Justin Bieber Discusses Favorite Things, ‘One Less Lonely Girl’

Justin Bieber, seen here performing live, talked with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle about some of his favorite things, the subject of 'One Less Lonely Girl' and how fare he has come in the past three years

Justin Bieber was recently in Seattle for a concert and backstage, he spoke with Jackie & Bender of 106.1 KISS FM. The Canadian pop singer discussed some of his favorite things with a young fan who happened to be Bender’s daughter, what ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ is about and his favorite Christmas present. Then Bender spoke with Bieber, playing a clip from his last visit to their studio three years ago and how so much has changed for him.

On who ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ was about, Justin said, “‘One Less Lonely Girl’ is about, I kind of made it into a fan song, into being able to bring out each fan each night to my show as the one less lonely girl, and she kind of sits in the middle of the show and I sing to her and perform for her, and she becomes my ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.”

On how life has changed in three years, he said, “It’s crazy how far it’s come since then, and it’s such a blessing. I never thought that it could get to this level of crazy. Now that I’m on top, the only way you can go is down, so you have to work so much harder to just stay at the top, so that’s why I want to just keep working hard and stay humble and remember where I came from.”

Listen to the interview via kissfmseattle.com below.

Justin Bieber Talks Skateboarding, YouTube & POTUS With Tony Hawk

Justin Bieber, photographed looking serious, talked with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk about his globe trotting schedule, performing for President Obama, the success he's enjoyed on YouTube and his own skills on a skateboard

Tony Hawk spoke with Justin Bieber recently about skateboarding, his new album ‘Believe’, invitations to perform from President Obama, and getting his big break from YouTube.

On the moment his success was way bigger than he thought it would be, Bieber said, “Probably the first time I performed for the president. The president asked me to perform for him, so I was like, this has to be big, I can’t believe he’s asking me to perform at the White House and he invited me back the next year, so it’s been really cool.”

Asked about being the most viewed on YouTube and if they’ve come to thank him, Bieber responded, “YouTube does not come and thank me, but they definitely are really cool and they’ve always been really cool. I got my start on YouTube, so I give a lot of credit to them.”

Talking about how he was a ground breaker for becoming huge thanks to the internet, Bieber said, “I think that’s great. That’s what I want to show people. It’s like I’ve been doing music ever since I can remember, and this is not a gimmick or anything.”

When Tony asked if he had started skating before getting into music, Justin said, “No. I started skating about the same time I started taking music seriously. I was like nine. I just have fun with it. I’m not incredible, but it’s fun.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber On Fame, Mom Pattie, Usher & His iPhone

Justin Bieber, pictured sitting on a classic car wearing gold boots, talks with 'Top Billing' on SABC 3 in South Africa about playing trumpet in high school, fame, dedicating a song to his mother Pattie Mallette for Mother's Day and his trusty iPhone

Justin Bieber sat down for an interview with ‘Top Billing’ on SABC 3 in South Africa recently. The Canadian pop star talked about how he’s eventually gotten used to his level of fame, playing the trumpet in high school, the struggles his mom Pattie Mallette had raising him at a young age, how he still gets feedback on his career from Usher and always having his iPhone with him.

On absorbing his rapid rise to fame, Bieber said, “Sometimes it can get pretty crazy and I have to be just like okay, is this real? But now I’m pretty used to it. It’s been pretty awesome.”

Asked why he played the trumpet in school, Justin responded, “I played trumpet in high school, like in middle school and basically I took a bunch of classes and I think I probably forgot how to play it by now. I definitely played the trumpet. I played guitar and drums and piano all the time on my tour, so it stays fresh.”

Questioned about the inspiration behind his Mother’s Day song for his mom Pattie entitled ‘Turn To You’, Justin said, “Just because my mom has been through so much, being so young. She had me when she was 18 and I know the struggles she went through and how great she raised me and how I was a tough kid to raise. I was always talking back, but she’s a great mom.”

Talking about his relationship with mentor Usher, Bieber said, “Usher is a super-talented great guy. He came to my last music video set for ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and just saying breath, take it here and remember to smile at this camera. He’s always giving me positive feedback.”

After the interviewer pulled out a snuggle bunny, she asked Justin if he had something similar that was a comfort from home. “Not really. I bring my iPhone everywhere,” he said. “So I’m always on my phone, that’s pretty much it.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Stirs Controversy With Aboriginals Over “Free Gas” Comment

Justin Bieber head shot

Justin Bieber caught some grief on Twitter for a recent interview with Rolling Stone where he talked about possibly having aboriginal heritage, but a mention of free benefits associated with that status angered some in the community.

