Katy Rose’s New Album Will Be Out Soon

Katy Rose updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialkatyrose) on Monday (September 14), celebrating the fact that the summer heat is over – confessing she’s “not huge on sunshine” and revealing that her new album will be out soon. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Music is flowing from me… and the only thing that could make this time in my life more amazing is if my new record was out now and I was touring.

Don’t worry. It’ll be out soon. My part is basically done; but this is the hard part because I have to rely on other people now. Please send any love or positive energy you may have my way. Time is critical!

Katy Rose Working On Fourth Album Before Releasing Third

Katy Rose updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialkatyrose) on Monday (April 13), talking about getting a Japanese release for her ‘Tangled But True’ album and work on her new album. Rose writes:

A new Japanese record label approached me a couple of months ago to release a third album over there. I’m happy to say that it looks as though I’ll be releasing “Tangled but True” (a record I finished quite some time ago and was forced to shelf for a while in lieu of other projects) over there soon. I’ve got a couple photo shoots set up for some fashion and music magazines over there. Asia has always been very kind and enthusiastic towards my music so I look forward to working over there very much.

All of that is easy and secondary, though, to my work on my newest album. That’s what really lights a fire under my ass and gets me going in the morning. While my producer (the incomparable Justin Gray) is away I’ve been trying to finish up the vocals on the 8 sassy songs we’ve already written so that when he returns we can create a couple new ones and finish the damn thing.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Katy Rose Promises New Album In ’09 – Label Or Not

Katy Rose updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialkatyrose) on Tuesday (January 6). The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

The holidays were stressful and not really worth half the trouble this year. They aren’t quite over for me yet as I have a depressing anniversary looming ahead. On my birthday ( the 27th) it will be the 5 year anniversary of when “Because I Can” was released in the States. In five years I have really been through hell and back while I’ve recorded upwards of 200 songs, only a couple of which have been released under a different name. One day I will write my memoirs and be sure to dedicate a solid chapter to how I’ve been so royally fu**ed by the music business. It’s really unbelievable…

I embark on this new year with more assets than I’ve ever had, though. There are a lot of interesting enterprises on my horizon and lots of really exciting music to make. I’m healthier (quit chain smoking!) and much more of a solid person than ever before.

And I promise you guys this:

If by the end of this year I do not have this record out with the backing of a label that believes in me and has the clout to fund a couple tours etc…, I’ll just release it myself.

Katy Rose Ditches Old manager, Discusses New Career Plan

Contributed by starbelly:

Singer/songwriter Katy Rose, who garnered much critical acclaim, but little commercial success with last years “Because I Can”, posted a new message on her message board today (www.katyrose.net), expressing to fans her disdain for her old management team, selling out, and her new album, which she calls “drastically me”. Read on for what she had to say.

Unreleased Katy Rose Song On Movie Soundtrack

A rare Katy Rose track, ‘License to Thrill’, is being used on the soundtrack to the upcoming Canadian teen flick, ‘Going the Distance’. The trippy, pyschedelic song appears to have been one of the first songs recorded for Katy’s debut album ‘Because I Can’.

Katy Rose Posts New Message For Fans

Katy Rose posted a new message on her official message board yesterday. In her post, she talked about what she’s been doing the last few weeks, her new tour, having a new lease on life, and even fueled rumors that she’s dating Joe Cardamone, lead singer of the notorious punk-rock band, The Icarus Line. “Whilst I hermitted myself with Joe in the hideaway haven heaven/hell of the Hollywood Hills, I appreciated the ‘now’, (or the ‘then’?) and yet never ceased to create, do and set myself up for a truimph…not a defeat,” Katy wrote. She ended her message with a message to her fans- “Just be strong. Know who you are. Stand up for that.”

Katy Rose ‘I Like’ Video

Katy Rose 'I Like' single cover

Katy Rose is out with the music video to her new single ‘I Like’, off the American pop singer’s debut album ‘Because I Can’, released on V2. Watch it online below.

Katy Rose Responds To Critics

Apparently pop newcomer Katy Rose has been hearing some criticism of late and lashed out on her official website’s journal last month. She writes, “The more successful one gets, the more anxious people are to knock them down. The green eyed monster that possesses beings in the depths of their jealousy and greed is more malicious than any other. This is a sad fact that I learned
very early on in life. ‘Everybody must get stoned,’ Bob Dylan sang in regards to- not drugs- but, all of the people out there that feel the urge to build you up just to knock you down. There are moments in time that I believe everyone is just on the edge of
their seats in anticipation for my inevitable demise. If people are going to love me or hate me, let them do so for my words. Let
me not be an object to squander and sell. never again will I just be a sex toy or a drug bunny. If you insist on judging, do not do so until you have truly read my words… lyrics… poetry…etc…Know that by being a coward and insulting behind my back, you only embarrass yourself. I may feel the brief pain as an old wound is opened; but I can take pain- and if it doesn’t kill me it will-in fact- make me stronger. I’m back in Los Angeles with unsteady feet and an overactive mind. Writing, writing, writing… in my own world. Dealing with life by simply not dealing.”