Kate Miller-Heidke On Ben Folds, Influences And Opera

Pop artist Kate Miller-Heidke talks about her involvement in opera, gaining an audience in American thanks to touring with Ben Folds and her chance to open for Paul Kelly in London

Tim Martin of the Australian Times chatted with Kate Miller-Heidke about supporting Paul Kelly in London, touring with Ben Folds in America her upcoming album, having some success in America, being influenced by Joni Mitchell and more.

Asked about what she’s currently working on, Kate said, “At the moment I’m in full time rehearsals for an opera with the English National Opera. It’s called ‘Death of Klinghoffer’, and it tells the story of a cruise ship that was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in the 1980s, so it’s been an incredible experience.”

Questioned about pressure to follow-up ‘Last Day On Earth’, Kate said, “Only the pressure I put on myself I guess. Ever since that happened, we’ve been touring pretty much non-stop around the country, mainly in America but also the UK and Europe and a little bit in Asia. I’m not sure. I feel the pressure myself but I’ve just finished recording the new album and we’re halfway through mixing it now, and I’m really happy with it.”

As for whether she was surprised about finding some success in America, Kate said, “I was lucky enough to be Ben Folds’ opening act for about three or so tours in the States that he did. He’s got this rabid loyal fan base over there, and I think that really helped, as well as a couple of other things.”

On her biggest influences, Kate said, “I started songwriting after discovering the music of Joni Mitchell and she really broadened my horizons a lot. I think my classical training is also an influence. I tried to get away from it for a few years but it’s non negotiable. It’s just there. Music, theater, folk music, and music that tells a story I think.”

The interview at YouTube has since been removed.

Fatty Gets A Stylist ‘Are You Ready?’ Video

Kate Miller-Heidke’s side project Fatty Gets a Stylist, featuring her husband Keir Nuttall, are out with the music video to their new single ‘Are You Ready?’. The track is currently being used in a New York Lottery advertisement on US television. The track is off the Australian group’s upcoming self-titled debut album. Watch it below.

Kate Miller-Heidke Reveals New Project: Fatty Gets A Stylist

Kate Miller-Heidke introduced her new project with collaborator Keir Nuttall in a new YouTube video. The band is called Fatty Gets A Stylist and their self-titled album is coming out soon. “For the last year or so we’ve been working on something different,” the Australian singer songwriter said. “It’s a new album. It’s our songs with me singing on them, but it’s different. It’s a band project… My voice is slightly unrecognizable in it. I’m singing in a much lower register.” Watch the update via YouTube below.

Kate Miller-Heidke’s Album ‘Curiouser’ Gets U.S. Release, Tour Dates Announced

Kate Miller-Heidke updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katemillerheidke) on Thursday (March 4), revealing plans for her second album to get a U.S. release later this month and tour dates in support of the project. The Australian pop singer writes:

It is with many excitements that I announce my very first US release. ‘Curiouser’ will be out in stores on March 16. Yippee!

Keir and I are making arrangements to spend the next few months in the US. We have an obscene number of gigs booked. Besides headline shows, Canadian Music Week, SXSW and Coachella, the magnificent Ben Folds has very kindly invited us to join him on another tour. There will be more to come, in May, mainly on the West Coast.

Kate Miller-Heidke Talks About Life In London

Kate Miller-Heidke talked to Molly Meldrum in London on Seven’s ‘Sunrise’, discussing how she’s been living in the city of late and whether the change of location gives her another perspective on her songwriting. “I just think being away helps. Being surrounded with new stimulus, new people,” the Australian singer songwriter said. “We’ve been doing lots of little gigs here. It’s been essentially starting from the beginning again.” Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

Kate Miller-Heidke Plays MTV Exit Concert In Nepal

In September 2009, Kate Miller-Heidke and her band played a concert for MTV Exit in Pokhara, Nepal. MTV Exit holds concerts to raise awareness about human trafficking in Asia. For more information go to mtvexit.org. Watch highlights from the visit via YouTube below.

Sarah Blasko Cools Off After Kate Miller-Heidke Gig

Sarah Blasko cools off after Kate Miller-Heidke gig

Kate Miller-Heidke checked in with her Twitter followers (@kmillerheidke) on Sunday (September 6), talking about a visit she received from fellow Australian singer songwriter Sarah Blasko. Kate writes:

@sarahblasko came to our gig at the Barfly the other night…she needed to cool off backstage afterwards. She stepped on my lettuce

Kate Miller-Heidke ‘Last Day On Earth’ Video Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage for Kate Miller-Heidke’s new single ‘The Last Day On Earth’ has been posted at the Australian singer songwriter’s YouTube channel. The clip features commentary from director Mark Alston and Kate talking with a reporter about using goldfish in the video, the song’s message and loving this aspect of her singing career. Watch it below.