“I’m actually part Indian,” Bieber said. “I think Inuit or something? I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.” Colleen Simard of The Winnipeg Free Press came to Bieber’s defense insisting the comments weren’t made to offend and he’s too young to know better.

Among the Tweets directed at Bieber that weren’t so kind:

EllenGabriel1: @justinbieber When r u going 2 Apologize 2 Aboriginal ppls n Canada 4 disrespectful comment re: “Free Gas” U R promoting racist stereotypes

PaulWernick1: Bravo Justin Bieber! You like many Canadian are horribly ill informed about aboriginal life.

Tiggeroo87: #Justin Bieber: Not Aboriginal until it benefits him. Free gas, lol. Sorry kid, that ain’t true.

DancingWolfKwe: @justinbieber “So your like me now? Native/Aboriginal! I think You Should APOLOGIZE PUBLICLY to all us Native Aboriginals! Not Cool man :(

tahoe_baby: @justinbieber. Educate yourself before making ignorant comments about Aboriginal peoples of Canada!!

QuestCrew_Fan: @justinbieber You are my inspiration, why did you make such an stupid comment about the Aboriginal peoples? #ThatsMe

linndinn: @justinbieber just read what you said about us aboriginal people getting free gas! Please do your research on your background!

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Like Revealing Personal Info

Justin Bieber on the turntable

Justin Bieber wasn’t eager to give up personal information for his interview with Vibe magazine, fearful someone not in the right state of mind, or worse yet – paparazzi, may learn the automobiles he drives or the city he resides. Bieber’s attempt at privacy was to no avail though, as the magazine identified the pop star’s $6.5 million home being located in Calabasas, California.

“I don’t like giving too much personal information about where I live and the cars I drive,” the Canadian singer residing somewhere in California and not knowing how many cars he owns responded. “There are a lot of people in this world that aren’t good people. People hiding in garbage cans overnight to catch [pictures] of me. Crazy things happen. You can’t give out too much personal information.”

Justin Bieber ‘Believe’ Tour Will Be A Big, Fun Adventure

Justin Bieber closeup

Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ tour director Jon Chu spoke with E! Online gossip guy Marc Malkin at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Hit & Run’ about what fans can expect from the Canadian pop star’s upcoming trek in support of his third studio album.

“We’re trying to make it fun,” Chu said. “Every time I go too serious, it becomes boring. It’s like, ‘We’ve seen that before.’ So Justin’s at a point where you want the biggest, funnest adventure you can go on. We’re playing it like a big Disneyland ride.”

The tour, which also features fellow Canadian artist Carly Rae Jepsen, kicks off September 29th in Glendale, Arizona at Jobing.com Arena.

Justin Bieber On Chilling Out, Collaborations & Studio Time

Justin Bieber performs live

103.5 KTU in New York welcomed Justin Bieber to the studio to talk with Cubby Bryant and Cindy Vero. The Canadian pop star talked about if he gets tired of doing radio promo, what he does to chill, calling Cubby Chubby his last visit to the station, collaborations, what the gameplan is normally when he heads to the studio, if he’s ever had to leave the stage to use the bathroom and which Jonas Brother he’d kill.

On what he does to chill:

I’m normal. I like to just watch movies, relax. I go to my computer. I’m always on Twitter.

On calling Cubby “Chubby” in a radio drop his last visit:

You know what, after I recorded it, I re-recorded it and said Cubby, but they just gave you the Chubby version.

On dream collaborations:

I would have loved to have done a collaboration with Michael Jackson. I think that would have been amazing, but I got to work with all the people I really wanted to work with on this album. I got to perform with Stevie Wonder during the Christmas album cycle, so I’ve got to experience a lot, so it’s been great.

On what his studio setting usually is:

Usually we go in like 6 or 7 and get everything rolling. We order some food. Then if it’s a writing session, we start writing. Sometimes if we’ve already written the song, we cut the song and we go in and me and Kuk (Harrell), who is like my engineer and my vocal producer, he’s amazing. Sometimes I’ll be in there all night, sometimes I’ll be in there a couple of hours and knock it out.

If he had to kill a Jonas Brother, who would it be:

I think that it’s all love. No killing involved.

Listen to the interview via ktu.com below.

Justin Bieber Discusses New Album, Usher & Providing Inspiration

Justin Bieber performs live

Justin Bieber chatted with Kochie and Mel recently during his special appearance on the ‘Sunrise’ morning show in Sydney, Australia. The Canadian pop singer talked about enjoying the crowd, the work he put into his new album ‘Believe’, putting inspiring messages into his music, looking up to Usher and the late Michael Jackson, family advice, Carly Rae Jepsen, being able to chill out, plans to tour Australia and more.

