Katharine McPhee Chats With The Bob Rivers Show

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee was on the phone with The Bob Rivers Show on KZOK 102.5 FM in Seattle on Wednesday (May 31). McPhee talked about visiting Graceland, being sequestered while on the show, becoming an overnight celebrity, her goals, not being able to see Prince during the finale, how she was able to take the judge’s criticisms, needing a “story” to make the top 24 and her frustrations with some of those who were passed over, and more. The 10-minute interview at bobrivers.com has since been removed.

Katharine McPhee’s Shout Out To Fans

Katharine McPhee checks in with fans during her 'Today' show visit in New York CityA fan got ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee got the singer to send out a video message to fans at her ‘Today’ appearance as ‘Idol’ winner Taylor Hicks was performing.

McPhee said, “Hi to all my fans, McPheevers… Katpack… Everybody. You guys, thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done for me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. And you’re gonna see more of me so thank you for being so loyal. Love you all, thank you.”

Watch the clip below.

Taylor Hicks And Katharine McPhee Perform On ‘Today’

Taylor Hicks Katharine McPhee 'Today'

‘American Idol’ season five winner Taylor Hicks performed his first single ‘Do I Make You Proud’ and the Doobie Brothers’ hit ‘Taking It To The Streets’ live on the Plaza as part of the ‘Toyota Concert Series on Today’, while show runner-up Katharine McPhee performed ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. The pair also spoke with host Matt Lauer about their newfound success and whirlwind lives since the show.

Video of the performances and interview at Bing.com has since been removed.

Taylor Hicks Predicts Bright Future For Katharine McPhee

The New York Post caught up with ‘American Idol’ season five champ Taylor Hicks to ask the singer what’s next for him after last week’s big win. “To try to make better music,” he said, “hopefully on a better budget!” As for the show’s runner-up Katharine McPhee, Hicks said, “She’s going to be a great entertainer. She’s going to do good in any endeavor [she chooses].”

Katharine McPhee Talks With Vegas’ MIX 94.1

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee was on the phone with Mark and Mercedes in the Morning on MIX 94.1 FM in Las Vegas on Wednesday (May 31). They talked about various rumors, including that John Mayer had asked her out and various endorsement offers she’s gotten. They also talked about how her boyfriend has handled all the attention she’s suddenly gotten, her slight wardrobe malfunction, the new single ‘My Destiny’, Simon Cowell telling Taylor Hicks he had “just won ‘American Idol'” before people started voting, and more. mix941.fm has since removed the audio.

Katharine McPhee Drops By ‘Fox & Friends’

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee visited ‘Fox & Friends’ on Tuesday morning. The singer discussed the ‘Idol’ tour, her highly praised performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, finally having a day to relax, her crush on Ryan Seacrest, and more.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Biancolli: Katharine McPhee Took Joy Out Of The Song

Amy Biancolli of the Houston Chronicle shared her thoughts on why Taylor Hicks was able to win ‘American Idol’ this season over the California girl with the better singing voice, Katharine McPhee. “McPhee’s performances often generated ‘Wows’, but viewers wowed the instrument in her throat, not the songs she performed,” Biancolli writes. “At times her interpretations turned me off a song. Before she sang it, I rather liked ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’; now I’ll be glad if I never hear it again.”

Katharine McPhee Talks About Boyfriend With ‘Access’

‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee and asked the singer about her boyfriend. “I do have a boyfriend, and we both live in L.A., so its’ not a problem,” Katharine said. “His name is Nick Cokis.” Asked if she’s trying to keep the private life private, McPhee said, “Well, I’m just trying to find my way in this business.” Though the written story said her beau’s last name is “Cokis”, it may actually be Nick Cokas, who, like Katharine, has a stage career.

Katharine McPhee Chats With KIIS FM, Hits On Ryan Seacrest

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up Katharine McPhee was on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K. Kat talked about the new car, feeling calm even during the show, her crush on Ryan and her insistence that he’s “really not short”, how she got along with show winner Taylor Hicks, peeking at the card – which was blank, and more. kiisfm.com has since removed the audio.

Backstage With Taylor And Katharine

CBS News’ Hattie Kauffman went backstage to chat with the new ‘American Idol’ and runner-up Katharine McPhee. Watch an interview with both via CBSNews.com below the cut. (more…)