Tour Josh Kelley’s In-Home Studio

Josh Kelley gives fans a tour of his in-home studio, seen here in a room full of guitars

Josh Kelley checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, offering a tour of his in-home studio.

“I know you guys have been wondering what’s going on with this guy, is he still alive,” Kelley joked. “Yes I am still alive. I’m making a new album right now. Probably the best album that I’ve ever made, and I’m taking my sweet time. I want to show you around a little bit. This is the control room over here. This is where Clint the producer does all the dirty work and also has a beer. We’ve got guitars over here. Where I sing all my vocals is right in this little room right here. It’s mainly an overdub studio. We’re having a lot of fun. You guys just be patient and I’m coming right to you with something tasty.”

Josh says the new album will be out February 2010. Watch the update below.

Josh Kelley’s New Album Is Almost Finished

Josh Kelley updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshkelley) with an update on his upcoming album. The 29-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve never worked so hard on an album in my career as a musician – not to say the old stuff is not still close to my heart – but over the years now of learning how to really craft a great song and be patient in the process is making this new album something extra special – the tentative plans for now are to release a single end of Feb 2010 and then the album will follow soon after – I know you’re gonna love it – I’ll start previewing some songs within the next few weeks – so again I’m sorry for being a stranger over these past few months – its hard for me to focus on too many things at once but i know i can’t do this without the eyes and ears of the fans – i hope you are all well – lets own 2010 shall we – JK

The Kin Join Josh Kelley & Ryan Cabrera On Tour

The Kin joined the “tell it like it is” tour with Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera, documenting their time on the road. After a clip of Ryan and Josh performing together, Cabrera is seen partying in Youngstown, Ohio, buying The Kin’s Isaac Koren a shot of something he didn’t like too much.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Josh Kelley & Ryan Cabrera Perform ‘Amazing’

Justin Guarini interviewed Ryan Cabrera and Josh Kelley at the Gibson Beverly Hills Showroom. The pair talked about their new tour and doing the Simon & Garfunkel kind of show, how they met, and why Gibson. The pair also performed Josh’s song ‘Amazing’. Watch both via Gibson’s YouTube channel below.

Josh Kelley Returns From Maui

Josh Kelley updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshkelley) on Wednesday (January 14) after returning from Maui. Katherine Heigl’s hubby tells readers:

Just got back from Maui Hawaii where I was playing in the Mercedes golf tournament and playing the Thursday night live show for everyone – awesome time and awesome island – we were in the Kapalua area staying at the Ritz Carlton chillin on a private beach – sippin down some double vodka and cran – listening to a little Bob Marley and Ray Lamontagne – anyway – sorry to rub it in – but it was mint – as I was walking around the local areas I discovered some beautiful artwork made by local hands – getting to know these people was the real gem though – very spiritual people – they thrive on a low stress environment that they create for themselves – from dancing to the beat of this crazy huge drum to gathering and having what I call a little collective brain trust – this place is so chill – anyway – I bought hand carved wooden pieces – some woven baskets and hand made jewelry for my sweetheart – reset the compass yo – 2009 is gonna be a great year for sure – I’ve got some new music coming soon for ya – I might put another single out from TO REMEMBER…

Josh Kelley Promises Alot In 2009

Josh Kelley checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (January 3). Katherine Heigl’s hubby tells readers:

We’ve got alot in store for everyone this year – new music – new tours – new videos – and new year’s resolutions – hope all is well and I hope you were all safe in your New Year’s vacations from reality – peace – I will be explaining all of this in days to come – much love – jk

Josh Kelley Visits ‘Good Day Atlanta’

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley visited ‘Good Day Atlanta’ on Wednesday (March 28) to discuss his new album ‘Just Say The Word’, new outlook, and a wedding on the horizon. After a brief interview, he performed the title track. The interview and performance footage at has since been removed.

Josh Kelley Performs On ‘The Saturday Early Show’

Singer/songwriter Josh Kelley performed ‘Just Say The Word’, from his latest CD ‘Just Say The Word’ on ‘The Saturday Early Show’. Watch the performance, and an interview, where he discussed getting engaged to Katherine Heigl of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, via below the cut. (more…)