On ‘Believe’:

I’ve been working on this album for the past 8-9 months, and we’ve been working with so many great producers, great artists. So I got to work with Drake, Nicki Minaj, so many great artists. The fact that I came out so perfectly for my fans, I’m really happy.

On messages in his music:

With my music, I always like to give inspiring messages, because I have a platform to do so much good and I feel like I have to use this. With my album, I named it ‘Believe’ just because there’s so many people that have struggles and might want to give up, and you should never give up. Never say never.

On Usher:

Usher’s very inspiring. I definitely look up to him as a mentor as well as Michael Jackson, someone who I look up to as well. His career and his talent, he’ll never been forgotten.

Words of wisdom he gets from the family:

Probably just to stay humble and stay grounded. Keep your family close and remember to always thank God for my blessings.

On taking Carly Rae Jepsen under his wing:

She had the number one song ‘Call Me Maybe’, so being able to help out others and give them that platform as Usher did for me is really special.

How he can chill out and be normal:

I think it’s about having good friends. No matter what we do, we’re friends and we have fun and we get to be in a basement doing nothing and having fun. It’s about who you surround yourself with.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Discusses ‘Believe’, Older Fans & ‘Men In Black 3’

Justin Bieber on a UK radio promo tour for 'Believe'

Justin Bieber came into the KISS studios in London recently to talk with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. The Canadian pop singer spoke about his forthcoming album ‘Believe’, the lead single ‘Boyfriend’, tips on how to be a good boyfriend, meeting up with the boys from One Direction in the studio, his friendship with Chris Brown, seeing his mentor Usher the other day, getting a cameo role in the new ‘Men In Black 3’ movie and what to expect with the ‘Believe’ tour.

On ‘Boyfriend’:

‘Boyfriend’ was basically something me and Mike Posner wrote together and I just wanted to do something different, something a little more grown up. Something also that my fans would understand and get, that’s why we thought ‘Boyfriend’ would be the first single.

On going in a new direction:

My album in general, everything is so different on it. My whole album is just more mature in general and every song sounds different, so I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What makes a good boyfriend:

I think if you’re just patience and honest.

On meeting One Direction in the studio:

They came to the studio to hear my album. They wanted to hear the album so they came through and heard it. They loved it and that was pretty much it. We didn’t do anything like songs together or anything. There’s no plans now (to work with 1D), I’ve already done my album and they just put out their album, so right now there’s not really any plans.

On his concert movie ‘Never Say Never’ pulling in other demographics:

It’s so funny because older people are like I watched your movie, and I loved it. I mean in general like older people. Having that reaction has been great, knowing that my fan base isn’t just teen girls and I have people of all ages like my music.

On rapping on Chris Brown’s mixtape:

I’ve known Chris for a couple of years now, and just working with him on the last album and this album. So we’ve always collaborated and he’s one of my boys.

On if he’s still able to see Usher much:

I was with him the other day. He’s my mentor and we went out to dinner, and he was just talking to me about life and stuff. He’s a great guy.

On a ‘Men in Black 3’ cameo:

Just a little cameo. Will (Smith) is one of my good friends, and his son and family are all great to me, so he asked me to be in it.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Discusses Lost Rolex, Carly Rae Jepsen & Movies

Justin Bieber performs live

Justin Bieber spoke to Capital FM, using a British accent, backstage at the 2012 Summertime Ball recently. The Canadian pop singer, sounding anything but, discussed how he lost his Rolex, what fans could expect from his concert, the success of Carly Rae Jepsen, wanting to do some movies, and wanting to party after his show that night.

On his watch:

I actually lost my Rolex. I lost it in Las Vegas. I just lost it and couldn’t find it. I cant tell you (how much it cost). It was a present, so that’s why it was a bad thing. It’s sentimental but I’m going to get another one and I’m basically gonna be like, this is the one you got me, and I’m gonna treat it like the one you got me.

On what to expect from his concert:

I actually have been rehearsing a lot so I think people will be surprised. I’m actually doing two new songs off the album, actually ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘All Around The World’, and ‘Somebody to Love’ tonight.

On signing Carly Rae Jepsen and her success:

She’s done very well. Her song ‘Call Me Maybe’ is like the number one song in the world right now, so it’s amazing.

On future plans:

I hope to win a Grammy. Maybe win a Grammy, do some movies, stuff like that. I actually want to do some comedy movies as well as some stuff that would be challenging and what not.

What he’ll do after the show:

I might just go out and hang out. I’m 18, so I can actually go out here. I might just go out and hang out with some friends. Party tonight.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.