Kate Nash Remembers Her Jobs As A Teen

Kate Nash

Kate Nash remembered teenage life in the retail trade with ladies of leisure and thieving kids in a story for the Guardian. “I wouldn’t mind working in restaurants again because you build up a relationship with the customers,” the singer songwriter said about her job at Nando’s at the age of 17. “I’m really inspired by the mundane – it’s often the most ordinary-looking people who have the best stories – and you can watch diners and study their idiosyncrasies without them being aware of it.” Read more.

Kate Nash Kicks Off U.S. Tour Tonight

Kate Nash

Kate Nash is heading back to tour in the U.S. starting tonight in San Diego. The British singer will be playing the following dates in October and November:

27 – House of Blues, San Diego CA
28 – Glasshouse, Pomona CA
29 – Music Box, Los Angeles CA
30 – The Warfield, San Francisco CA

1 – Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR
2 – Showbox, Seattle WA
3 – The Commodore, Vancouver BC
5 – The Venue, Salt Lake City UT
6 – Ogden, Denver CO
8 – University at The Englert, Iowa City IA
9 – The Vic Theater, Chicago IL
11 – The Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
12 – The Majestic, Detroit MI
13 – The Phoenix, Toronto ONT
15 – 9:30 Club, Washington DC
17 – Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia PA
18 – Paradise, Boston MA
19 – Terminal 5, New York NY
20 – The Wellmont Theater, Montclair NJ
22 – Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico City

Tickets are on sale now from Kate’s store at Sandbag.uk.com.

Kate Nash ‘Later On’ Acoustic Performance At V Festival

Kate Nash - V Festival

Kate Nash performed an acoustic version of her song ‘Later On’ for NME at V Festival 2010 over the weekend, getting a case of the giggles in the process. The song is off the English singer songwriter’s second album ‘My Best Friend Is You’, out now on Geffen/Fiction. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kate Nash Not Sure She Fit In On Lilith Fair Lineup

Kate Nash

Kate Nash checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Wednesday (July 28), discussing various topics like gigs, clothes shopping, Michael Jackson, comic books, and Target. The 23-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m off to Australia tomorrow, playing splendor festival and a couple of my own shows with the thin kids, should be really cool, looking forward to playing with those guys. I might try swimming with sharks again too.
I got back from Lilith Fair festival last week, I’m not sure I really fit in there. It seemed a little tame, not what I really expected. I thought I would feel much more liberated there. Seeing Mary J. Blige playing ‘No More Drama’ was pretty much basically amazing though. Can’t deny/regret that.
I wish I saw Michael Jackson play before he died, can’t believe I never saw that.

Kate Nash ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ Video

Kate Nash 'Kiss That Grrrl' music video

Kate Nash is out with the music video to her new single ‘Kiss That Grrrl’, the second release off the London based indie pop singer’s second album ‘My Best Friend Is You’, out now on Fiction Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Why Kate Nash Doesn’t Care About Being Sexy

Kate Nash

Kate Nash updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Thursday (March 4), discussing some interviews she did with media in Germany, including one who asked why she hadn’t don’t any sexy photoshoot before. The British indie pop singer writes:

Just back from Berlin, did a bunch of interviews out there, lots of fun talking about myself for 2 days. You really start to hate the fact that you have a tongue that moves and noise comes out.

One dude asked me why I’ve never done a scandalous photo shoot and how come I don’t care about being sexy? I’m like ‘err because I think that perhaps it might slightly detract from the fact that I’m always trying to prove that i have a brain as well as breasts.’ Geez.

Also getting your ‘t*ts’ out doesn’t instantly make you an interesting person. And we don’t all have to be sexy do we? I mean just because I have a v*gina [censored because of search engine image filters] doesn’t make it my call of duty to care about having sex appeal.

Kate Nash Talks About Her New Single ‘Do Wah Doo’

Kate Nash

Kate Nash updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Friday (February 26), talking about promotion for her second album ‘Crayon Full of Colour’ and it’s first single ‘Do Wah Doo’ (you can hear it at Spin.com). The 22-year-old writes:

I’m over here doing a bit of promo for the release of the record in April & it’s been snowing! It looks so pretty all white and thick and crunchy.
I love New York so much, I always forget how much till I get back.
I think that my new single is being played on the radio now back home which is a bit weird for me not being there and not having done any shows yet! That’s so weird, I’m so excited to play live.

I really hope you guys like it and think it’s fun and get it. The song’s about when you’re best friend betrays you by ditching you & hanging out with the mean girls because they’re pretty and don’t have sweaty red faces and bruised knees. This has happened at school.

Kate Nash: It’s Nice To Get Back To Touring

Kate Nash

Kate Nash updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Friday (January 22), discussing her preparations for touring and getting the backhanded “you’re good for a female artist” compliment. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s good to be back in the rehearsal room apart from the fact that I find it a bit boring!… It’s so weird, especially as last time we didn’t have to rehearse very much, you just end up touring for like 2 and a half years so everything just gets discovered live which is great and natural and you don’t have to try and remember how to play songs!

Anyway, enough moaning, it’s lots of fun really, great to be back with the band again, reunited, it’s a honeymoon period all over again, we’re all getting each others names tattooed on our bums. that’s love.

I’m getting a general idea of what my schedule for the year is going to look like which is good, it is nice to be back to this kind of work. I’ve enjoyed living and recording and preparing but playing live is the best part really. Apart from writing really it’s the only thing that makes sense and gives you piece of mind. Also I can’t believe I get to travel all over the world again, it’s fu**ing amazing and this time I’m going to appreciate every second of it.

What Kate Nash Had On Her Toast

Kate Nash

Kate Nash checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Wednesday (September 2), talking about people complaining about her blogs, the Just Tick It campaign, an idea for a documentary, and an auction for Tilly (ebay link has since expired). The English singer songwriter tells readers:

Ok, so some people have been getting irritated that I keep ‘advertising’ & recommending things in blogs instead of telling you that I had beans on toast breakfast.

To be honest, I would rather read something that someone had recommended me seeing/hearing/going to that might fill my day after my daily blog reading instead of wondering what brand of beans they were and was it on white or granary? But without further ado…

I didn’t have beans, my bread was moldy so I had grapes and then Rivita with Philadelphia cheese & a slice of salami. Not as bad as it sounds, really it’s not. There’s your London lite quote right there.

The other most trivial piece of information I can think to tell you, I got my fringe cut.

Oh and I bought a printer. Whoopee.

Kate Nash: Recording 2nd Album Is Exciting And Scary

Kate Nash checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Monday (August 3), talking about The Cribs, attending a birthday party and how it’s going recording the follow-up to her 2007 debut ‘Made of Bricks’. The English singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m taking a break from the studio while Bernard goes on a sunny holiday, so I’m back to that on the 20th. It’s going well and it’s getting there I think. It’s pretty exciting & scary all this recording a second album. I have no idea when you’ll be able to hear any of it at the moment.