Kate Havnevik Video Diary #5

Kate Havnevik talks about working on her new album in Oslo, NorwayKate Havnevik’s fifth diary posting features the Norwegian singer songwriter visiting showing highlights from her boat trip, the little house in Norway being used as her recording studio, visiting a Norwegian radio station for an interview, making a visit to an ice skating rink to critique the other skaters, watching a Christmas play featuring her mother in the orchestra on flute, and an offering of thanks to her fans, promising a new album and a new tour.

“Hello, and welcome to blog #5,” Kate said introducing the video. “It’s been a while since I’ve done my last blog because I’ve been very busy with Christmas and New Year’s and family and work… Before Christmas, I drove from London to Kiel and I took the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, so I could bring all of my computers and equipment to stay here in Norway for awhile and work on my album.”

Watch the two-part diary via YouTube below.

Kate Havnevik Bakes A Kransekake For Imogen Heap

Kate Havnevik, shown here in a 'Melankton' publicity photo, talked about taking a Tenori-On for a spin, the Global Battle Of The Bands, making a kransekake cake for Imogen Heap and Brad Gordon

Kate Havnevik’s video diary number four features the singer enjoying a musically inspiring week in London. Havnevik tried her hand out on the new musical instrument Tenori-On, being a judge in the Global Battle Of The Bands competition, baking a cake for Imogen Heap, and working with Brad Gordon in her home studio.

“My flatmate Andy, who is from Tasmania, he came home with a new electronic instrument called Tenori-On, and I had a go on it for a whole night and I loved it,” Kate said. “Basically it was just very beautiful. It’s like a game, and it gives amazing sounds.”

“I also made a Norwegian cake for Imogen,” she said about a cooking adventure. “It was her birthday and I decided to bring a cake. It’s called kransekake… You make all these circles and put them together so it looks like a very tall tower of cake. It kind of tastes like a marzipan cake or something like that. That’s how I’d describe it.”

Watch it below the fold.

Kate Havnevik Video Blog From Krakow

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik checked in with another video blog from Krakow, Poland as the singer worked on programming for her new album. Kate talked about and showed some of the footage of the snow that’s been going on lately. She also was slowed down after catching the flu. She also made a visit to a 70’s style communist disco called Fenix, posting video from its bathroom. Watch it below the fold.

Kate Havnevik’s First Video Diary

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik checked in with her MySpace friends on Sunday (November 18) with the following bulletin: “Hi everyone! I am currently in Krakow, Poland working. We have a lot of snow here, and I have finally started making my video diary. I am working on my next album and wanted to share some of my experiences with you. I will make the video diary weekly and it will be posted on my YouTube channel. Go check out the first one!” Watch it below the fold.

Kate Havnevik ‘Unlike Me’ Video

Kate Havnevik 'Melankton'

Kate Havnevik is out with the video for her new single ‘Unlike Me’, from the Oslo, Norway singer songwriter’s debut album ‘Melankton’, out now on Continentica Records. Watch it below.