Justin Lanning: Never Give Up On Love

Justin Lanning checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Tuesday (December 22) with a message about love. The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

Never give up on love. I want to tell the people out there that if you have someone that truly loves you, never let that person go. I believe that love is always forgiving and always understanding. The greatest quote I have ever heard, “If love changes, then it is not love.” That sums it all up for me!! Real, unconditional love can break any cultural & religious boundary. It is limitless in its essence and power. Yet, I know what its like to be unloved… To be in a place of unconditional love and forgiveness when your partner or lover is not, is the true test of what love is all about. It may seem unfortunate to be without love or worse, to be unloved; But know that there is a purpose for everything. If you have a partner that is less than perfect, accept and love the flaws of that person.

Justin Lanning’s New Album Should Be Done By Saturday

Justin Lanning checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Friday (June 12), talking about his second album. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

I have been all around recently. Been in LA over the last week moving my studio. Its amazing now. I am completely stoked. The record is being mastered and should be done by Saturday!! GOSH. I am DELIGHTED To get you my new record. It’s been almost 2 years since my first record, ‘Behind these Eyes’ came out. ‘BTE’ scored me my 1st Billboard top 20 hit from a dance remix of the song, ‘Take My Breath Away’. I am very proud of this. It was such a beautiful thing to see my name in that magazine. I am now working on overdrive to get me back on the charts with the new record, and take it to even greater heights, with your help!

Justin Lanning Frustrated With California Budget Cuts

Justin Lanning sounded off on the California budget crisis on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Monday (February 16). The singer songwriter tells readers:

I must voice an absolute travesty that is occurring in California. The Gov’t recently decided to completely stop funding the mentally ill and handicapped programs. But OF COURSE they decide to keep the programs for abused and battered women. I am pro woman and a feminist, but an abused and battered woman can still work and generate income to provide for their family, the mentally ill are mostly incapable to work, let alone survive without the help of others. Words cannot express my frustration with the system. I can’t do anything except express my point of view. I hope and pray that the system can change. This blog is my prayer that someone out there who cares or some higher power can help to change this madness. We need to care for the sick!! I wish that our society could be set up to take care of all of those in need.. there is more than enough.. especially if we cut out building nuclear warheads and stupid weapons programs, we could support ALL in need.. around the entire world. I just hope that something changes now, that something bad doesn’t have to happen for big time changes.

Happy Valentine’s Day From Justin Lanning

Justin Lanning wished fans a very Happy Valentine’s Day on his YouTube channel. “Thank you so much for all your love and all your support in 2009, and I’m looking forward to a very very exciting year. My new record will be coming out really soon, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, check it out.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Justin Lanning Isn’t Changing For Anyone

Justin Lanning updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Wednesday (November 12), following up on his prior blog giving some grief to his pal Ryan Cabrera for being a no-show at his own Halloween bash. The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m so sick of Hollywood BS. I cant take it anymore!!! Some people got mad at me for my last blog.. but I am rebelling against Hollywood!!! I don’t care if people think I talk trash or whatever…. I’m not saying any lies.. I am the type of person to call people out on things and am very straight up about things… I will look someone in the eyes and tell them exactly how I feel, even if it’s hurtful or inappropriate. It’s just who I am. I cannot hold back myself… I wouldn’t be an artist then… I have to allow myself to be free and as open as possible. If someone doesn’t like it… Too bad for them. Some people like me because I am me. I am not changing for anyone. I AM ME. “Ashlee” lol. I always liked her first record so much… then it went downhill from there… same with Ry Cab.. I am A HUGE FAN. I love 3 songs off his first record. But if the mofo flakes out I won’t be quiet about it… Why?? Cuz you want to hear it!! You want to hear the juicy gossip… DON’T CHA??!? ha! I would too… don’t feel bad.

Ryan Cabrera Blows Out His Own Halloween Bash

Justin Lanning updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@justinlanning) on Monday (November 3), sounding off on his friend Ryan Cabrera for being a no-show at his Halloween party. The LA based pop rock singer tells readers:

I like Ry Cab. But I hope he reads this because he totally invited me to his Halloween party and was hyping it all up and when it’s time to head to the party, he’s no where to be found. RC totally bailed on JL. Maybe I didn’t have my own TV SHOW.. or date Ashlee Simpson.. and yes. I’m talking trash. Bring it on RY CAB. I’ll stare you down.

Justin Lanning Done Recording Next Album ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Justin Lanning checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, revealing that he’s just finished recording his next album titled ‘Sunset Boulevard’. “In the next month I’ll be in the mixing and mastering phase, and hopefully soon after, I’ll be delivering my record to you,” Lanning told fans. “I’m so anxious to get back on stage and perform these songs for you.”

Justin has since removed the video.