Kaci Brown Reaches A Boiling Point With Her Critics

Kaci Brown checked in with fans earlier today with an unusually formal message to her online tormentors, who appear mostly to be jealous fans of her boyfriend AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. “Hey Guys! I have to send my apologies to all the supporters that have to sit back and read the off-putting comments on the forum,” the 17-year-old writes. “We’ve done everything we can, to ban their negative behavior. I’ve considered my options. I’ve tried to figure out how to solve this. To negate what everyone assumes to be true, I’m afraid, won’t get us anywhere. I don’t intend or desire to be viewed as I am by some. Setting my personal feelings aside, I will say only this-I would appreciate those who would respect my fans, family, and friends by not commenting at all, if you have nothing nice to say. Most sincerely.” ThAtSsObRiCk4 responded in the post, “LyKe OmG. KaCi you are tooo BrIcK, did AJ take you to Chuck E. Cheese for typing this out?”

Kaci Brown’s New Video & Updated Web Site Out Soon

Kaci Brown posted an update for fans on her official website’s journal. “I couldn’t be more appreciative for all your continued kind words, patience, and support,” she writes. “The video [for ‘Instigator’] should be finished shortly. We’re trying to add a few scenes. I’ll speak with media at Interscope and find out when we can get the b-roll up for you guys! I’m sure you’ll be quite entertained. The site is ready for an update. You’ll be seeing several changes within the next month or so. We’ve been working with web designers to plan for a new layout. By seeing what it looks like so far, I think it’s going to be great!”

Kaci Brown To Appear On ‘Soap Talk’

Kaci Brown will be appearing on Tuesday’s ‘Soap Talk’ on the Soap network. The singer reminded fans of the appearance, while mocking her online tormentor “brick”. She writes, “HeY EvErYbOdY! HoW’s EvErYtHiNg GoInG? Haha… I hOpE yOu’Re AlL lYkE sO bRiCk!!! On a serious note, ‘Soap Talk’ is still slated for Tuesday March 28th. @ 8pm West Coast, and 11am and 11pm East Coast! WeLl, I’vE gOtTa GeT bAcK tO gReAsInG uP mY FaCe! PeAcE!!!! <3kAcI x o x o x o" Several apparent jealous fans of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, Brown's boyfriend, chimed in on the thread to harrass the singer, reinforcing negative stereotypes of the boy band's followers in the process.

Kaci Brown Lashes Out At Poster Who Blamed Her Forbidden Love On Mom

Kaci Brown lashed out at a poster on her official forum after a posting indicating that Kaci and Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean were “brick together”, adding, “screw the law, love has no age.” When the poster, ThAtSsOBrIcK, added “omg yes they should have like 12 kids, hopefully she will be a better mom then her own mother though,” the 17-year-old singer responded angrily. “For the record …. My mom is one of the sweetest, most caring, honest, genuine, selfless, humble, down to earth, respectful, considerate, and loving people in the world,” she writes. “I wouldn’t have made it this far without her support. She’s really held me together in really trying times. NONE OF YOU have any right to come on this, or ANY OTHER web site to talk about my mom, UNLESS you’ve met her and KNOW her personally. It’s one thing for you to be negative about me, but it’s another to talk about my mom. This site is about MY MUSIC, and nothing other than. I’d appreciate it if you could kindly refrain from talking about things you know nothing about.” Her February 18th message talked about her Valentine’s Day date with the 28-year-old boy bander (“My sweetheart is my first ‘sweetheart!’ We went to dinner at this Italian place down by the ocean! awww”).

Kaci Brown Offers Praise For Carrie Underwood & New Fans

After threads regarding Kaci Brown and rumored boyfriend AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys were removed from her message board last week, the singer posted a few new messages on Saturday (January 7). To one converted fan who admitted she came on the site because of the uproar over the 17-year-old dating the 28-year-old boy-bander, Brown said, “Out of all the drama, I’m glad you found something positive!” Brown also said of last season’s ‘American Idol’ champ Carrie Underwood: “Carrie’s a sweetheart. I met her at an ascap event last spring.” Brown also said they’re about to film the music video to her new single ‘Instigator’.

