Ke$ha Draws A Crowd At Nice Airport

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert was surrounded as she made her way into Nice airport in France, where the ‘Tik Tok’ singer prepared for departure on Sunday (January 24). Check out pictures from Just Jared.

Ke$ha was in town to perform at Saturday’s NRJ Music Awards. Ke$ha wrote the next day on her Twitter (@keshasuxx):

Last night was epic!! Trannies, got a tooth chipped and 2 chunks of glitter stuck in my eye. Tonight playing le Grand Journal!!

Scrutiny Over Ke$ha’s Lack Of Originality Continues

Ke$ha has been taking heat in recent days for being a bit too influenced by Uffie or the relatively unknown Chrissy Snow on her breakout hit ‘Tik Tok’, not to mention that song having a beat sounding suspiciously lifted from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love at First Sight’ which is demonstrated by the mash-up below. Kegan Zema of The Maine Campus weighed in on the former ‘Simple Life’ roomie of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, writing:

Ke$ha is unoriginal and mind-numbing. Her songs appeal to the lowest common denominator and are spoon-fed to the masses. Everything about her — appearance, musical style, demeanor — is a rip-off from some other artist.

The worst part however, is that her hit single ‘Tik Tok’ is a blatant, copyright-infringing knock-off of a song written two years ago by the truly unique artists Uffie and Justice.

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Ke$ha: I Don’t Do (Real) Fur

Ke$ha was spotted leaving The Wendy Williams Show in New York City on Thursday (January 14) wearing a fur coat. Check out pictures from The ‘Tik Tok’ singer was quick to clarify that it wasn’t real fur to her Twitter followers (@keshasuxx):

Some of my best friends are bitches… It’s ALWAYS fake fur. I don’t do the real shiz. My rekords called ANIMAL! I don’t do fur! duhh

Ke$ha Will Picket For Her BFF Conan O’Brien spoke with Ke$ha in a Q&A, asking the pop newcomer about the success of her debut single ‘Tik Tok’, bringing an edge to pop music, if she worries about falling into Hollywood’s party girl trap, having songs that sound different than ‘Tik Tok’ on her album ‘Animal’, pop stars who can’t sing or write their own music, branching out into acting, and what she thinks about Conan O’Brien being a short-timer at NBC. “Oh, I’m totally standing by my best friend,” she said. “I will picket for him. Long live Conan, man. He’s so funny. That sucks.” Check out the entire chat here.

Noah Cyrus And Shelby’s ‘Tik Tok’ Dance

Miley Cyrus’ kid sister Noah was joined by her cousin Shelby for a dance along to Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ on the pair’s YouTube channel. Noah sported a Miley tour t-shirt while jousting with metal poles and dancing to the hit single. Watch it below.

Ke$ha Performs ‘Tik Tok’ On ‘Lopez Tonight’

Ke$ha was on TBS’s ‘Lopez Tonight’, performing her hit single ‘Tik Tok’ and talking with host George Lopez about being born at a party and how her mom used to perform while Ke$ha listened in a guitar case before demonstrating how she can brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Watch the performance and interview below.

Ke$ha Discusses ‘Animal’ At Jumbo’s Clown Room

Karli from the Block of KIIS FM in Los Angeles caught up with pop sensation Ke$ha at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood for her ‘Animal’ album release party. Ke$ha’s debut single ‘Tik Tok’ sold 610,000 copies, making it the biggest selling single week of a song ever by a female artist. “It can be really honest and I think for people of all ages there’s something for everybody, because I write about everything,” she said of her debut album. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Ke$ha ‘TiK ToK’ Video

Ke$ha 'TiK ToK' single cover

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert is out with the video to her debut single ‘TiK ToK’, off the Los Angeles electropop singer’s first album, out soon on RCA Records. Watch it via her YouTube below.