also, make sure you and all your friends buy my album, Marcs, and Gabes so you can sing along to all 3 all night! My guitar player “Danger” is meeting up with me in a few weeks and he’ll be ready to roll, and this time we will also have a new addition with us. Not sure what it will be just yet but we will be joined by either a bass player or a percussionist of sorts if you will. Stay tuned…

Josh Hoge Excited About ‘Everything She Was’ Release

Josh Hoge updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Tuesday (September 9), which also happens to be the day his debut album ‘Everything She Was’ came out on Blackledge Music. The Nashville singer songwriter tells readers:

Well 3 years later I finally can say “MY DEBUT ALBUM IS OUT”!!! I’m really excited! I’m so happy to have this be my 1st album. I co-wrote songs on here with Ryan Tedder, Ne-Yo, Dave Barnes, and plenty others just to name a few GREAT ONES! I also got to record a duet with Marc Broussard! There are many other cool things about this record, but those are just some highlights for me!

Now I’m not a huge superstar by any means (and especially by industry standards right yet) so the album may not be as easy to find as say a Beyonce album. haha. Just so you know you can (and should check 1st for it at some of these following locations)…ITUNES, BEST BUY, BORDERS, BARNES AND NOBLES, AMAZON.COM to name a few to maybe make it easier for now! :)

Josh Hoge’s Brother Will Recovering From Motorcycle Accident

Josh Hoge checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Saturday night (August 23) after earlier telling fans that his brother Will was involved in a really bad motorcycle accident on Wednesday night and was in critical condition. The Nashville singer songwriter told readers:

Now that I can officially step back and take a deep breath, I wanted to stop by and say THANKS for all your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for myself, my family, and mostly my brother! He’s is doing ok. I just came from seeing him again, and he finally is starting to become “Will” to me. He’s sore, and beaten up and broken badly, but he’s alive! He’s strong… real strong! The next 6 months are gonna be long, and tough, but they are gonna get to happen and that’s all that matters! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew (and that is the sound of my exhaling).

I will still keep you posted with progress, but just know we’re all gonna be ok. ;)

I for once am going to sleep right after I hit the “post” button!!!

Love, JHoge

Josh Hoge Is A Hotel Hermit On The Road

Josh Hoge checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Saturday (August 16) with a tour update. The Nashville singer songwriter tells fans:

Yo! It’s really good to be back on the road playing shows for folks. Danger and I are actually on a day off outside of Boston today. If you have ever wondered what I do with my days off when I get them, the answer is usually NOTHING! Haha I literally stay in my boxer briefs the whole time and watch sports. I live on room service. I have been trying to keep up with the Olympics. Michael Phelps and Dara Torres make me want to work out, then I realize I’d have to get dressed and leave my room and that changes my mind. haha!!!

We’ve had some good fun already since hitting the road a week or so ago. Got to stop in Durham NC a few days back and spend the night hanging out with my big brother Will and his crew. I used to see Will a lot, but since starting to tour myself 3 years ago, we don’t see each other much so it’s nice when we can cross paths on the road! Me and Danger met up with Will and gang and had a little sports bar fun. The true fun was later in the night watching Wills drummer Siggi get so smashed he couldn’t speak English. Long story, but there is video and I need to post it soon!

Josh Hoge ‘Where I Want You’ Audio

Nashville, Tennessee singer songwriter Josh Hoge checked in with his MySpace friends (@joshhoge) on Tuesday (January 8) after posting new material on his MySpace player. He writes:

New song up! Well sort of a new ‘demo’ actually. What do you get when you take me + a shi**y ex girlfriend + some whiskey, and stir it all up in a studio??? … a song called ‘Where I Want You’. Just put it up for you to check out for a bit. Hope you enjoy.

Josh Hoge Promises Surprise For Debut Video

Josh Hoge checked in with fans on the blog at his official web site on June 1st. “So, I’m just back at home from a short trip out to LA for a few meetings etc,” he writes. “The video for ‘360’ is about to be shot, and I’m pretty sure we are gonna get to do it here in Nashville! The director, is this kick ass guy named Paul Boyd. He’s originally from Scotland and has worked on some of my favorite videos for The Roots, Jamiroquoi, and Sting to name a few! Can’t wait for this to get done… Oh and you know I’m trying to work out some little surprise for the video (no not like a green nightvision/Paris Hilton style surprise) but something fun… keep all fingers crossed!”