Justin Guarini & Kelly Clarkson Spotted Holding Hands

Us Weekly reports that while both deny they are dating, ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini were spotted holding hands at tony Horn boutique in Los Angeles. They also report that Kelly refers to Guarini as “Slow”, because the singer a little bit of a slowpoke getting checked out of the hotels and into the VIP SUV as they make the circuit promoting their debut movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’.

Fame Is Not Big Deal For Justin And Kelly

June 17, 2003 – ‘American Idol 1’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini spoke with the New York Daily News about becoming overnight stars, something they don’t seem to be taking too seriously. “Fame is a lot of smoke and mirrors,” says Guarini. “The one thing I’ve learned about fame is, it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t want to be ruled by it.” Kelly added, “We’re not here to impress the world. We’re here to have fun with our music and be ourselves.”

Justin Guarini Topped By Metallica, Luther & Joe Budden

June 16, 2003 – Contributed by elgato: Half of the numbers are in at HitsDailyDouble.com, and there looks to be a 3-way race for #1 on next week’s album charts. So far, Metallica, Luther Vandross, and Radiohead have all sold between 200,000 and 260,000 copies of their latest albums. They’ll probably end up moving around 400,000 copies once the rest of the numbers come in. Joe Budden looks to have a top 10 debut. So far, his latest album has sold 50,000 copies putting him near the #8 spot. He might break the 100,000 mark. It doesn’t look too good for Justin Guarini, however. His debut album has only moved 29,000 copies so far, and it might not crack the top 20. AI winner Kelly Clarkson’s album, which debuted at #1 and has been on the charts for weeks, will likely come in ahead of Guarini’s album on next week’s Billboard chart. The rest of the numbers come in tomorrow, and everyone’s current totals will likely double.

Justin And Christina, Justin And Kelly

Contributed by grace_04:

The other Justin is on tour with Christina. Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson. Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. How do we keep it all straight? In an interview about Kelly and Justin with E! Online, Kelly talks Christina saying, “I’m very different from Christina. Christina and I have different voices, different goals. Not that I mind being compared to her. She’s got a lot of talent.”

And Justin says about Justin, “I think once people see my new album, they’ll realize how different I am from Justin Timberlake. We share a first name and happen to have a similar type of hair when we grow it out, but beyond that, it’s like night and day.”

Clarkson Concedes Critics Won’t Like ‘From Justin To Kelly’

June 16, 2003 – TV Guide Online chatted with ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson about her new album and debut movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’ with the reality show’s runner-up Justin Guarini. Asked head on about how the film wasn’t being screened to critics, Kelly justified the move saying, “I can tell you right now that none of the critics are gonna like this movie. They like stuff like ‘In the Bedroom’. They’re gonna want to tear into it because all people like to do is build something up to tear it down. This movie shouldn’t be screened by the critics because it’s not for them – it’s for the fans.”

On Tour With Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera

June 16, 2003 – Pat O’Brien of Access Hollywood caught up with summer tourmates Christina and Justin. Asked what is the one thing the pair have learned about each other during this tour and lead-up, Christina responded, “My sarcastic humor always wants to run away with me. I have the worst sarcastic dirty little jokes.” Justin joked, “No, that’s cool, you can kick me, stab me, go ahead.”

Sales Trouble For ‘Stripped And Justified’ Tour

June 16, 2003 – The New York Post reports that the ‘Stripped and Justified’ tour featuring Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera is running into problems. The promoters are looking for “more intimate” venues after having a tough time selling tickets in the tour that has already been scaled back from 60 stops to 45, not to mention the abrupt cancellation of last week’s show in Vancouver. Aguilera’s manager Irving Azoff said of the tour’s cancellation in Vancouver: “We had 12,000 tickets sold, and we couldn’t get the trucks through the border to get set up. There were some problems with some drivers with bad, old criminal records.”

On TV: Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake

Pop acts performing on television this week include Justin Guarini, who performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday; Jewel, who performs on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Wednesday; Kelly Clarkson, wo appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday; *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, who performs on the Tonight Show on Thursday; *NSYNC star Joey Fatone, who appears on the Late Late Show on Thursday; ‘American Idol’ stars Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, who appear on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday along with Wade Robson; Guarini also makes a Thursday appearance on The View; and Jewel, who performs again on Last Call.

