Did Paparazzi Phone Anonymous Fake Tip On Bieber’s Crew Carrying Drugs?

Justin Bieber video

Paparazzi are known to be ethically challenged, and it appears the sleazy snappers would be the obvious source of an anonymous tip that someone in Justin Bieber’s entourage had drugs in their luggage. When plain clothes officers and a dog squad approached Bieber’s SUV at the curb of the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, paparazzi were conveniently there to record the proceedings. After searching the bags of the Canadian pop star and his crew, police found nothing. Check out pictures here.

Pattie Mallette Opines On Her Son Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

Justin Bieber tattoo

Pattie Mallette, the mother of Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, recently spoke with On Air with Ryan Seacrest while publicizing her book ‘Nowhere but Up, Teen Edition: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom’, where she talked about Justin’s reported seventeen tattoos. “I don’t know,” Pattie said about her son’s ink. “It’s so hard for me to comment on those tattoos because some of them are really neat, you know, the ideas he has. Like this little eye, he said is his mom’s always watching. So at least he knows I’m always watching him!”

Listen to the interview via Soundcloud below.

Leif Garrett Offers Up Advice For Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber chest

A teen idol of the ’70s is offering up some advice for Justin Bieber, hoping the Canadian pop star will take a path different than his. “Do not believe your own publicity,” Leif Garrett told Fox 411. “Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you.”

Garrett also compared his Hollywood romance with Nicolette Sheridan to Justin’s relationship with Selena Gomez. “(Bieber) rented out the Staple Center for her. Fame, money is what tore us apart,” Leif explained. “Nicolette just started modeling. My career was pretty much there. We would get along great or clear rooms. That’s the whole thing with Justin and me. There was no in between… really good or really naughty.”

No Comment From Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber On Kidd Kraddick Death

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Of the many celebrity messages mourning the death of Kidd Kraddick, the Texas based host of the syndicated radio program Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, it was preculiar that no messages came from fellow Texan Selena Gomez or her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Kraddick was one of the first to give both radio play and had frequently interviewed the famous couple. But in November of 2011, Selena Gomez tweeted (@selenagomez) Kidd for what was the last time, writing:

Kidd I used to look up to you. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.

Bieber then tweeted (@JustinBieber):

Smooth kid. real smooth smh.

Both deleted their tweets, but what set Justin and Selena off? As Zap2it.com reported at the time, it was during the time that Selena’s mother Mandy Teefey was pregnant at the time, and was in her mid 30’s, and Kidd and the morning crew had a discussion on how appropriate it was for a woman in her 30’s to have children. One of the guys on the morning show chimed in, “I don’t know if I could date a girl and her mom is pregnant.”

Co-host Kellie Rasberry then talked about how the news of Selena’s mother being pregnant could be a cover up and that it was actually Selena herself who was pregnant and the mom was going through the exercise to protect Selena’s image, prompting Kidd to speculate, “What if Justin Bieber got Selena’s mom pregnant?”

Tragically, a few weeks after the November 2011 incident, Mandy had a miscarriage. Mandy did give birth to a daughter last month, Gracie Elliot.

Among the Twitter messages sent to Selena and Justin about not making note of the DJ’s passing:

Elle (@ElleDavGon): @selenagomez did you hear that Kidd Kraddick passed away? Did you ever apologize to him for the unnecessary drama?

jj (@wordswithhaters): @selenagomez are you glad @KiddKraddick is dead?

Emily Williams (@emilyk716): I think @justinbieber should say something about the passing of Kidd Kraddick. If not then he has lost a fan. What a douche.

Jess Hernandez (@jesscmoney): @justinbieber How selfish could u be? Kidd Kraddick helped u get to where you’re at. And you don’t acknowledge his passing?

Brandon Pace (@mizutgrfn): No love for Kidd!!! Fu**ing dirt bag @justinbieber

G a b r i e l (@MendozaOverdose): @justinbieber you’re a douche bag Kidd Kraddick basically boosted some of your fame, and you never acknowledged it.

#RipKiddKraddick (@AMaliseS15): @justinbieber @KiddKraddick died recently you better say something! I don’t care how busy you are! This is tragic & you knew him personally

Demi Lovato: I Wasn’t Dissing Justin Bieber

Demi Lovato new hair

Demi Lovato checked in with her Twitter followers (@ddlovato) on Saturday (July 13), reacting to a report on TMZ that during ‘X Factor’ auditions earlier this week, she had taken some subtle jabs at Justin Bieber.