Backstreet Forum Uproar Over AJ’s Alleged Young Lover

The Backstreet Boys’ most popular fan forum over at LiveDaily.com has banned users from discussing the alleged romance of soon to be 28-year-old AJ McLean and 17-year-old pop newcomer Kaci Brown. “Should you choose to do any of those things or anything else relating to the two you will be banned (no warning, no excuses) and if you carry on after your ban you could quite possibly be banned perminantly,” moderator Leezard writes. “If this seems quite extreme I would urge you to check out how many posts have had to be closed in the last week because of people arguing over petty and immature things.” Many Backstreet fans have mocked the singer for her use of emoticons a general teenybopper writing style in her forum postings, referring to her as “<3kACi". A discussion at livedaily.com has since been removed.

Kaci Brown Defends Idea Of Dating AJ, Makes Hilary & Joel Comparison

Kaci Brown posted more information about her rumored romance with soon to be 28-year-old Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean on her website’s forum earlier this evening. “There’s a thread in my forum just for AJ McLean. Definitely something to smile about ;p,” the 17-year-old writes. “Guys, please don’t be negative about something that doesn’t concern you personally. I’ve been a fan for as long as anyone else my age has been. *Go ahead, make age jokes* You have no solid proof of anything. And No, I’m not giving a solid answer. Everyone deserves to have respect from their fans/friends. If you don’t like me, but are crazy about AJ, respect him. It could be me, or any other girl. When he’s ready to tell the world who makes him happy, he will. Embrace the thought that he’s still single, unless you’re told by him otherwise. Oh wait, you were. I don’t mean to be rude, but every time I hear celebrity relationship gossip it seriously makes me sick. …. but point to be made, did anyone say that Joel [Madden] was a sick perv for dating Hilary [Duff]? A true fan of AJ’s, wouldn’t call him a sick perv for anything. p.s. thanks for everything Kev…. you make me laugh all the time.”

Kaci Brown Dances Around AJ McLean Questions

Kaci Brown checked in on her official forum earlier today after an apparent AJ McLean fan insisted her soon to be 28-year-old singing hero couldn’t possibly be dating 17-year-old pop upstart Kaci Brown. When challenged, ‘crazzay4aj09’ said “it’s not like she knew we existed in the first place”, referring to the forum posters. This prompted Brown to say, while avoiding to confirm or deny whether she’s dating the Backstreet Boys star: “Hey guys… Just for the record, I DO KNOW YOU EXIST. Love ya!” As for the title of the AJ fan’s post (yes i am doing this to irritate the non-BSB lovers), Brown added, “I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t love the BSB!”

Kaci Brown Checks In With Fans, Announces 2nd Single

The second single off of Kaci Brown’s debut album ‘Instigator’ is the title track, according to a posting on the singer’s official website. The 17-year-old also checked in with fans on her website’s forum, referring obliquely to and opting not to deny talk of a romance with soon to be 28-year-old AJ McLean after being photographed with the Backstreet Boys star. “Hey to all! Sorry I didn’t wish you guys a Merry Christmas,” Brown writes. “I was in Texas at my Mimmie’s house w/ no internet access. Anyway, I’m so excited about the new year. The forums have been quite interesting. hmm…. ;p The ppl in the business pretty much shut down over the holidays. As soon as I figure out exactly what’s going to be going on, I’ll let you know! Thanks for keeping up with my crazy life! I love you, and wish you all the BEST YEAR EVER! Kisses… In Christ, <3kACi xo xo xo"

Kaci Brown And AJ McLean Out To Lunch

Kaci Brown was photographed out for lunch with boyfriend AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. The 17-year-old opened for the Boys on their ‘Never Gone’ tour. McLean celebrates his 28th birthday on January 9th. Check out pictures here.