Film Critics Can’t See ‘From Justin To Kelly’ In Advance

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper were on Pat Sajak Weekend earlier tonight where they revealed that ‘From Justin to Kelly’, the new film starring Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson of ‘American Idol’, isn’t being screened for film critics. They say normally that means the film is terrible, and the movie houses shut out reviewers to avoid negative publicity.

Justin Guarini & Kelly Clarkson Perform On ABC’s GMA

June 14, 2003 – Good Morning America’s Concert Series featured Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson on Friday (June 13) at Bryant Park in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Justin Guarini Glad He Was ‘Idol’ Runner-Up

June 14, 2003 – As Justin releases his first album, the ‘American Idol 1’ runner-up tells the Associated press that he’s glad he came in second during last summer’s talent search TV show. “Being the runner-up on ‘American Idol’ was a blessing because I didn’t have to sing ‘A Moment Like This’,” he explained. “Which I could not sing and which the show proved I could not sing. Because I tried to hack that thing out and it just wasn’t happening for me.”

‘American Idol’ Duo Hits The Big Screen

June 12, 2003 – Extra spoke with ‘From Justin to Kelly’ stars Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson ahead of the film’s release next week. Asked if she liked seeing herself on the big screen, Clarkson said, “Oh it was not cool at all. I didn’t like it. I was sinking down in my seat.” Justin says his post-‘American Idol’ fame has allowed himself to splurge on his parents. “I put my parents on salary and am kind of in the process of paying off their mortgage,” he revealed.

Justin Guarini Is ‘Very Excited’ About Album Debut

June 12, 2003 – Justin stopped by Extra studios to talk about his long awaited self-titled album, which was released on Tuesday. Guarini says, “This is a little overwhelming. It’s like I worked so hard for the past year and now this is coming. I’m very excited.” He also answered the “is he dating Kelly Clarkson” question yet again. Video has since been removed.

Justin Guarini Gets ‘Eclectic’ On Debut

June 11, 2003 – MTV News caught up with Justin to ask about his solo self-titled debut, which was released Tuesday (June 10). “One of my goals was to make this an eclectic album, just really appeal to a wide audience,” Guarini said. “I never want to alienate ballads – people love ballads – but I definitely want to really dig my heels into the up-tempo stuff, and this is the beginning of that.” Read more.

‘From Justin To Kelly’ Will Take Everyone By Surprise

Entertainment Weekly profiled the upcoming movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’ starring ‘American Idol 1’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini. Kim Fuller, the film’s screenwriter and brother of ‘Idol’ exec producer Simon Fuller said, “If people’s expectations are going to be greater than ‘it’s just a couple of kids making a movie and having fun,’ they’ll be disappointed. It’s not ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.”

Kelly came away happy with the project though. “I was the most skeptical about how things were going to turn out,” insisted Clarkson. “But I think it’s going to be a shocker. It’s going to take everyone by surprise.” Read more.

Kelly Clarkson Makes UK Debut

June 6, 2003 – Extra caught up with Simon Cowell and Kelly in London, where she made her European performance debut. Simon said of her performance, “I’ve heard her sound better, but the acoustics weren’t great. If this record doesn’t go to number one, I will be nice the rest of my life. I will turn into Paula Abdul.” Video has since been removed.

Kelly Clarkson’s Scare At ‘Idol 2’ Finale

June 6, 2003 – Kelly endured a scare following the end of season 2. Globe magazine reports the singer was mobbed outside by a crowd of fans. Clarkson seemed unable to breath and shouted for Fox people to help her out of the jam. A team of security men came running to her rescue, and ushered her inside and hid her in a quiet room. Much later, Kelly popped out after most of the fans had gone home.

Details On Justin Guarini’s Solo Debut

June 4, 2003 – Groovevolt.com has details on the self-titled solo debut of Justin. RCA will be debuting the first single on MTV’s Total Request Live, and the singer will be making appearances on ‘The View’, ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’, and ‘Good Morning America’ to perform the yet-to-be named track.

Premiere Of ‘From Justin To Kelly’ In Texas

May 31, 2003 – Justin Guarnini, Kelly Clarkson, and Nikki McKibbon were on hand at the movie premiere ‘From Justin to Kelly’ at Wallace/Hollywood Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas on Wednesday (May 28).

Justin Guarini Explores His Sensual Side

May 30, 2003 – Entertainment Weekly spoke with Justin about his forthcoming self-titled debut. “I think, on this album, I’ve explored by sensual side,” Guarini said. “People haven’t seen that side of me.” ‘Justin Guarini’ drops June 10th.

