Kate Voegele Performs ’99 Times’ On ‘Today’

Kate Voegele visited the ‘Today’ show on Thursday (June 18), talking with co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Tamra Barney about her new album, starring in ‘One Tree Hill’ and her success. Voegele then performed her new single ’99 Times’. Watch below.

Kate Voegele Live At Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

Footage from Kate Voegele’s Hard Rock Cafe performance in Nashville on Monday (May 21) has been posted at her YouTube channel. The singer/actress sang ’99 Times’ and a few other favorites from her new album ‘A Fine Mess’, which is out now on MySpace Records. Watch the clip, about 21 minutes, below.

‘A Fine Mess’ Is About Kate Voegele Growing Up

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele spoke with 411mania.com, talking about how her new album ‘A Fine Mess’ differs from her debut effort ‘Don’t Look Away’. “The first record, I first started writing when I was 15, when I was in high school,” the ‘One Tree Hill’ star explained. “The new album is about me growing up, meeting new people, and having new experiences, stories of the road. It feels very current.” ‘A Fine Mess’ is out May 19th.

Kate Voegele On What’s Cool About ‘One Tree Hill’

Kate Voegele does a video update in front of a brick wallKate Voegele checked in with fans on her Back 2 School Tour MySpace Video channel, talking about the advantages her role on ‘One Tree Hill’ has for her music career.

“What’s cool about ‘One Tree Hill’ is that I play a character,” she said. “I don’t go by Kate Voegele on the show. I go by Mia, because Mia is my character. What’s fun about that is I’m playing a character, so I’m not necessarily myself, but I’m playing my own songs. So it’s a pretty amazing way to promote the songs on the record because they’re involved in the storyline. Fans get to really see this record come together because Mia is making this record as well on the show.”

The video, also featuring Kate performing ‘Manhattan from the Sky’, has since been removed at MySpace.

Kate Voegele Discusses ‘One Tree Hill’, New Music & Tour

Kate Voegele videotapes herself with a mirrorKate Voegele checked in from the trailer on the set of ‘One Tree Hill’, talking about what it’s like to finish up shooting season six of the show, her new song at iTunes ‘Manhattan From The Sky’, her upcoming single ’99 Times’, and how she can’t wait to get back on the road.

“I’m here in my trailer on the set of ‘One Tree Hill’,” Kate said. “It’s my last night shooting season six and it’s very bittersweet, because I’m so excited to get back on the road which is going on in mere weeks, but I’m so sad because it’s been such an amazing season and I’ve had so much fun, so I’m here doing my very last scene of the season tonight. It’s a really, really great scene and I’m so excited for you guys to see it. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it involves Mia’s new record / my new record and it’s just super cool. Really awesome on set today.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

Kate Voegele Discusses ‘One Tree Hill’, Tour, ‘Manhattan From The Sky’

Kate Voegele posts a video updateKate Voegele’s latest video journal features the ‘One Tree Hill’ star talking about her new song ‘Manhattan From The Sky’ being featured on the show on Monday night, her new tour dates, and starting more classes at University of Phoenix.

“I’m hanging out here at a coffee shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m shooting for ‘One Tree Hill’ here. Just finished up season six, and it’s been so much fun. Having a great time with it,” Kate said. “I’m so excited about the spring because so many awesome things are happening and I can’t wait for you guys to hear about them.”

On the new song’s debut, “Mia sings it on the show and it’s a really cool scene in the studio and I am really excited for you guys to see it. Also that night on iTunes, ‘Manhattan From The Sky’ will be available for purchase, which is totally awesome.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Kate Voegele Lift Me UP Tour Dates

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele has just announced tour dates in support of her new album ‘A Fine Mess’, due out in May on MySpace Records. The ‘One Tree Hill’ star’s University of Phoenix sponsored Lift Me UP Tour will kick off April 24th in Salt Lake City, with the last scheduled show on June 24th in Bessemer, Alabama. Check out all the dates below the fold.

Kate Voegele In The Studio With Mike Elizondo

Kate Voegele in the studio, working with Mike ElizondoKate Voegele posted a video offering a peak inside the studio with Mike Elizondo while she records her newest album ‘A Fine Mess’, available spring 2009 on MySpace Records.

“It’s been pretty easy,” Kate says. “Working with such talented people has just made this process so fabulous. Mike is absolutely amazing. It’s really, really cool to see other creative people understand your creative vision so much, so I can’t wait to get the songs on this record out.”

Watch the footage below.

Kate Voegele Discusses Why She’s Named Her New Album ‘A Fine Mess’

Kate Voegele at a photo shootPart one of Kate Voegele in downtown Los Angeles at a photo shoot for her new album ‘A Fine Mess’ has been posted at the singer’s MySpace TV channel. Kate talked about the story behind the album name, which is a lyric on one of the CD’s songs ‘Manhattan in the Sky’.

“I kind of like the idea of naming the record after a lyric in a song and not necessarily a song title,” Kate explained, adding that the title fit her life for the past few years since it has been “amazing but totally chaotic”.

Watch the video below the cut. (more…)

Kate Voegele Finishes Up ‘A Fine Mess’

Kate Voegele updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katevoegele) on Wednesday (February 11), talking about her new album ‘A Fine Mess’, work on the new season of ‘One Tree Hill’, and a photo shoot for the disc. Voegele tells readers:

I’m so excited about everything that’s been going on that I don’t even know where to start. This last month has been so much fun! I was in LA for a good part of it finishing up “A Fine Mess” (title of the new record) which is now DONE! Totally crazy. Making this record was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career yet. Mike Elizondo produced it, and his creativity and talent are immense. We had some UNBELIEVABLE musicians play on the record as well and it was ridiculously cool to meet and work with all of them. I cannot wait for you guys to hear these songs!!!