Kalan Porter Promises The Wait For Third Album Will Be Worth It

Kalan Porter black and white photo

Kalan Porter updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Monday (March 16), talking about progress on his third album. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner tells readers:

Working hard on the new record…

Yes… its taking some time…

But I believe I need that time to make it amazing.

The stuff I’m working on right now is so exciting.

This record is gonna be like nothing you’ve every heard from me…

And I’m not even gonna try and be humble.

It f*ckin rocks.

Patience people.

I promise it’ll be worth it.

Kalan Porter Busking In Toronto For Charity

Kalan Porter checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Wednesday (November 19). The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner tells readers:


On Monday November 24th…

I’m going to be hanging out in the Toronto Eaton Centre…

Busking for charity…

Its part of a great event called “Busking for Change” put on by the organization WAR CHILD.

All proceeds help War Child and Aldo’s Spring Shoes rebuild schools and provide access to education in war torn Africa.

We thought it was a better idea than dressing up as Santa and shaking bells for hours on end…

‘Irritate for Change’ just didn’t have the same ring

Kalan Porter Celebrates 23rd Birthday

Kalan Porter playing pool

Kalan Porter updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Thursday (November 13), after celebrating his 23rd birthday on Tuesday. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner tells readers:

I had a super chill birthday…

I’m getting to the age where drinking yourself into a drunken stupor doesn’t necessarily seem like the ideal way to spend the day of your birth.


Going out for a nice dinner and eating yourself into a near comatose state…

Now that’s where it’s at!

We went to a posh steak house, serving the finest of Alberta beef of course, and ate, drank, and became merry.

All and all… a great bday.

Kalan Porter Is Writing Songs, Carving Pumpkins, Watching CNN

Kalan Porter

Kalan Porter updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Monday (October 27), discussing progress on his third album and what else he’s been up to the last few weeks. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner tells readers:

1) Wrote 5 new songs… and don’t even hate them yet

2) Debuted my new temporary website… check it out www.kalanporter.com

3) Bought a new TV and a Blue Ray player… Last Sunday I watched the entire Planet Earth series… without leaving the couch once, an achievement I am quite proud of.

4) Carved a pumpkin and realized I hate carving pumpkins.

5) Didn’t fix my MySpace because I have no idea what’s wrong… Did I mention I loooove Myspace… Sooo user friendly. Adding extra o’s means I’m lying

Kalan Porter Chops Off His Hair

Kalan Porter

Kalan Porter checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Thursday (September 25). The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner, noted for his long curly hair, writes:

So today I chopped off my hair… Totally off… Really not sure how I feel about it. I might look nine… But… I guess… what else is new.

I haven’t had short hair in 5 or 6 six years… And the only way you can see it… Is by coming to my show in Calgary on October 11th. It’s at the Calgary Stampede Casino. This is my last show for a long while… And I would love to see you guys one last time.

Painting Is No Fun For Kalan Porter

Kalan Porter

Kalan Porter checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@kalanporter) on Tuesday (September 9), admitting he’s not a fan of painting. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner writes:

So today… I’m taking a break from the studio to paint my apartment.

Painting has got to be one of my favorite things to do in the world…

Next to washing dishes… and being hit by a car.

Fun times.

Now I’m not suggesting that painting is the worst job in the world…

…But I am.

Kalan Porter Busy Signing ‘Wake Up Living’ CDs

‘Canadian Idol’ season two winner Kalan Porter posted a new video blog, where the Medicine Hat, Alberta singer frantically signed copies of his second album ‘Wake Up Living’, which are being made available for $19.95 plus shipping by e-mailing kalanentertainment@gmail.com before December 10th. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Kalan Porter ‘Down In Heaven’ Video

‘Canadian Idol’ season two champ Kalan Porter is out with the music video to his new single ‘Down In Heaven’, from the album ‘Waking Up Living’, out August 28th. Watch it below.

Kalan Porter Crowned ‘Canadian Idol’

andPOP reports that Kalan Porter, 18, defeated Theresa Sokyrka, 23, Thursday night to win the second season of ‘Canadian Idol’. He had been the heavy favorite, never once appearing in the bottom two or three competitors in the competition. “It’s really strange for me because I really feel like the same average normal guy but it’s really flattering,” Porter said. Read more.