Kevin Richardson Interviews Krystal has a special feature on the first signing on the Backstreet Boys label KBNHA Records, Krystal. The two talk about her early days leading up to her being signed by BSB, on being a role model, performing, and more. She also gives performances of ‘Angel On My Shoulder’, ‘Supergirl’, and ‘Sing To Me’.

Kevin Richardson Drunk Outside Vanity Fair Party

Check out a short clip of Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys acting wacky and admitting to being drunk as famed photographer David LaChapelle attempts to talk with a reporter outside of the Vanity Fair party following the Oscars on Sunday.

Kevin Richardson Especially Merry At Post Oscar Bash

Dominic Mohan of the Sun was at the 10th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation In-Style Party following the Oscars on Sunday. Several pop stars including Anastacia, Geri Halliwell, and Janet Jackson were in attendance. Mohan also said “Some were a little merrier than others, mentioning no names, er, Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys.”

Kevin Richardson Still Sporting The Strange Mohawk has more photos of Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson with his unusual new mohawk/crewcut hybrid haircut. Kevin was with his wife Kristin at The 10th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation In-Style Party in Los Angeles on Saturday. Check out the pictures here.

Kevin Richardson Has The Ugliest Mohawk Ever Displayed has photos of Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristin at the Vanity Fair Bebe EMA ‘Rock the Casbah’ Party in Hollywood on Monday. The Backstreet Boys bushy browed star has shaved most of his head, but left a clump running down the center. A sort of crewcut-mohawk hybrid. Fans on message boards everywhere are laughing. It isn’t pretty. Check it out here.

Kevin Richardson Spotted At The Griddle

Ted Casablanca of E! Online reports Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys was spotted grabbing a counter seat at the trendy breakfast joint the Griddle, on Sunset Blvd. Kevin was dressed in denim jeans and a t-shirt as he and a friend enjoyed lunch.

Kevin Richardson Running Olympic Torch Relay reports Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys will run the Olympic Torch Relay on Tuesday (January 15) to promote his Just Within Reach environmental foundation. Kevin will be the 142nd person to carry the torch in the relay, travelling 3 blocks with it.

Backstreet Boys’ Richardson In Seattle

Jean Godden of The Seattle Times reports Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and his wife Christy were in Seattle last Saturday where Kevin helped raise $11,000 offering his services at last Saturday’s Hutch Holiday Gala as a companion on a Mount Rainier day hike. He and Christy were also spotted dining on stuffed prawns at the Broadway Grill. Spencer Fairbanks, manager of the restaurant told Godden, “I took Kevin his dessert. He told me about his father (who died of cancer last year) and I told him about my mother, a breast-cancer survivor.”

Kevin Richardson Clarifies & Adds to MuchMusic Comments

The Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson added to his controversial comments regarding the horrific terrorist acts against the United States last week when he earlier spoke of arrogance in the United States and how war would help the economy. Read on for his full comments.