Javine To Represent Britain In Eurovision

Former ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ contestant Javine Hylton is the British 2005 Eurovision entry. The singer won the public vote with her song ‘Touch My Fire’ – beating ballooned boobed pin-up Jordan (aka Katie Price) into second place.

Javine Pulls Out The Stops To Compete With Jordan

Javine Hylton was photographed grabbing her breasts while in the pool on holiday in the Grand Canaria on Tuesday (March 1). The singer is currently competing against Katie Price (aka Jordan) to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest. Check out pictures from ISIFA.com (account required).

Jordan Pregnant With Second Child

Katie Price, aka Jordan, denied she was pregnant in an interview with GMTV but hours later her rep confirmed the balloon boobed pin-up, hoping to represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest in May, was indeed pregnant by boyfriend and singer Peter Andre. “Katie and Peter are pleased to announce they are expecting their first child together,” the rep said. “We apologize for not confirming this information earlier but we have been awaiting the all-clear from a scan. It was only confirmed at lunchtime today that the baby is well and healthy.” A source told The Mirror, “Katie and Pete didn’t plan this baby. The timing isn’t ideal as Katie is trying to launch herself as a singer. She’s going all-out to be the UK’s Eurovision representative. Now voters may see her pregnancy as an obstacle. But she and Peter are happy.”

Britain’s Eurovision Battle Shaping Up

The Daily Star reports that Andy Scott-Lee, Gina G, Javine, and Jordan are amongst those competing to be Britain’s Eurovision Contest hopeful. A source said, “Javine’s ‘Touch My Fire’ is a belter of song…”, meanwhile, “Jordan is bound to pull out all the stops for an eye-popping performance of ‘Not Just Anybody’ and Gina G already has a history of success.” As for Andy, he’s getting songwriting help from Blue star Lee Ryan. The source added, “Lee is really proud of the ballad he’s written for Andy. He believes it could win the Eurovision as well as topping the charts at home.”

Jordan Working Hard On Music Career

The Sunday Mirror reports balloon-boobed pin-up Katie Price, aka Jordan, is working hard on her foray into music, especially now that boyfriend Peter Andre was dropped by his record label. “Jordan is 100 percent serious about a career in music,” a source revealed. “She has been squawking her way through a number of tunes in a London recording studio and has an OK vocal range. She knows it’s all going to be a bit tongue-in-cheek but is desperate to be taken seriously.”

Jordan’s Pop Fears

Sky News reports that Jordan has revealed that if she embarks on a singing career, her biggest fear would be finding one of her CDs in the bargain bin in a record store. “It must be awful for Posh to find that out when you’re shopping,” Jordan sneered, taking a shot at rival and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Jordan Aims To Compete With Celine And Whitney

The Sun reports that balloon boobed pin-up Jordan, now going by her real name Katie Price, claims her upcoming music career will feature her belting out tunes that will compete with the likes of Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. “I like singing strong ballads like Whitney, Celine Dion, I could have got a song out ages ago with a bikini, round a pool with them bouncing all with the beach balls. But I want to do it properly.” Read Emily Smith’s interpretation of a Jordan tune and check out a cartoon mocking her Celine aspirations here.

Simon Cowell Backs Jordan Pop Bid

Jordan, who is about to relaunch herself under her real name Katie Price, has always wanted to be a pop star and The Sun reports Simon Cowell wants to get behind the effort. “Katie has spoken to Simon about her singing career and he said he is prepared to help,” a source close to Jordan revealed. “He really likes her, thinks she is funny and he realizes her potential. They met up recently at a TV awards party and they were discussing it then. Simon is in Los Angeles filming ‘American Idol’ at the moment but they’re going to have a meeting when he gets back. Katie has a strong voice and she’s always wanted to be a pop star. But she’s going to ditch her tarty image and re- establish herself as a more upmarket product.” Read more.