Kaci Brown Dealing With Myspace Hackers

Kaci Brown 'Instigator'

Kaci Brown checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on Monday (November 6). “Hey sweeties! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend,” Brown writes. “Several friends of mine and I went swimming after church Sunday. I can’t believe it was warm enough to swim in November. I’m only in the studio a few days this week, so my schedule should be a little less hectic. I’ll be sure to get online as often as possible. On a daily basis, I still don’t have internet access. There’ve been several questionable events happening on my personal myspace. Today is the first time I’ve logged in, in almost a week. Messages have been read, friends have been moved on my top (however many,) and friend requests have been denied. I, personally, have NOT been on. I don’t understand how people figure out ways to do this, and/or why they would. Anyway, I’m at a friends’ house now. Just wanted to check in and say hi! Love you all! Kac xo”

‘The Kaci Brown Show’, Featuring AJ McLean

Uth TV features ‘The Kaci Brown Show’, shot by the singer herself. The five-part series features Kaci talking about growing up and her early music history, her tour of France, doing press interviews in Paris, enjoying a camping trip in Arkansas with her family, celebrating Independence Day with her family and then boyfriend AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, visiting the San Diego Zoo with AJ, and traveling to Monaco for another live performance. Viewer comments for the earlier episodes were complimentary, but the claws came out as soon as AJ appeared. Uthtv.com has since shut down, but the episodes are available at YouTube.

AJ McLean And Kaci Brown Split Up

A source tells Eye On LA that Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean has broken up with young singer Kaci Brown. “AJ and his girlfriend are broken up at the moment – but it’s always on-again, off-again, so you never know,” the insider revealed. “She’s only 18, so she doesn’t know what she wants; one day she wants one thing, the next she wants the opposite. It’s just so unfair to AJ – he’s ready to settle down and have a family, and she just wants to have fun. It’s not looking good.”

Kaci Brown Blogs After ‘Huge Fight’ With Mom

Kaci Brown 'Instigator'

Kaci Brown checked in with fans on her ‘just a girl’ blog at Alloy.com on July 20th “after having a huge fight with my Mom” and writing a poem. “I am the farthest thing from a confrontational person,” she said. “I tend to just okay everyone, and do what I can to make them happy. Whether or not my poems make any sense, I write them to get my feelings off my chest. I’m sure many of you do the same thing. I normally don’t share my work until it’s a song, but I thought some of you might relate.”

Kaci Brown’s Early Morning Update From Monaco

Kaci Brown checked in with fans on her official web site’s message board on Friday (June 30) while in Monaco. “Just wanted to send my love to everyone,” she writes. “Yes, it’s 2:55am and I’m not sleeping. Imagine that!! lol The princess held a private party for all of tomorrow night’s performers. It was so much fun. Luckily I ran in to an old friend, Marcos Hernandez. You can see pics from tonight on my MySpace. I’m now back in my room having a late night Panini. Happy Friday!!! Miss you all! xoxo In Him, kaci”

Kaci Brown: Paris Is Going Great

Kaci Brown checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on Friday (June 2). She writes, “Hey guys! First of all, PARIS is going GREAT! Speaking of PARIS… has anyone heard anything off her album? I heard a clip of something at the radio station in LYON, FRANCE today. It was VERY GWENISH!!! *fun stuff* Anyway, to the topic… I talked to Greg at Interscope today. I copied what you guys were saying about the board. Hope the changes are better! This way, it’ll be much easier to keep up with everything! All my love <3 In HIM, kaci"

Kaci Brown Mystified After Personal Myspace Page Deleted

Kaci Brown posted the following message to fans on her official website forum on Monday (May 15): “Hey guys! Like many of you, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PERSONAL MYSPACE [myspace.com/kacib]. I found out it was down through an email. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to communicate with everyone as regularly as I’d like. I got the password to my music myspace today. Until I have time to create a new personal site, I’ll be responding as often as possible through myspace.com/kacibrown. Most of you already have it, but I’m confirming **IT’S NOT A POSER.** MySpace has its perks, but we’re definitely seeing its downfalls. Please keep kacibrown.com active. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of myspace problems. Thank you again for your continued support! My love to all, kaci … (the real one. lol)” Some suspect it was caused by jealous fans of her boyfriend, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, who reported it as a phoney site in their continued attacks on the young singer.

AJ And Kaci Out And About

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean was photographed holding hands with girlfriend Kaci Brown the other day. Check out pictures from AJMcLeanOnline.com.

Kaci Brown’s New Video Coming Soon

Kaci Brown checked in with fans on her myspace page on Saturday (April 1). She writes, “LOVE from France…. <3 Word today is that the video will be finished on Monday. By the end of the week, you should be able to view it on my website www.kacibrown.com Thanks!"

Kaci Brown Checks In From France

Kaci Brown checked in with fans from France, presumably in Paris, at her official site message board on Thursday (March 30). Brown writes, “Hey Guys! … I can NOT BELIEVE, I’m finally in FRANCE! The flight was so long, but definitely worth it!! The buildings are amazing, the people- quite lovely, and the food is to die for! My sleeping agenda is slightly off, but that’s alright. I’m sure the enthusiasm surrounding, and my anticipation will keep me functioning tomorrow. Everyone, sleep well. XoXo <3"