Justin Bieber On ‘Believe’, Mother’s Day & Carly Rae Jepsen

Justin Bieber backstage at Wango Tango

Justin Bieber spoke with KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright after he went on stage at Wango Tango 2012 recently. The Canadian pop singer talked about being able to kick off the annual concert, his single ‘Boyfriend’ and album ‘Believe’, not being able to share his Mother’s Day gift at the moment and his thoughts on Carly Rae Jepsen.

On his intro to the event:

They told me I had to walk to the stage. I was like, okay, I don’t know how this is gonna work. I tried to walk to the stage and the fans went crazy. It was awesome.

On ‘Boyfriend’ and the album ‘Believe’:

Well ‘Boyfriend’ is just a dope record. I was really happy to put that out. It’s a little bit more mature and something that I think people can relate to. I think that my album in general I worked really hard on it. We just released a song called ‘Turn To You’, it’s actually for my mom for Mother’s Day, so that’s been blowing up. It’s like top 5 on iTunes now. It’s really fun. We’re just having fun with the album and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

On his Mother’s Day gift:

I actually have a surprise for her. She’s not in LA so I can’t really say right now or I’m going to give it away. It’s really good. It’s a big gift.

On Carly Rae Jepsen:

She’s super talented and she has a great voice and she’s relatable, so I think she’s gonna be fine.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Discusses ‘Boyfriend’, Fondue & New Zealand

Justin Bieber 'Believe' looking serious

Liam McEwan interviewed Justin Bieber for Auckland, New Zealand’s The Flea FM the other day. The Canadian pop singer talked about the single ‘Boyfriend’, how he’s a fan of fondue, and plans to tour New Zealand.

On ‘Boyfriend’:

Basically I worked with a producer named Mason and I worked with Mike Posner and we worked this song called ‘Boyfriend’ and it’s a really special song. It’s a really different sound and the hook is unexpected. It’s really a pleasant surprise when the audience members listen to my song.

On the random fondue line in ‘Boyfriend’:

I like fondue. I think it’s sexy.

On touring New Zealand:

I will man. I’m gonna be going it real soon. I can’t wait to be back. You guys are fun.

The brief interview and the songs ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Baby’ at Soundcloud have since been removed.

Justin Bieber Talks Boat Chase, Tattoos & Letterman

Justin Bieber 'Believe' 2012

Justin Bieber visited with KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright earlier this month to promote his new album ‘Believe’. The Canadian pop singer talked about what it’s like to perform for 300,000 people, reading reviews on his music, experiencing a scary boat chase with fans, his habit of running into glass, stepping up his songwriting to prove he’s not a flash in the pan, the ‘Believe’ track ‘Maria’, tattoos and getting grilled by David Letterman.

On reading his reviews despite JoJo’s view that a lot of reviewers are “evil”:

A lot of people are evil, but they haven’t been too evil with this project, which is good. People said he’s maturing, a lot of people said I would never have listened to his music before, but now I catch myself listening to it in the car by myself, and it’s cool.

On the boat chase he was involved in with some crazy fans:

It was real. We had to do a escort with the boat because we were performing on the water. So after we got escorted, we had a police boat behind us and then all of the sudden literally hundreds of fan boats followed behind us. We were trying to have the police stop them, but they were going around the police and not caring and crashing into other boats. It was super dangerous and we had teenagers driving without life jackets. It was crazy stuff.

On running into a glass wall:

Why do I always catch it on camera? You guys have walked into things. Don’t act like you’ve never walked into things. I just do it more often.

Songwriting to prove he’s not a product:

There’s a lot of teen acts that quickly have went down, so I just wanted to prove to everybody that this isn’t just a fluke that I’m here and I work hard and the music is gonna just show it.

On ‘Maria’ being his modern day version of ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson:

It’s just what happened. It’s something that I wanted to write about. My fans knew that something had happened and they didn’t get my side of the story, so I just wanted to talk about it.

On tattoos:

I have tats on my legs and I have a tat on my side. It has to be what I want and wear I want at the specific moment. I can’t just go in and get a random tattoo.

On the David Letterman interview:

He was drilling me. He had me on my toes, that’s for sure, and he really messed up my tattoo. I literally got the tattoo the day before and he rubbed it. He’s rubbing on the tattoo and I was like, “Bro, are you kidding me? Are you really doing this right now?” I didn’t really believe it at the moment. This is really happening right now? I hope it’s not wrecked. It’s healing. It’s got a scab.

Listen to the interview via kiisfm.com below.

Justin Bieber On ‘Believe’ Singles, Longevity & Deepening Voice

Justin Bieber with a heart on his jacket

Justin Bieber was on the phone with On Air with Ryan Seacrest the other day to promote his new album ‘Believe’. The Canadian pop singer talked about the album being full of singles, the collaborations on the disc, dealing with the Mariah Yeater baby ordeal by putting it to song with ‘Maria’, proving he’s got the ability to last in the music biz and the deepening of his voice.

On picking singles from ‘Believe’:

There’s so many singles on the album so it’s now about what comes first and slowly we’ll release single by single. I think it’s really incredible the album as a whole.

On the Mariah Yeater baby ordeal being the focus of the song ‘Maria’:

Yes it is about that. It’s about the whole thing because I couldn’t really talk about it when it was happening and every interview I was like I can’t really talk about it, so to be able to talk about it on the album is really awesome.

On proving he has the ability to last:

Really it means the world. I always want to prove people wrong. Of course when people see someone come up so fast and so young and seeing pop music they think how long can this really last. But I was 15 when I recorded ‘Baby’ and I was young and I’m growing and I’m evolving and I’m changing and I have so many great mentors that I’m looking up to to just help me be the best I can be as an artist and I don’t see myself going anywhere for a long time.