The attitude of one hopeful prompted Demi to tell him, “We don’t need another little punk running the streets,” which was interpreted as a diss of Bieber who has angered neighbors with his reckless driving. Demi told another contestant after he performed Justin’s song ‘As Long As You Love Me’, “Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung.”

Demi clarified her remarks stating:

BTW – no shade thrown at Justin. So many people audition with his songs.. Finally someone sang it the way it was meant to be sung..

Meaning, finally someone sang it the way JUSTIN sang it.

Ain’t got nothin’ but love for @justinbieber and his Beliebers.

I love my #lovatics the mostest though… hehe

Justin Bieber Apologizes To Bill Clinton Over Mop Bucket Peeing Diss

Justin Bieber performs live

An insider tells E! Justin Bieber phoned former U.S. President Bill Clinton after video surfaced of the Canadian pop singer urinating in a mop bucket and saying “Fu** Bill Clinton” while doing his business. Clinton apparently wasn’t too offended about the situation, telling Bieber, “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.”

Since a friend of Bieber was apparently responsible for leaking the peeing video, Bill said Justin should keep an eye out for any potentially disloyal pals.

Bieber sent the following message to Clinton after having their chat:

@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy

Justin Bieber Joins Cody Simpson On Stage At Club Nokia

Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber

Earlier this month Justin Bieber joined Cody Simpson on stage while he was performing his new single ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ at Club Nokia, surprising the mostly female, mostly screaming fans on June 14th. The Australian pop singer recently wrapped up a European tour with Bieber, joining select dates on the Canadian star’s ‘Believe’ Tour, and is currently on his own headlining tour in support of his upcoming sophomore album ‘Surfer’s Paradise’, out July 16th on Atlantic Records.

“So what’s up guys, I’m with my homie Cody Simpson,” Bieber said backstage afterward. “I used to call him my little bro, but now he’s kind of become my big bro, because he’s bigger than me. So I’ll see you guys soon. This is Cody Simpson, he’s doing great things, recording a lot of great songs, working hard in the dance studio, I can see you, and look out for his next album, it’s gonna be big.”

Watch the highlight clip via YouTube below.

Pop Artists Send Out Happy Father’s Day 2013 Tweets

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and kids

Several pop artists checked in with their Twitter followers on Sunday, wishing the guys out there with children a Happy Father’s Day, with many posting photos of their own fathers. Among the tweets:

Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz): Happy Fathers Day you handsome devil. #menwholooklikeKennyRogers.com http://instagram.com/p/apbOkFBp48/

Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus): Happy Daddy Day @billyraycyrus

Sam Sparro (@sam_sparro): Happy Fathers Day thefalsonator love you dad x http://instagram.com/p/ao9PzFIg-b/

Justin Timberlake wearing a hatJustin Timberlake (@jtimberlake): Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there! Put a beer in one hand and the remote in the other… Basically, what you did last Sunday.

Shakira (@shakira): Happy father’s day to all the new fathers out there! Shak

Alexz Johnson (@alexzjohnson): Happy Fathers Day to the coolest, most loving & fearless, humble man I know. Xo http://instagram.com/p/aoryUKy0-m/

Tom Fletcher (@tommcfly): Happy Fathers Day to my Dad. We went from playing guitar in the garden to playing at Wembley! Love you Dad http://instagram.com/p/aonFIDzQQf/

Tristan Prettyman (@tprettyman): Fun surf today with the coolest dude I know :) Happy Fathers Day Terrbo, You da best papa ever http://instagram.com/p/aojtFSk-5L/

Jamie Lynn Spears (@jamielynnspears): Happy Fathers Day!!!!! Andddd thanks for being an even better Paw-Paw!! Love you http://instagram.com/p/aoeZXSkAt1/

Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars): Happy Fathers Day Pops. love you

Elliott Yamin (@elliottyamin): Happy Fathers Day 2 all you dads out there!!!

Blake Lewis (@BlakeLewis): Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. Wishing I could be with my Pops on this beautiful day.

