Fan Gets Surprise Message From Kevin Richardson

A poster on the Backstreet Boys message board received a surprise birthday gift from Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson in the form of a cell phone message. A pal of Shannon’s was at the Cher concert Tuesday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where she happened to run into Kevin and wife Kristin. Kevin said in his message, “Hey Shannon– This is Kevin Richardson. I just wanted to say Hi and have a great week! I hope you’re doing well and we’ll see you real soon.”

Kevin Richardson Marriage In Trouble?

Backstreet Boys fans are debating the reliability of an apparent article in the new Teen Romance magazine that says Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristin Willits might be moving their separate ways. The report suggests the busy Backstreet Boys schedule keeps Kevin away from home a little too much for Kristin’s liking.

Richardson Parties With Alisha Joubert

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The Boston Herald reports Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson was spotted in town for a golf tournament, dancing with Boston City Beat covergal Alisha Joubert at Aria.

Fan Meets Kevin Richardson And AJ At Charity Golf Tourney

BSBArmy4Life shared her experience of meeting Backstreet Boys stars Kevin Richardson and AJ McLean at the 2002 Willowbend Children’s Charity Pro Am golf tournament Monday in Mashpee, Mass. BSBArmy4Life was able to obtain autographs from both stars and said of the experience, “I can die happily right now lol. Today was great. Nothing could have been much better. AJ and Kevin were both SO nice and just awesome people to meet. Some people were a teeny bit disappointed in having to follow AJ for so long before they got his autograph but I didn’t mind cuz I got a ton of great upclose shots of him.”

Kevin Richardson In Boston

Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys stopped by the Star 93.7 studios in Boston to give an update on what he and his bandmates have been up to. Kevin is in the Boston area for the weekend so he can play in the Willow Bend Children’s Pro Am golf charity event on Monday in Mashpee, MA. He talked about the new album, his wife Kristin, how AJ McLean is doing, and more.

Sen. Voinovich On Campaign Against Celebs Testifying

Ohio Senator George Voinovich was on The Big Story with John Gibson on Monday. While not mentioning his boycott of Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson, he did expand on his feelings about celebrities testifying before congress, explaining when it is and isn’t acceptable to him. Read on for a transcript.

Sen. Voinovich Responds To Kevin Richardson Boycott

Senator George Voinovich R-Ohio was on NPR Monday to address his reasoning to boycott Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson’s testimony at the Senate Environment and Public Works clean air subcommittee last Thursday. Voinovich blamed his boycott on Richardson being added to the hearing at the last minute, even though his quote before Kevin’s testimony was: “It’s just a joke to think that this witness can provide members of the United States Senate with information on important geological and water quality issues. We’re either serious about the issues or we’re running a sideshow.”

Audio at has since been removed.

CNN Crossfire Discusses Voinovich Boycott Of Richardson

CNN Crossfire discussed Friday the Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio skipping a hearing by the Senate Environments and Public Works Committee on Thursday because he didn’t want to hear from Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson, claiming celebrities were becoming a sideshow in Senate hearings recently. Guest Panelist Jonah Goldberg of the National Review Online said, “Well, I don’t think it’s necessarily hypocritical to point out that this kid from the Backstreet Boys doesn’t necessarily have any expertise. He claims his own expertise is that he’s flown over a couple of mountains. I can guarantee you, there are a lot of experts who have flown over a bunch of mountains, who can give better and more serious testimony.”

Kevin Richardson Is A Very Smart Celebrity

Elizabeth Auster of the Cleveland Plain Dealer profiled Sen. George Voinovich’s move to boycott the hearing where Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys is scheduled to testify on the dangers of mountaintop coal mining. The rep for the Backstreet Boys star, Vicki Hanna, said, “Kevin is a smart celebrity. He’s grown up in the area. It’s his home. He cares deeply about the people and he just wants to do anything he can to help. Getting people to talk about the issue is a great start.”

Kevin Richarson Seething After Senator’s Boycott

Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson seethed to Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post following Sen. George Voinovich’s announcement that he’d boycotting today’s Senate Environment and Public Works Clean Air Subcomittee hearing because of his presence. “It’s pretty sad,” Kevin fumed. “I am personally insulted. I hope I see him tomorrow. I would like to have a discussion with him, man to man. It’s insulting for someone to assume ignorance of the issue because of my occupation. I’m an educated human being. I am a man of 30 years. I probably know more about the issue than he does. I have every right to be at tomorrow’s hearing.”