Four Questions With Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee checked in from backstage at ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ earlier this month, where the ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up answered four fan questions, including whether she thinks now that she’s blonde if blondes have more fun, her favorite CD of 2009, how she uses technology to connect with fans, and loving ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus.

Video at has since been removed.

Katharine McPhee Films ‘Community’ Guest Appearance

Katharine McPhee with 'Community' star Joel McHale

Katharine McPhee checked in with her Twitter followers (@katharinemcphee) last week as the ‘American Idol’ star filmed a guest appearance on ‘Community’. Kat writes:

Having a great time on the set of NBC’s Community! Ken Jeong is hysterical! But pretty much everyone rocks! My Album Unbroken is in stores now!

Me with the sweet & handsome Joel McHale on the set of NBC’s Community.

Last day on Community. ;( Had too much fun. For those who watched, hope u enjoyed Kimmel. Tommorow off to San Diego for the Chargers game.

Katharine McPhee Performs On PIX 11 Morning News

Katharine McPhee performs and talks about going blonde in New York CityKatharine McPhee visited the PIX 11 Morning News in New York City the other day, performing ‘Keep Drivin”. Beforehand, the ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up talked about her new hairstyle and getting really personal on the new album.

On going blonde, Katharine said, “I worked on the record for so long and I made a lot of musical changes so I think that I was inspired to change the hair but also to just have a good time. I’ve never changed my hair before.”

On going personal with the album, she said, “I just wanted to have that feeling of being on stage and perform something that really was meaningful. Having a memory of writing a song and then performing it, it’s just a huge difference having that relationship with the song. I also wanted to give a more personal look into the music for my fans.”

Video of the appearance at her MySpace has since been removed.

Katharine McPhee Visits ‘On The Record’

Katharine McPhee appeared on ‘On The Record with Greta Van Susteren’ on Thursday (January 7) to discuss her new album, working on the project in Nashville, having fun singing songs that resonate, her foray into acting with ‘House Bunny’ and ‘CSI:NY’ roles, not knowing how her career would unfold while on ‘American Idol’, how she loves listening to classical music, her new look, and her outreach in Africa. Watch the interview via and her ‘After the Show Show’ performance of ‘Keep Drivin” below.

Katharine McPhee Walmart Soundcheck Performance & Interview

Katharine McPhee Walmart Soundcheck

Katharine McPhee did a live set for Walmart Souncheck. The ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up performed ‘It’s Not Right’, ‘Had It All’, ‘Over It’, ‘Lifetime’, ‘Brand New Way’ and ‘Say Goodbye’. In an interview, Kat discussed writing ‘Unbroken’ with Paula Cole, the story behind ‘Had It All’, loving the writing experience and having a more hands on role with the new album, and how music was a natural thing she knew she was going to do growing up. Check it out at and view additional pictures from the live set below the cut. (more…)

Sessions: Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee talks about the approach in creating her new album 'Unbroken'Katharine McPhee did a live set for AOL Music’s Sessions, including her new single ‘Had It All’, ‘It’s Not Right’, ‘Keep Drivin”, ‘Lifetime’ and ‘Surrender’.

During an interview, the ‘American Idol’ alum talked about the approach to recording ‘Unbroken’, what she learned about her songwriting ability during the process, if she’s gone back and listened to her self-titled debut album, and what her song ‘Surrender’ is all about.

“I spent a lot of time on this record just trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do,” Katharine said. “I want it to be more personal, so in doing that, I went to Nashville, because the head of Universal actually suggested I go there, because there’s great songwriters there and he knew that I wanted to really sing beautiful melodies and songs that really meant something to me, whether I wrote them or not. I spent several trips there, quite a few weeks at a time, and it was really fulfilling. I learned a lot. I learned what kind of songs I write and what kind of songs I don’t wanna write. I think I came out of Nashville with about 20 different songs and quite a few of them made it on the record. I spent time in LA working with other people and putting down vocals and sitting through tracking sessions. I think time passes when you’re busy working. I don’t think it was an intentional thing of trying to hide out or anything like that. It was just trying to find the best thing I could do for my next musical project.”

Video at has since been removed.

Katharine McPhee Performs On ‘Fox & Friends’

Katharine McPhee appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ in New York City on Thursday (January 7), talking about her new look and how her life has changed since being runner-up on the fifth season of ‘American Idol’. Kat then performed her new single ‘Had It All’.

Asked about why she did the new hairstyle, the singer said, “Just for fun. There really wasn’t a whole plan behind it, I just had never been blonde before, and blondes have more fun.”

On how her life has changed since ‘American Idol’, she said, “It’s been very different. I have a busy career. I’ve done acting and singing. It’s just been really, really great.”

Watch the brief interview and performance below.

Katharine McPhee Gets A Job At Vevo

Katharine McPhee job

Vevo hired Katharine McPhee to be their company singer for the day, which the ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up’s co-workers didn’t appear to enjoy too much. Kat offered play-by-play for the worker activities, including making coffee, typing and using the restroom – think Rob Schneider as Richmeister on ‘SNL’. Watch the comedy clip below.

Katharine McPhee Performs ‘Had It All’ On ‘Live With Regis And Kelly’

Katharine McPhee performed her new single ‘Had It All’ on ABC’s ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ in New York City on Wednesday (January 6). The ‘American Idol’ season five runner-up told her Twitter followers (@katharinemcphee) afterward:

Thanks to those who showed up at Regis & Kelly. And for those who have bought the CD! You guys rock. Thank you so much. Having a great time in NY

Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Katharine McPhee: Adam Lambert Wasn’t Established Enough For AMA Antics

Katharine McPhee barefoot

Katharine McPhee spoke with the Los Angeles Times in a Q&A, where the ‘American Idol’ season five finalist was asked about fellow ‘Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert. The 25-year-old said:

I think he probably got a little ahead of himself as far as the American Music Awards. I’m not knocking him for what he did, I just think he should have done it a year down the road when he’s more established as an artist and not just an “Idol.” You have to be cognizant of your place in the business… but it’s hard when you come off that show and you’re the biggest thing since sliced bread, and everyone’s doing everything for you. You lose perspective, so you have to be careful.

Check out the entire interview at