Una Healy of The Saturdays looks concerned after breaking a bed during a photo shootUna Healy (@UnaTheSats): Happy Father’s Day @ben_foden we have missed you so much and can’t wait for tomorrow! Also to my own Daddy Healy, and all Fathers out therex

DEV (@DEVisHot): happy fathers day to all the rad dads!! have an awesome day! such a relaxing day today. happy fathers day @RikiT209 !! you’re the best!

Kevin Jonas (@kevinjonas): Happy fathers day @PapaJonas love you!

The Puppini Sisters (@Puppini_Sisters): Happy Fathers Day to all these amazing men supporting and standing behind their ladies!! King for a day! xxx http://fb.me/1QSpBlsP3


Justin Bieber Takes Heat On Twitter For Anne Frank Comment

Justin Bieber performs live

Justin Bieber has been receiving a mountain of criticism and sarcastic responses after his visit to the Anne Frank House on Friday in the Netherlands, where the Canadian pop singer said, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”

Abraham Foxman, who is the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, came to the defense of Bieber and explained he was told by a tour guide that Anne Frank was a fan of celebrities and pop culture before entering the house and had no issue with Bieber’s guestbook comments. “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he said.

Among the comments on Twitter reacting to the headline:

Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth): If Anne Frank was a Belieber, I bet her diary would have been a lot less interesting.

Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH): Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank would’ve been a Belieber. Didn’t the poor girl suffer enough?

Caprice Crane (@capricecrane): Justin Bieber thinks Anne Frank would have been a “Belieber.” Shame those annoying Nazis had to get in the way of that.

Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5): If Anne Frank wasn’t so preoccupied with documenting her experience of being hunted down by Nazis she would’ve totally been a Belieber.

Adam Hills (@adamhillscomedy): Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a Belieber. Coincidentally, I’ve always hoped someone would lock him in an attic.

Adolf Hitler (@DictatorHitler): I saved Anne Frank from becoming a Belieber tho

Jim Norton (@JimNorton): Justin Bieber visited Anne Frank’s house and wrote, ‘hopefully she’d have been a Belieber’. Anne Frank said she’d have chosen the Holocaust.

Korey Kuhl (@koreykuhl): I always pictured Anne Frank as more of a Directioner than a Belieber.

Justin Bieber Is NOT Dead, Did NOT Run Over Or Murder Paparazzo

Justin Bieber with his guitar and case

Rumors on Twitter emerged early Wednesday after news broke that a paparazzo who was chasing a Ferrari owned by Justin Bieber was killed in Los Angeles. The Canadian pop star’s fancy ride, which was being driven by a Bieber friend, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for a routine traffic stop. A pap who had been chasing the automobile tried to snap pictures of the law enforcement action. Soon after being told by the CHP to move back to avoid traffic, the snapper was struck by a vehicle and killed.

The incident reported by TMZ prompted some on Twitter to believe it was Bieber who had been killed, with some even suggesting that Bieber, frequently pestered by photographers wherever he goes, ran over the paparazzo or even murdered the person. To be clear, Bieber is not dead, didn’t run down a paparazzo and wasn’t even in the car at the time of the incident, according to TMZ.

Among the speculative Tweets:


morghan ashford (@theonlymorghan): cracking up about these rumors about Justin Bieber being dead rotfl!

Jarrah (@Jarrrah76): Justin Bieber murdered someone and also he’s dead rip justin bieber




Niki Marina (@niki_marina): If I we’re awake when all this “Justin Bieber is dead” stuff was going on, I would be dead. Everyone who said he was dead is mean

Chrístían García (@ChrstanGarca): That’s so sad. IS Justin Bieber really dead?

Ethan Booker (@Ethan_Booker): Can’t believe Justin Bieber murdered a paparazzi. Kid had so much potential. #FreeBieber

a piece of nugget (@juicyassNUGGETS): I can’t believe Justin Bieber was murdered. #beliebinheaven

StayHighh_TY (@CHAMPIONS_15): Wait wait Justin Bieber is trending at 2:24 cause he murdered someone?

Chris Carriles (@boywhocriedmofo): Justin Bieber’s Ferrari ran over and killed a man. I hope they send the Biebs to the finest women’s correctional facility money can buy.

Brandi DeVaney (@BrandiDeVaney): So apparently Justin Bieber ran over a paparazzi photographer and killed him about an hour ago? Probably not a good way to ring in the year?

Dan Flanagan (@DanaganFlanagan): Justin Bieber fu**ing ran a dude over and killed him!?…