Check Out ‘From Justin To Kelly’ Website

May 29, 2003 – Ahead of the ‘American Idol’ movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’, starring last season’s champ Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini, fans can check out the movie’s official website. It includes a personal video greeting from the pair, behind the scenes clips, and a movie synopsis. Check it out at www.fromjustintokelly.com.

Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson Visit The Tonight Show

First season ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini were on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday to promote their new movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’. Kelly had just returned from the UK and talked about how bad and bland the food over there was. She also goofed on Top of the Pops and how everyone their lip-synchs their performances, except her. Kelly says they even had her use two backup singers that lip synched too. Kelly also laughed off reports she and Justin were getting married, or that she had become pregnant, or that she had taken steroid injections for her voice. Read on for a rough transcript.

Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson ‘Act Like A Couple’

Us Weekly is reporting that Kelly Clarkson, who won last year’s ‘American Idol,’ and runner-up Justin Guarini were “acting like a couple” when they were spotted shopping at the trendy Horn clothing boutique in Los Angeles recently. “We all thought that they were a couple. He acted like a boyfriend,” an eyewitness said. With their movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’, some question whether it was a move designed to spark publicity for the film.

Justin Guarini Explores Several Avenues On Debut

May 28, 2003 – Entertainment Weekly caught up with Justin and chatted about his forthcoming self-titled album (due June 10). Asked what he discovered about himself while making the album, Guarini said, “I discovered there are different avenues I could go down. I enjoy singing really soulful, sweet ballads so much. But I found on a lot of my tracks, there was a really gritty edge to my voice in my higher register. I explored that a lot, and people haven’t seen that side of me. The album’s got a good mix of soul, groove, and a little bit of edge. Not like hip-hop; more like hip-pop. And Babyface brought a real intelligence to the music with his melodies and harmonies; his tracks are like tapestries.” Check out the entire interview here.

Fans ‘Thankful’ For Bonus Software On Clarkson CD

May 27, 2003 – Billboard reports that more than 25% of fans who have purchased Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘Thankful’ (RCA) have downloaded software embedded on the CD that allows them to access bonus content from last season’s ‘American Idol’ winner, according to the technology’s provider Arcavista.

Kelly Clarkson On Kidd Kraddick Show

May 27, 2003 – Kelly joined the Kidd Kraddick Show on Tuesday morning in studio to talk about her rising music career, tour plans, her praise for *NSYNC star JC Chasez’s vocal talents, the story behind who wrote ‘Miss Independent’ and her thoughts on Christina Aguilera, and the new movie ‘From Justin To Kelly’. Kelly revealed the second single from ‘Thankful’ will be ‘Low’. She tried playing the guitar and accidentally said “sh**”, and was mortified that she swore on the radio. Audio has since been removed.

Justin Guarini Amazed To Be Working With Babyface

May 15, 2003 – Justin tells Extra TV the biggest accomplishment since being on ‘Idol’ was teaming-up with superstar music producer Babyface, the man behind the music of Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton. Justin says, “And when I’m in the studio it’s like, ‘What am I doing here?’” As for rumors linking him to his movie/musical “From Justin to Kelly” co-star Kelly Clarkson, Justin says, “At this point, I give up when people try and put Kelly and I together. Think what you want to think. We’ve answered the question the same way a million times and just get over it.”

Kelly Clarkson And Justin Guarini Offer ‘Idol’ Advice

April 28, 2003 – Last season’s ‘American Idol’ top two contestants Kelly and Justin offered their advice for the new crop of singers. Kelly says, “As big and glamorous as it all seems, remember [showbiz] is hard. You have to ask: Are you having fun? Is it worth it?” Justin added, “Remain centered in who you are. This industry is designed to put you off a little bit, and especially this show – that’s what the judging is.”

Does Justin Guarini Rock?

April 18, 2003 – Blender magazine spoke with Justin to determine whether he “rocked”. Asked if he could take Simon Cowell in a fight, Guarini said, “A physical fight? He’s a pretty big guy; I think I’d have to hit the gym. He lifts weights. He’s been threatened many times. Have I every wanted to hurt him? No! He’s a great guy.” Asked what was the most number of people he’s woken up with in a hotel bed, Guarini admits, “One. I don’t know if I rock, man!” Blender confirmed, Justin does not rock.

