Kevin Rudolf Talks About ‘To The Sky’

Kevin Rudolf talks about collaborating with Lil Wayne in the studioKevin Rudolf just released his second album ‘To The Sky’ earlier this week. The Cash Money singer is joined on the album with appearances from Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, and Baby.

“Wayne was recording about a year ago and asked for some beats,” Kevin said about the Lil Wayne collaboration. “So I just whipped up something really quick and I sent him this record. Wayne got on it and sent me back the next day these verses. It was like 6 minutes. It was ridiculous. It was some of the best Wayne I’d ever heard. It was incredible. So I build the record around that. I already had the hook and he came up with the ‘Spit in Your Face’, and it came time to make a track list for my album, so I asked Wayne and he said yeah man, use it. To me that was a great gift. One of my favorite records. I’ve been wanting people to really hear this song for so long. I know it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Check out behind-the-scenes footage where he talks about the album process, living in Los Angeles, keeping a Flo-Rida song for himself, working with Lil Wayne on ‘Spit in Your Face’ and more.


Kevin Rudolf ‘I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)’ Video

Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)’, featuring fellow Cash Money artists Birdman, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne. The song is off the Miami, Florida pop rock artist’s upcoming second album. Watch the Jeffrey Panzer and David Rousseau directed video via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Kevin Rudolf ‘Welcome To The World’ Video

Kevin Rudolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘Welcome To The World’. The track is off Rudolf’s debut album ‘In The City’ is available in stores and online now. Watch the Jeffrey A. Panzer and Bill Yukich directed video via YouTube below.

Kevin Rudolf, JoJo & BTJ ‘Welcome to WANGO’ Video

JoJo Wright and Boy Toy Jesse from KIIS FM, along with Kevin Rudolf, have created their music video debut ‘Welcome to WANGO’ music video, promoting the Los Angeles radio station’s annual Wango Tango concert. Watch the production via YouTube below.

Kevin Rudolf Shoots ‘Welcome To The World’ Video

Kevin Rudolf 'In The City'

Kevin Rudolf talked about Lil Wayne, rap/rock and Cash Money during the shoot for his new video ‘Welcome to the World’. The track is off Rudolf’s debut album ‘In The City’ is available in stores and online now. Watch the behind the scenes footage below the cut. (more…)

Jeremy Greene & Kevin Rudolf Let It Rock Tour Update

Jeremy Greene and Kevin RudolfJeremy Greene and Kevin Rudolf posted a video blog update while on the Let It Rock tour while in Kentucky. Kevin promised a ton of blog postings, while Jeremy thanked fans who have been coming out to the shows.

“We want to thank you guys on MySpace for checking it out, coming out and checking the show,” Greene said. “Keep posting. Kevin’s gonna start doing blogging everyday now. Right now we’re in Kentucky. Southern Belles. Stay up, keep checking in with the MySpace page.”

Watch the message via Jeremy’s MySpace below.

Kevin Rudolf Talks “Let It Rock”, Grammys & More On Paradise Island

Kevin Rudolf talks about 'Let It Rock', the Grammys and more while on Paradise Island

Boy Toy Jesse of KIIS FM caught up with Kevin Rudolf on Paradise Island the other day, where the singer talked about teaming up with Lil Wayne on ‘Let It Rock’, the song becoming a hit so fast that there was nothing prepared on the web, catching some love from fellow artists at the Grammys, not getting starstruck, trying to make music that’s radio friendly with depth and substance, the equipment he uses to make music, what’s coming next, and more.

Watch the interview and his performance of ‘Let It Rock’ at the Atlantis below.

Kevin Rudolf Backstage At B96’s Jingle Bash

Kevin Rudolf

Showbiz Shelly of B96 in Chicago caught up with Kevin Rudolf at the station’s Jingle Bash, where he talked about the huge success of ‘Let It Rock’, getting Lil Wayne on the track, the next single ‘Welcome To The World’ with Rick Ross, the diverse sound of his debut album ‘In The City’, how he got into music, having an afterparty at Crobar, what to expect from his shows, and some Christmas favorites.

On how he follows up ‘Let It Rock’, Kevin said, “The next single is called ‘Welcome To The World’, it’s featuring Rick Ross. It’s another record if you love ‘Let It Rock’, it’s another record like that. It’s a club banger. It’s a great rock record, pop record. It’s in the same vein. The album is called ‘In The City’ and it’s really diverse. It’s really musical. Nas is on the album on a song called ‘NYC’, Rick Ross obviously is on it. Wayne is on it, so it’s just something different. One thing I do is try to make music that has substance to it. I try to say something in the lyrics, not just make club records to make club records.”

On his youth, Kevin said, “I grew up in New York City, which is sort of tied into the album ‘In The City’. I live in Miami. (My mom) would take me to clubs when I was a kid. She was always doing her thing. She was in some bands and stuff, didn’t really make it past that level, but I definitely picked up guitar playing and just being around the environment from an early age with songwriting and developing an ear for it.”

Watch the interview below.

Kevin Rudolf ‘Let It Rock’ Video

Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘Let It Rock’, featuring Lil Wayne, off the Miami Beach, Florida pop singer’s upcoming debut album on Cash Money/Universal Republic. The song is available on iTunes. Watch it below.