On his voice getting deeper:

You know I’m just becoming a man Ryan, right before your eyes.

The interview audio at Kyte.tv has since been removed.

Justin Bieber Discusses His Christmas Album ‘Under The Mistletoe’

Justin Bieber 'Under the Mistletoe' special

Justin Bieber hosted a Christmas radio special featuring songs from his holiday album ‘Under the Mistletoe’. The Canadian pop singer talked about what it was like recording his first Christmas LP, putting a Motown feel on ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, how Christmas is more about spending time with family than gifts, changing things up on ‘Drummer Boy’ and his ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)’ duet with Mariah Carey.

The experience recording his first Christmas album:

It was a lot of fun. I got to work with such great artists. Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, The Band Perry, Busta Rhymes, so those were great. My favorite probably on the album was being able to work with my mentor, Usher. Just being in the studio and seeing him work was really, really inspiring.

Where they came up with the Motown feel to the song ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’:

I think ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, the key changes and everything is very Jackson 5-esque, so basically that’s where I took it. I studied Michael when he was young and when he was old. The way he transitioned his career, so that was kind of the vibe I was going for, and people seem to like it.

What was his first Christmas memory:

Every Christmas is pretty much the same. I’m always with family. I’m always having a good time. It’s about family, it’s not about really the gifts. I remember getting gifts but it was never really about that. It’s about spending time with the people you love.

On resisting doing a standard version of ‘Drummer Boy’:

I was like, you know we should make it completely different. Like I’m the drummer boy. Me playing the stuff on ‘Drummer Boy’, like I’m playing the snare. I’m in the studio rocking out. It was really cool. The vibe in there and being able to change up the song was really great.

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Discusses Fans, Mature Listeners & Sightseeing

Justin Bieber and a car

Justin Bieber was in the studio with Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show in New York City yesterday to discuss his new album ‘Believe’, all the collaborations on the album, how Justin and other artists post middle of the night Tweets, and much more.

On working with Nicki Minaj:

She’s a good person in general. She came out to the studio, I asked her to come, and she came down and got on the song and it was really, really nice.

On fans who wait hours to meet him:

Each person is a different individual and it’s cool to meet different people and see… even on person was a huge Michael Jackson collector, and he came through and gave me a piece from Michael Jackson that was authenticated. Different experiences with different fans are always special.

On earning more mature fan base:

That was the whole plan with this album, to make more people into Beliebers. I know that sounds corny, but at the end of the day, for once I can let my music speak for itself.

On being able to go sightseeing while on tour:

Every now and then I get to go out. Going to Paris I got to see the Arc de Triomphe and stuff like that. Being able to see places and not read about them in a book is really, really special. Before I had never even been on an airplane, so now being able to travel for school, I’m now graduated, but for school I can’t focus, so being able to go out with my tutor and see the different museums and places it was really cool.

The interview audio at kyte.tv has since been removed.

Justin Bieber Isn’t Okay With Bathroom Photo Requests

Justin Bieber wearing a jacket

Justin Bieber phoned in to talk to syndicated radio morning show Johnjay and Rich to promote his new album ‘Believe’, his NBC special, the U.S. tour in support of ‘Believe’, and more.

Asked if he perhaps doesn’t want to be a huge pop star forever, Bieber said, “It’s like, the grass is always greener. There’s times when I’m on the road and it’s just like, I wanna go home and I just want to see my friends and see my family. It gets tough, but then you realize I’m super blessed. I get to do things that I’d never been able to do and would have never been able to experience, so you always got to look at both sides.”

As for being famous for his music almost everywhere on the planet, Bieber said, “To go to these countries like Norway, where they don’t even really speak English, and they’re singing every word to my song and crying, it’s a really special experience.”

Asked about his most uncomfortable moment with a fan, the Canadian pop star said it was the time when a man approached him asking for a picture while he was using the bathroom. “He just looks over at me and was like, ‘Hey man, can I have a picture?’,” Bieber explained. “And I was like, bro, I’m taking a leak right now, bro.”

Listen to the interview via 1047kissfm.com below.

Justin Bieber ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Ft. Big Sean

Justin Bieber 'As Long As You Love Me'

Justin Bieber has released another single from his soon to be released album ‘Believe’ ahead of its June 19th release as a part of iTunes Complete My Album (CMA). After the release of ‘ ‘Die In Your Arms’ two weeks ago and ‘All Around The World’ last week, Tuesday saw the release of ‘As Long As You Love Me’, featuring Big Sean. Get it at itunes.apple.com. Listen to a stream of the track via YouTube below.

Justin Bieber Releases ‘All Around The World’

Justin Bieber 'All Around The World'

The countdown to Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Believe’ continues as the Canadian pop singer drops another single from the CD as a part of iTunes Complete My Album (CMA). After the ‘Die In Your Arms’ release last week, this week sees the availability of ‘All Around The World’, featuring Ludacris. Get the track here. Next week will see the Big Sean featured track ‘As Long as You Love Me’ coming to iTunes on June 12th. Bieber’s album ‘Believe’ is out June 19th.

Justin Bieber Releases ‘Die In Your Arms’

Justin Bieber 'Die In Your Arms'

As a part of iTunes Complete My Album (CMA), Justin Bieber has released his ‘Believe’ track ‘Die in Your Arms’ on iTunes. Check it out here. Stay tuned for the June 5th release of ‘All Around the World’, featuring Ludacris, while ‘As Long as You Love Me’, featuring Big Sean hits iTunes on June 12th. A week later, ‘Believe’ gets a June 19th release.