Ordained Minister Kesha Marrying Two Friends Today

Kesha 'Ke$ha' Sebert draped in an American flag

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert checked in with her Twitter followers (@keshasuxx) moments ago, piggybacking on news of Miley Cyrus’ marriage plans with some nuptial details of her own. Ke$ha will be standing on the other side of the alter in her case, revealing that she’s now an ordained minister. The 25-year-old said:

So happy today animals! Don’t know if I told y’all but I’m an ordained minister and I’m marrying two of my best friends today!!! Wish me luck!!

Kesha Feels Like Pop’s Dirty Little Sister

Kesha 'Ke$ha' Sebert looking fierce

Kesha ‘Ke$ha’ Sebert tells V magazine that she’s not quite as polished as some of her pop peers. “I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with sh** on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels,” the 25-year-old confessed. “I was never the cool kid, I was never hot in high school. I was never popular. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be rich and you can still be successful.”

The singer told her Twitter followers (@keshasuxx) on May 10th when the magazine was available to purchase:

V Magazine on stands today animals!!! So stoked! Get a copy and you can kiss it…it’ll be just like we are makin out!!!

Get Sleazy Tour Sums Up What Kesha Stands For

Kesha 'Ke$ha' Sebert glistens

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert spoke with The Dallas Morning News about her image, paying homage to country music with her songs and whether her Get Sleazy tour is about a dance party where concertgoers can throw their inhibitions out the window. “It sums up a lot of what I stand for and what I am,” the 24-year-old said. “I just want people to be crazy. I want people to be able to come to my show and be complete idiots, be yourself, have fun. I don’t care. Hopefully I am providing them that outlet for two hours.”

Kesha Is A Little Bit Jaguar, A Little Bit Narwhal

Kesha “Ke$ha” sat down with Nova FM while in Australia recently, where the American pop singer talked about her reputation as a wild child, getting in the headlines, name dropping Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs on her debut single ‘Tik Tok’, and why she named her first LP ‘Animal’.

On the wild child label, she said, “Cool. Whatever. I’m a bit wild and I’ll own up to that.”

Talking about getting in the headlines and if she’s trying to stay away from that, Kesha joked, “It’s not working. I’m not trying to cause any controversy. I’m not like a media whore. I’m just trying to have fun with all of it, with all the media stuff and all the craziness, I’m just trying to have fun. I’m trying to make people have dance parties.”

Questioned about the origin of her waking up like P. Diddy line in ‘Tik Tok’, she said, “That line was written because I woke up surrounded by a bunch of babes, like a bunch of chicks. I was surrounded by a bunch of babes and I was like, ‘You know, who else is probably surrounded by babes? P. Diddy.”

Talking about her album title ‘Animal’, Kesha said, “We’re all animals. It’s not just in me, it’s in everybody. That’s why I named my record ‘Animal’, because I love animals. I like them more than people, so I just want people when they come to my show, to let that animal out. I think I’m a little bit of a jaguar, and a little bit of a narwhal, it’s a unicorn whale.”

Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

Kesha Uses Auto-Tune

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert is finally coming clean and admitting to ‘Conan’ that she uses Auto-Tune in a Team Coco News exclusive. Asked why she decided to come clean, a male sounding Kesha responded, “Because my voice is my voice. No matter what it sounds like after Auto-Tune is coming from me, and everybody uses Auto-Tune. Pavarotti, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, they all did it. I’m just pushing the envelope. You should hear the new stuff I’m doing on my new children’s album.” Watch the comedy clip below.

Cady Groves Covers ‘Blow’ By Kesha

Cady Groves covered ‘Blow’ by Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert, where the singer songwriter was joined by her guitarist friend Trevor from Plug In Stereo. Watch the acoustic performance via YouTube below.

Kesha: I’ve Come To Realize I’m A Very Polarizing Artist

Kesha 'Ke$ha' Sebert death shirt

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert spoke with OMG,Music! about how she deals with her legion of critics, saying “negativity breeds negativity” and urged her fans to brush off the haters. “I’ve obviously experienced a lot of hate in the last few years – I’ve come to realize I’m a very polarizing artist,” the 24-year-old said. “The people that get it, they love joining in with the party. The haters, they just live in a negative space.”

Kesha: I’m Doing This To Make People Happy

Kesha in shades

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert spoke with Billboard.com about a recent experience pulling a boy onto the stage and being left speechless by what he had to say. “He started crying and he told me that the only reason he was alive was because of my music,” she explained about the encounter that convinced her to ignore the critics and focus on her fans. “He’d never felt accepted for who he was, and through my songs he realized that there are people out there who will love him for exactly who he is, and so he decided to come out of the closet.” Ke$ha is up for Top New Artist for next Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards on ABC.

Adam Lambert, Others React To Prince’s Cover Song Views

Adam Lambert sitting

Several artists reacted to comments from Prince saying that he believes covering songs without an artist’s permission and blessing should be illegal. “I understand where he’s coming from,” ‘American Idol’ alum Adam Lambert said. “I mean, he’s Prince. I think he can get his way. But there is something to that, because as artists and writers, we create these songs and we have this passion and vision for it. Then the minute someone covers it, you run the risk of it either being great or falling apart.”

Check out comments from Taio Cruz, Rod Stewart, Ke$ha, and Dr. Luke at HollywoodReporter.com.

Kesha ‘Blow’ Video

Kesha 'Blow' music video

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert is out with the music video to her new single ‘Blow’, off the American pop singer’s EP ‘Cannibal’, out now on RCA Records. Watch the Chris Marrs Piliero directed video via YouTube below.

Kesha Goes Back To Her Nashville Roots For Photo Shoot

Kesha in Nashville

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert took Vevo behind the scenes for her Nashville photo shoot. “I’m growing up a little bit. Not too much. I’m getting back to my roots. Going back to Nashville,” Kesha said. “That’s why I’m doing this photo shoot in Nashville, because Nashville is where my soul’s at.” Watch the footage below.