Kate Voegele ‘Hallelujah’ Video

Kate Voegele posted an acoustic cover of ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen as a treat for fans for the holidays. “I recently recorded some songs at Jack Johnson’s Solar Powered Plastic Plant which is his totally green studio in Los Angeles and I wanted to share this cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with you as a special holiday song,” Kate writes. “I hope you like it! Happy holidays and thanks for all your support this year!” Watch below.

Driving Tips From Kate Voegele And Ford

Kate Voegele 'A Fine Mess'

Kate Voegele offered some driving tips for fans on her blog at MySpace (@katevoegele) on Tuesday (November 24), writing:

Hey guys, as you know I’m involved with Ford Driving Skills for life, and I want to relay a very important message to you. Ford Driving Skills for Life & I would like to help you avoid Driving Distractions. Anything that causes you to take your eyes off of the road, like a cell phone or a friend, are distractions. 1 friend actually doubles your risk of a fatal accident. Remember, you have the power to control distractions. Turn off your cell phone & don’t let your friends distract you. Be Safe!

Kate Voegele Discusses Upcoming Concerts

Kate Voegele checked in from the studio in Toronto, talking about doing an iSessions set, playing shows in Montreal and Toronto, heading next to Florida for radio shows, doing some recording in Nashville and heading on a U.S. tour. Kate will also be hitting Europe for some shows.

At one funny moment in the clip, the cleavage-baring singer commented on having the “breast crowds” at her shows, before correcting herself.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Kate Voegele Answers MySpace Friend Questions

Kate Voegele does a video chat answering questions posed on her blogKate Voegele sat down to answer fan questions pulled directly from her MySpace blog. The singer/actress was talked about what inspires her music, wanting to be in the music industry since she was 15 and learned to play guitar, wanting to collaborate with Carole King, what it’s like being a singer and actress, advice for aspiring musicians, plans to tour internationally, her biggest inspiration, and more.

“For me, my inspiration comes from a lot of different things, but mostly just things I see going on in my everyday life,” Kate said about where she gets her inspiration for songwriting. “I think my personal experience is where I find music from a lot. I want to write music that other people can listen to and feel like they can relate to.”

On her dream collaboration with an artist dead or alive, Kate said, “I wold love to collaborate with Carole King. She’s a huge influence of mine and her ‘Tapestry’ record was the first album I ever bought. I just think she’s an insanely talented songwriter and singer.”

Watch all the questions and responses below.

Myspace Music Feed Ft. Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele is featured on the latest episode of the MySpace Music Feed, where the actress/singer songwriter answered questions about writing and promoting her album and life on the road. The clip, also featuring Sean Kingston performing his latest single, has since been removed at MySpace.

Go Shopping On Robertson With Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele goes shopping for MySpace FashionKate Voegele took MySpace Fashion shopping around trendy Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. The singer/actress showed some of her favorite looks for day and night and they helped her pick out an outfit to perform in.

“Shoes is a huge thing for me just because they can totally make an outfit,” Kate says in the clip. “Especially on stage or any event or something. You can wear something pretty basic and then put a great pair of shoes with it and that totally changes everything.”

Video of the shopping trip at MySpace has since been removed.

Kate Voegele ’99 Times’ Video

Kate Voegele is out with the music video to her new single ’99 Times’, the second release off the Bay Village, Ohio actress/singer’s second full-length album ‘A Fine Mess’, out now on MySpace Records/Interscope. Watch the Frank Borin directed video via YouTube below.

Kate Voegele Discusses ’99 Times’

Kate Voegele was interviewed by YoungHollywood.com at an in-store at Borders, where the singer/actress gave fans an inside look at her live acoustic show, her new video for ’99 Times’, and life on the set of ‘One Tree Hill’.

“Being at a bookstore, it’s like you’re sitting in someone’s living room,” Kate said about the Borders venue. “I love that because I’m a super informal person. I like to be that way with my fans or my friends or with anybody, so it’s gonna be great.”

On still believing in her career being unpredictable, Kate said, “Definitely. I think that this new record is called ‘A Fine Mess’ for a reason. It’s chaotic, but the beauty is in the chaos. It makes it fun. I’ve just really enjoyed the ride a lot.”

“’99 Times’ is one of my favorites from the new album [‘A Fine Mess’] because it’s just a fun song to get up and sing,” Kate explained. “It’s a driving rock song. You kinda get to mess up your hair. It’s a song about being lied to. About being in a relationship where somebody’s unfaithful, and you didn’t know about it for awhile and you feel real stupid.”

Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)