Kevin & Brian To Be Honored At The Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame

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On February 19th, Kentucky will induct a new batch of artists into the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame. They include The Coon Creek Girls, Billy Vaughn, J.D. Crowe, Vestal and Howard Goodman, Jerry Chesnut, Boots Randolph, and Ricky Skaggs. A few special awards will be handed out, as well. Dwight Yoakam will get the Governor’s Cup. Eddie Montgomery & Troy Lee Gentry will be honored as Entertainers of the Year. And Backstreet Boys cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell will be honored with Ambassadors Awards.

Kevin Richardson’s Website For The Music Workshop

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Earlier this year, Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson and friend/producer Keith McGuffey announced that they were partnering to head a project they call The Music Workshop. It’s a comprehensive company that will educate and guide aspiring musical artists through workshops, personal consulting, and professional demo recording. Now that the project is up and running, so is the official website for it. It gives info on Kevin and Keith, the courses offered, the equipment used, the studio where it takes place, prices, dates, and more. Check out The Music Workshop website at

Kevin Says Backstreet Boys Want To Do A Christmas Album

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Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson did an interview with recently and discussed ‘Chicago,’ American versus British audiences, his Kentucky music school, fans who strip for him, and the Backstreet Boys. On the group, Kevin said, “We would love to record another record. We owe it to ourselves and our fans. We’ve never done a Christmas album yet, which is something we’d love to do. But we want to do another original LP. Right now it’s just that Brian (Littrell)… and his wife are enjoying being parents, Nick (Carter)’s putting a record together, Howie (Dorough)’s gonna do a Latin record, Brian may do a gospel record. But we’ve all enjoyed a lot of success together. We’ve been in each other’s faces for 11 years now.” The Christmas he hinted at is probably directed at next Christmas and not this one, seeing as how they’re all doing their solo albums this year. Read more.

Kevin Richardson Appears On TRL UK

Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson recently appeared on MTV’s TRL UK to promote his appearances in the musical “Chicago.” On the show, the VJs asked Kevin if his wife was there (in the UK) and he said no, and they said it must be hard being apart. He said they’ve been doing it for 11 years. He also talked about how Kristin was in the movie ‘Rockstar’ with Jennifer Aniston… he said she played a groupie. Then the VJs asked if she was one of their [BSB] groupies and he said, ‘She’s my groupie.’ They said his birthday was next week and he said ‘yeah’ and they asked if he’ll have any family over and he said he isn’t. They gave him a birthday present: peanut butter. Kevin laughed and said he’s gonna go make some peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Kevin will be in London for the next two months doing “Chicago.”

Fan Meets Kevin Richardson In London

wild and free on the Backstreet Boys forum at met Kevin Richardson after his performance in ‘Chicago’ in London. She writes, “After the show we decided to wait by the stage door as there weren’t many people there. Eventually he came out and took pics with everyone that was there which I thought was really sweet. The stage door was opposite a bar so people were coming out to get pics and autos lol!! I maged to speak to him again and thanked him for taking the time to sign before the show. He asked if I enjoyed it. I just said ‘stupid question!!’ and he grinned! Then he got in his car and went.”

Kevin Richardson On UK TV

Kevin Richardson is in Europe for the next eight weeks to perform the Broadway musical ‘Chicago’ in London. He’s making his way around various TV appearances. On Friday the 26th, the Backstreet Boys star will appear on the show Entertainment Today (part of GMTV). Also that day, he’ll be performing on GMTV. Sometime this week, he’ll appear live on MTV’s TRL UK. Kevin’s already appeared on the show T4. He talked about the Backstreet Boys, working in theater, and more.

Kevin & Keith’s Soundtrack Shooting For 2006 Release

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According to, “Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson, along with Keith McGuffey, is composing the original soundtrack for a CGI animated film called “The Spirit Bear.” The film, about the journey of a bear cub, is currently in pre-production and is being targeted for a spring 2006 release date.” So the soundtrack will likely come out around that time as well.

Kevin Richardson Will Write Original Soundtrack For New Movie

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According to, a feature length CGI animated movie, entitled ‘The Spirit Bear’ is being produced by Melwood Pictures who have assembled a team responsible for such classics as the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and Keith McGuffey will write and orchestrate the original soundtrack. But unlike other animated classics, ‘The Spirit Bear’ will be the first film with a philanthropic mission – made with the specific purpose to help protect its namesake and to create a legacy foundation that, over time, it is hoped, will be among the most effective foundations in the world.

Kevin Richardson’s Studio Opens With A Bang

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Backstreet Boys fans know that Kevin Richardson has always been interested in producing. He produced an entire album for Krystal Harris and is now working with many West Coast artists. So it wasn’t a surprise when Kevin and friend/producer Marcus Siskind gathered $2 million to purchased the Blue Jay Recording Studio in Carlisle. On September 3rd, it opened. According to the Boston Globe, those present for the opening were of course Kevin and Marcus, but also “a slew of music industry types including Sony recording artist Rachel Loy (she recently signed with the label), Boston native Dre Robinson (a rap artist Siskind just signed), DJ/producer Clinton Sparks, and former Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes.” Read more.

Kevin Richardson’s Blue Jay Studio Opens

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On Wednesday (September 3), right after appearing on Boston’s Jam’n 94.5 and Star 93.7, Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys attended the grand re-opening of his new studio in Carlisle. Kevin and producer Marcus Siskind bought the studio and are opening it to the public.