Katrina Darrell ‘Big Spender’ Video

Katrina Darrell in her 'Big Spender' music video

Katrina Darrell, better known as Bikini Girl from ‘American Idol’, is out with a music video for her song ‘Big Spender’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Katrina Darrell ‘That Girl’ DIY Video

Katrina Darrell is out with a homemade video to her new song ‘That Girl’. “I wrote and did my whole song editing etc. myself,” the ‘American Idol’ Bikini Girl writes. Watch it via her YouTube below.

Katrina Darrell ‘Santa Baby’

Katrina Darrell, aka Bikini Girl from ‘American Idol’, is out with her Christmas song, a remake of ‘Santa Baby’. Watch the clip, featuring an intro by Katrina and a slideshow with her in holiday outfits, below.

Katrina Darrell Weighs In On Remaining ‘Idol’ Hopefuls

‘American Idol’ contestant Katrina Darrell got a lot of attention from when she auditioned in her bikini. Unfortunately for her, it all went downhill from there. Darrell appeared on ‘Good Day LA’ yet again, commenting on this weeks episodes of the hit FOX show and the news that Joanna Pacitti had been eliminated. She said that Tatiana Del Toro wasn’t well liked by the other contestants, hardly a surprise given all her emotions. “I think everyone was kinda wondering if she was all there,” Katrina said of Tatiana. She then offered some of her favorites among the remaining contestants.

Video of the segment, aired Thursday (February 12), at myfoxla.com has since been removed.

Do ‘American Idol’ Contestants Get Properly Groomed?

February 12, 2009 – Fox News Channel profiled whether ‘American Idol’ contestants get properly groomed for the music industry being on the hit show, getting thoughts from Billboard writer Anne Donahue and veteran performers Mary Mary, Neil Diamond and Cyndi Lauper. “You know they have it a lot harder. I don’t think I would’ve won. I wouldn’t be an ‘American Idol’, but I think that it’s a different world, and that’s our forum. The industry’s changing, and that’s their shot, or a shot, or the beginning of the long road.” The video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Katrina Darrell Discusses ‘American Idol’ On ‘Good Day LA’

Katrina Darrell, better known as the Bikini Girl on ‘American Idol’ who got the boot on Wednesday night, visited ‘Good Day LA’ to talk about her experience on the hit FOX show. Darrell, who wasn’t wearing a bikini this time, talked about being called a bitch by ‘Idol’ judge Kara Dioguardi, conversations off camera she had with Kara, a possible appearance in Playboy, having a continued desire to sing, and her nerve wracking Hollywood week. During the interview, the show offered Katrina the chance to come back the following week to do ‘Idol’ analysis, which could turn into a regular job.

The interview video at myfoxla.com has since been removed.

Katrina Darrell Advances To Hollywood Despite Kara Dioguardi’s Protests

Katrina Darrell of Chino Hills, California turned heads turning up to her ‘American Idol’ audition in a skimpy bikini, flirting with host Ryan Seacrest before her audition. After clashing with Kara Dioguardi and getting approved to go to Hollywood despite mediocre vocal abilities, Katrina sought out Seacrest to give him a kiss before jumping in the pool. Highlights from her audition have since been removed.

‘American Idol’ Premiere Ratings Fall 9% From Last Year

January 14, 2008 – The season eight premiere of ‘American Idol’ drew 30.1 million total viewers on Tuesday night from 8 to 10 p.m., according to Nielsen overnights, a drop of 9% from last season’s premiere. It still was good enough to make it the most-watched non-sports show of the season with 33.2 million people tuning in. Among adults 18-49, the show grabbed an 11.6 rating, down 16 percent from last year’s 13.8. The 2-hour premiere peaked with a 13.1 rating and 32.6 million total viewers at 9:30 p.m.