Kate Havnevik Apologizes After Falling Victim To Facebook Hacker

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik checked in with her Facebook fans last month after falling victim to a hacker on the social media site, apologizing for all the messages sent out in her name over the flub. The Norwegian singer songwriter, who is releasing her second album ‘You’ on October 10th through her Continentica Records label, tells readers:

Oh No! I clicked something I friend commented on something I wrote and now I am apparently leaving all these messages in French all over the place…..so I’ve been hacked… and I am spamming you without knowing it ! so, sorry if you get those comments from me in French, just delete them ! don’t know whats happening here! c’est la vie!

Norwegian Pop Artists Devastated After Oslo Bombing & Utoya Island Rampage

Several Norwegian pop artists are commenting on the horrific events that occurred in the country on Friday, where a gunman went on a two-hour rampage on Utoya Island that left at least 80 people dead, which followed a mid-afternoon bombing in Oslo. Among the messages left on Twitter:

Sondre Lerche (@SondreLerche): No end to the sadness I feel for what happened in my country today. Passing on your good spirits to all who lost their loved ones.
Please let’s try and not let these horrific acts of hate weaken our ideals. Let’s stick together #utoya #oslo

Marion Raven (@marionraven): Everything is ok with both me, Andreas and our families! OSLO IN MY HEART!!!
My love and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragic events in my lovely country, Norway. My heart is broken.

Marit Larsen (@larsenmarit): Horrendous events in Oslo today. Can’t stop watching the news. Devastated, but safe.

Kate Havnevik (@katehavnevik): Big bomb blast in Oslo!

Thomas Dybdahl (@thomasdybdahl): Terrible news and pictures from London, our thoughts are with you …

Maria Mena (@mariamena_no): My heart is breaking. at least 80 people killed !! -how, why?! #utøya there are no words.
I’m devastated! i love my country and my heart breaks for everyone involved and
affected by last night’s tragic bombing and shooting in Oslo and at Utøya. please take good care of each other! ? maria.

Ida Maria (@idamaria): pray for #oslo

Kate Havnevik In Kiev

Kate Havnevik documented her visit to Kiev, Ukraine to visit with artist Schiller to play at the StereoPlaza. The singer checked out the Museum of the Great Patriotic War before heading to soundcheck. After a look at her caravan, it’s showtime. Watch the highlights via YouTube below.

Kate Havnevik Tries Out Svaram’s Handheld Tubalophone

Kate Havnevik’s latest video blog features the Norwegian singer songwriter on a musical journey in India and trying out the Handheld Tubalophone, an instrument she found in a shop called Svaram. “This is a new prototype of an instrument Svaram has made. The silver tubes are hollow and make the most beautiful sound. They tune each tube individually. They haven’t got a final name for this one so I just called it Handheld Tubalophone because it’s similar to the Tubalophone they have made which has the same tubes, but attached to a solid wood frame to stand on a table. I loved this one! It was really fun to play and swing it around.” Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Kate Havnevik Discusses Pledge Music Campaign

Kate Havnevik - Pledge Music

Kate Havnevik talked about how the Pledge Music Campaign is going and is out and about in New York in her new video blog. “Thanks to everyone who has taken part. It’s gone really well and we’re gonna get to the top and further,” Havnevik said about her campaign to raise funds to record a new album. Watch the update via YouTube below.

Help Finance Kate Havnevik’s New Album

Kate Havnevik new album

Kate Havnevik is teaming up with PledgeMusic.com to raise money to raise money towards the release of her new record that she’s been working on with Guy Sigsworth, while also giving a share of the money to Cancer Research UK. Watch Kate explain the details via YouTube below.

Kate Havnevik 33rd Birthday Party

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Norwegian singer songwriter Kate Havnevik celebrated her 33rd birthday on Monday (October 27), posting a clip on her YouTube channel with highlights of her birthday party. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

Kate Havnevik Aims To Release ‘Varied, Fun, Passionate Album’

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik talks about what she’s been up to the last few weeks and where she is at with her record in her eighth video diary over at her YouTube channel. Kate was in Norway after earlier having her family in Krakow, Poland, where they all tried out the harmonic whirlies. She also showed evidence of an egg a neighbor threw at their window probably because they were too loud with their music. “I just want a varied, fun, passionate album,” Havnevik said. Watch the diary, also featuring Kate playing her classical guitar, below the cut. (more…)

Kate Havnevik Update On Album – Final Vocals On 3 Songs Complete

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik’s video diary 7 features the Norwegian singer songwriter discussing progress in the studio in Krakow, Poland with Guy Sigsworth . Kate showed off the acoustic panels they bought to improve the sound. “Everything’s going really well with the recording of the album,” Kate said. “We’ve done final vocals on three songs, which is not a lot but it’s something. I wish sometimes my album would be ready tomorrow, but it takes time to get things the way you want them.” The diary ends with Kate munching down on cotton candy in the market square. Watch the clip below the fold. (more…)

Kate Havnevik In The Studio In Krakow With Harmonic Whirlies

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik has posted part six of her video diary on her YouTube channel. The latest clip features the singer songwriter in Krakow, Poland, working on her album with Guy Sigsworth (ex Frou Frou).

Havnevik showed off her skills with the Harmonic Whirlies before talking about the new album. “We just started producing some of the new songs,” she said. “It’s gonna sound a bit different than the last record. Basically there’s gonna be less strings and more guitars.”

Watch the diary below.