Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Secret

Kelly Osbourne’s hair stylist and cousin Terry Longden tells Reveal magazine the secret to the struggling singer’s recent weight loss is her decision to stop eating the British treat Jammie Dodgers, which are shortcake cookies with stretchy raspberry jam filling. “There was never just one packet in her dressing room – they left a case. Nobody was allowed to touch them,” Longden said. “We knew better than to come between her and her Jammie Dodgers. I pinched one and she chased me down the tour bus.”

Kelly Osbourne Sheds The Pounds

The Mirror reports that after repeated jibes about her weight and a breakdown, Kelly Osbourne has shed nearly 30 pounds. The 21-year-old said, “I live on my own so I don’t cook. If hungry, I eat chocolate. That’s my only diet – and I’ve lost weight.”

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Kelly Osbourne Makeout Session With Flamenco Guitarist

The Sun reports that Kelly Osbourne and flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott were spotted snogging at the aftershow party for the ‘V For Vendetta’ movie premiere on Wednesday in London.

Kelly Osbourne To Sing In Big Screen Role?

At the premiere of ‘V For Vendetta’, Kelly Osbourne revealed to The Sun she is currently in negotiations to make her big-screen debut. “I’m working on a film,” she said. “It’s between me and another person but I can’t say much about it. All I can say is that it’s not a comedy and not an action film – but there will be singing in it.”

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Kelly Osbourne Secretly Boozing

The Sun caught Kelly Osbourne swigging straight from a champagne bottle as she partied at London’s K West hotel after the NME Awards. Her mother Sharon had hired a bodyguard to make sure she’d not be tempted to drink, but Kelly made her move when he turned his back.

Hollywood Phases

The Mirror spoke with Kelly Osbourne after Mischa Barton complained that “silly bitch” Paris Hilton “steals boyfriends.” Kelly said, “Everyone goes through phases, one day you’re best friends, the next day you hate each other. Hollywood turns you into a bitch.”

Christina Aguilera: Kelly Osbourne Must Be In Love With Me

According to Christina Aguilera is convinced the hostile remarks from struggling singer Kelly Osbourne is merely masking her more romantic sentiments. “Kelly must have a crush on me because she’s always saying mean things about me,” Aguilera said.

Lindsay Lohan Giving Kelly Osbourne Dirty Looks

Star magazine reports that when Lindsay Lohan arrived at Teddy’s recently, exchanging hugs with friend Bruce Willis, the teen queen wasn’t so pleased when she saw Kelly Osbourne at the hotspot.

“Lindsay kept staring at Kelly the whole time and giving her really dirty looks,” a witness revealed. “It looked like Lindsay was talking about her because she was whispering things to Bruce while looking right at Kelly.”

Kelly Osbourne Tipsy Leaving Club LAX

Kelly Osbourne was videotaped outside Club LAX on Wednesday (December 7) in Hollywood, California. The struggling singer appeared to have trouble keeping balanced and looked to be intoxicated.

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Son Of Dork Guitarist Dumps ‘Gutted’ Kelly Osbourne

The Mirror reports Son Of Dork guitarist David Williams told Kelly Osbourne that their fledgling relationship was over on Wednesday night, prompting the struggling singer to fly to America. “She’s very upset as she thought she’d found someone she really liked,” one of Kelly’s pals said. “David even had dinner with Sharon and Ozzy the other weekend. When David said he wasn’t ready for a relationship, she was gutted as everything had been going so well.”

Kelly Osbourne Furious With Paris’ Billionaire Boyfriend reports that Kelly Osbourne is fuming over Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos after his alleged hotel hell-raising at the Hard Rock for her 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas. “Paris’s stupid boyfriend ruined my 21st birthday,” Kelly moaned. “It’s so unfair. The manager tried to make me pay for it, but I was having none of it. I said no bloody way because I didn’t do it. Stavros caused the damage, so he can pay. He’s a rich kid and they don’t appreciate anything because they grow up with it all. I find it really annoying.”

Kelly Osbourne: I’m Not Quitting Music

Kelly Osbourne tells that rumors she’s going to quit the music business and not recording again are untrue. “I don’t know where the rumors came from, I’ve just recorded a version of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ with Cyndi Lauper,” Osbourne said. She added that plans for a third album are underway, which will follow the electro direction of her last record ‘Sleeping In Nothing’.

Kelly Osbourne Dating Son Of Dork Guitarist

The Mirror reports that Kelly Osbourne is now dating Son Of Dork guitarist David Williams. “Kelly and [David] went to the cinema for their first date. They were meant to watch ‘Harry Potter’ but let’s just say they hardly saw the film.”

Kelly Osbourne Injured Falling Down Stairs

The Sunday Mirror reports that Kelly Osbourne has “twisted several ligaments” after falling down the stairs of her new £1million Mayfair pad on Thursday (November 17). Earlier, there was fears the struggling singer had broken her leg. The apartment was given to Kelly by her parents in celebration of her 21st birthday.

Pink Eyes ‘Sexy’ Kelly Osbourne

Pink tells The Daily Star she’s hot for Kelly Osbourne after meeting up with Ozzy’s daughter at the Wed Rock gay marriage awareness concert in New York City the other night. “I think Kelly’s straight but she’s really sexy,” Pink said. “I could just eat her up.”

Kelly Osbourne Looks To Become The Next Kylie Minogue reports that Kelly Osbourne is hoping to jump-start her disastrous pop career by copying Kylie Minogue. “I have learned lots about performance by watching old videos of Kylie,” Ozzy’s daughter remarked. Look for sexually themed videos from Kelly in the future. “Sex really does sell, so I’ll be doing loads of that,” Kelly promised.

Kelly Osbourne And Mom Dine At Maze

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne had such a good time at Gordon Ramsey’s new Restaurant ‘Maze’ in London, England on October 15th that they just had to leave with a little souvenir – Gordon’s aprons.

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2005 World Music Awards Pictures

Alanis Morissette, Anna Kournikova, Carlos Santana, Carmen Electra, Delta Goodrem, Jenny McCarthy, Mariah Carey, Michelle Branch, Nick Lachey, Pamela Anderson, Paula Abdul, Ricky Martin, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, and Sheila E. attended The 2005 World Music Awards held at The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on Wednesday (August 31). Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures (rehearsals / event), GettyImages, and WireImage.

Kelly Osbourne Confronts Busted’s Bourne In London

After Kelly Osbourne had exchanged some words in the press with the guys from Busted, Ozzy’s spawn ended up running into James Bourne at London club Umbaba, prompting her to confront the former Busted member. “Kelly came right up to James and said, ‘Have you been saying bad things about me’,” a source revealed to The Mirror. “He said he had nothing against her and wanted to put their ‘beef’ behind them.” Later, Bourne was almost hit by a flying bottle from a girl trying to pick a fight with Osbourne.

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