Justin Guarini Trades Kelly Clarkson For A Guy

Star magazine reports Justin Guarini is crying on the shoulder of high-school pal Michael Leach, after being dumped by American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. “Justin and I are each other’s best friend,” Michael tells Star. “Even when we’re not together, we’ve managed to stay close.”

A videotape shot last month shows the pair singing Elton John duets to one another. “It looked like they were looking into each other’s eyes when they were singing,” says another party eyewitness. “It was slightly odd watching them sing love duets.”

Later that night, the pair played computer game of Strip Poker. “You can choose what type of model you wish to play with,” says a source. “They were playing with a male model.”

Justin Guarini Got A Presidential Birth Welcome

March 4, 2003 – Globe magazine reports American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini was welcomed into the world with a personal phone call by then President Jimmy Carter from Air Force One. Carter was friends with Justin’s mother and called the hospital to congratulate her.

Clarkson Says ‘From Justin To Kelly’ Not An Idol Film

Launch.com spoke with ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson about the movie she’s doing with runner-up Justin Guarini, ‘From Justin To Kelly’, a love story that Clarkson describes as “Grease on the beach.” First, “It’s not an American Idol film,” said Clarkson. “It has nothing to do with ‘American Idol’. The only thing that does is that [our] names are in the title, and our characters in the movie are named that, but my character is nothing like me… And it’s not about us trying to make it in the business or anything.”

Timeless Duet By ‘Idol’ Winners Kelly & Justin

February 20, 2003 – Contributed by dum_BLONDE: Wednesday on American Idol, last year’s winner, Kelly Clarkson and runner up, Justin Guarini made a surprise appearance live via satellite. They mentioned a few brief details about their upcoming movie, “From Justin To Kelly”, and premiered a small clip from the movie featuring a duet between the two called ‘Timeless’.

Justin Guarini Can’t Resist An Audience

February 16, 2003 – Knight Ridder reports Justin has been making cameos at Studio, an unglitzy karaoke club in South Beach. Studio owner Louis Rosenthal said Guarini promises to be back this weekend. “He’s been a regular here since before American Idol, when he was working around South Beach clubs,” Rosenthal said. “He’s a great kid. And the show hasn’t changed him one bit. Well, his hair is curlier and longer.”

Kelly And Justin To Wed In $1 Million Fox Financed Bash

February 7, 2003 – Star magazine reports ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini are set to be married in a shock $1 million ‘Gone with the Wind’ style bash. “It’s incredible, but Justin and Kelly are planning to get married,” says an insider. “Since the end of Idol on TV, they’ve spent so much time together that they’ve fallen in love.” The fairy tale romance is making Fox television execs happy, as the pair are currently filming the big screen film ‘From Justin to Kelly: The Rise of Two American Idols.’ “This romance is a dream come true for the Fox producers,” says another source, who says the studio might foot the pricey bill if the pair “agree to have it filmed for a two hour TV special!”

Justin Guarini And Kelly Clarkson Deny Romance

February 5, 2003 – Billy Bush of Access Hollywood grilled American Idol stars Justin and Kelly over reports they are or were romantically linked. Both denied the charge. In addition, Kelly Clarkson addressed rumors that she is pregnant saying, “I’m not, but I do have six kids. No wait, I don’t. (laughs)”

‘From Justin To Kelly’: The Movie

January 20, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight caught up with Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson on the set of their new flick ‘From Justin to Kelly: The Rise of Two American Idols.’ Asked if there was any real-life sparks between the two, Justin replied, “People just refuse to believe that we are friends!”

Justin Guarini Shows Off New Hairstyle

Contributed Anonymously:
MyKe here! A recent photo of American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini with what appears to be extremely short hair has emerged online, and is causing a frenzy among his teenybopper fans. Did he cut all his hair off, or is it just slicked down & tied back?

The photo has since been removed.

Justin Guarini Volunteered To Sing At Sixers Game

December 9, 2002 – The Philadelphia Daily News reports Justin called a pal at the Sixers Wednesday morning to say he was in town and would love to sing the National Anthem before the Celtics game. Kathy Drysdale, manager of game operations, got the Sixers’ house band to step aside Guarini, who also sang at halftime. After the victory over the Boston Celtics, he went into the locker room to chat with Allen Iverson.

Justin Guarini Sings The National Anthem In Philly

December 7, 2002 – Philadelphia area native and Justin sang the National Anthem prior to the match up between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers at the First Union Center on Thursday (December 4) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.