Can Katharine McPhee Follow Carrie Underwood’s Footsteps?

Personally, I see that Katharine McPhee still hasn’t unleashed her best yet and has a very good chance of being the next ‘American Idol’. Do you think Katherine has the capacity & talent to follow the footsteps of Carrie Underwood (who was also an underdog then)? Here are some reasons why I think Katharine McPhee may be the first American Idol from the North:

Is Katharine McPhee A Scientologist?

Star magazine reports that according to the watchdog Web site, ‘American Idol’ finalist Katharine McPhee, or someone with her name and from the same city of Sherman Oaks, California, was listed in a December 2005 issue of Celebrity – the magazine of the Church’s Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles – as having previously completed the Church of Scientology Purification Rundown Procedure and Overcoming Ups and Downs In Life Course. A family friend who spoke to the ‘Idol’ singer at Star’s request reports: “Katharine says she is not a Scientologist.” But the friend does not say whether McPhee has ever been one in the past.