Kate Voegele Talks About New Album, Simultaneous TV Appearances

Kate Voegele posts a video message while sitting at her keyboardKate Voegele checked in with a video clip on her MySpace TV page while in the studio.

“The songs are coming together so well,” Voegele said. “I cannot wait for you guys to hear them.”

She also talked about being on ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘The Bachelor’ at the same time this past Monday on two different channels. “Of course, the two shows I happened to be on happened to overlap,” she remarked.

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Kate Voegele ‘So Excited’ For Fans To Hear Her Second Album

Kate Voegele 'Don't Look Away'

Kate Voegele updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katevoegele) on Monday (January 12), with news on her next album and the new season of ‘One Tree Hill’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Hey everybody!!! HAPPY 2009!!! I’m so so so excited for this year. Last year was absolutely the best ever, and I have all of you to thank for that! So thank you for making it amazing!! There are a bunch of really exciting things coming up already this year and I wanted to let you guys know:

First of all, I’m working on my SECOND RECORD right now and it’s going GREAT!!! I’ve been writing a lot the last few months and also wrote a lot while on the road this past year, so all of that is going into this new album and I’m so excited for you guys to hear it! It’ll be out this spring and I’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

Kate Voegele Readies New Album For Spring Release

Kate Voegele talks about a new albumKate Voegele checked in with a video update on her MySpace TV channel, telling fans she hopes they had a fabulous New Year and said she’s “so excited” about 2009.

“Everything has been going so well so far,” Kate said. “I’m well into working on my second record, and I cannot wait for you guys to hear all the stuff. I’ve been in LA and all over the place recording and writing it. It will be out this spring, so I cannot wait to play it for you guys.”

She also talked about ‘One Tree Hill’. Watch the message below.

Happy New Year From Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele 'Don't Look Away'

Kate Voegele checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katevoegele) on Wednesday (December 31). The Bay Village, Ohio pop rock singer tells readers:

Happy New Year!

Last year at this time I never expected that 2008 would be full of so many amazing experiences! It has been an incredible year and I want to thank everyone for being so supportive. Being involved with ‘One Tree Hill’ was incredible and I feel so fortunate that Mia’s story continues this season. There’s some pretty juicy story lines coming up so you have to be sure to tune in on Monday nights at 9pm on the CW!

I think my tour bus drove through almost every state in ’08 with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. I loved meeting those of you who made it out to shows and I hope to see you again when and I hit the road with my band in 2009. I am writing and recording my new album right now and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Thanks again for everything and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2009! I am celebrating in Nashville…how about you? Have fun and be safe!

xoxoxo kate

Kate Voegele Discusses Sororities, Music & Coffee

Kate Voegele 'Don't Look Away'

Kate Voegele talks to andPOP about sororities, music and coffee, which the interviewer went and picked up for her on the way over. Kate also said she’d prefer to keep her relationship status on the DL.

“That’s what we’re supposed to do, right,” Kate asked. “Be all mysterious and be like, ‘Oh, wouldn’t you guys like to know?’ Once you start talking about it then people are like, ‘Oh, Kate Voegele’s talking about it'”

“This tour has been really cool because it’s kind of been our first headlining tour,” Kate explained about the current trek. “We’ve done spot dates here and there, but this is our first official and sponsored tour. It’s actually being sponsored by University of Phoenix, which has been awesome, because I have been actually taking classes online while they give us a bus and all this support. So I’m working towards my education.”

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MySpace Presents: The Fit With Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele on The FitKate Voegele is hosting the latest episode of ‘MySpace Presents: The Fit’, where the singer songwriter and ‘One Tree Hill’ star, joined by Hollywood stylist Johnny Wujek, takes viewers on a shopping trip along Melrose Avenue, hitting Wasteland.

After trying out a few outfits and offering praise for Marc Jacobs, the pair headed to Resurrection, trying out some vintage dresses. Next stop was The Way We Wore, where she talked a bit about hitting the road in support of her January album release before returning to ‘One Tree Hill’.

Video of the shopping trip at MySpace can be viewed below.

Kate Voegele Talks With Young Hollywood

Kate Voegele recently caught up with YoungHollywood.com while the singer songwriter was on tour with Ben Lee. Voegele describes her sound as “pop music that has heart.” The 21-year-old Bay Village, Ohio native talked about touring with Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson and John Mayer, signing to MySpace Records, having MySpace 183,000 friends, her role in ‘One Tree Hill’ with Kevin Federline, and where she sees herself in five years.

On signing with MySpace Records, Kate said, “I got a message from Tom Anderson, the guy who started the web site. First of all, this has to be fake. Second, does Tom even exist, let alone send messages?” As for the 183,000 friends she’s gotten on the social media site, Kate said, “When Tom approached me, it wasn’t like I had all those friends, or like I had some Bedazzled page with all this cool stuff on it, so he was like ‘I gotta check this girl out.'”

On her ‘One Tree Hill’ role, she said, “Mia is the keyboardist in a band called No Means Yes. K-Fed plays the lead singer Jason. He gets fired and I get signed in the place of our band.”

On where she sees herself in five years, Kate said, “I set goals but I also don’t want to try and plan everything out, because this is such an unpredictable business, but in the best way. If you asked me six months ago what do you think you’d be doing, I would never been like, ‘Probably filming a part on ‘One Tree Hill’ and sitting here with Young Hollywood’.”

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