Kimberley Locke Spends A Day With Chickens

Kimberley Locke checked in on YouTube while in Yucaipa, California, visiting a farm owned by the grandparents of her BFF Josh Skinner, and its featured attraction – chickens. Watch highlights from the visit below.

Inside The Recording Studio With Kimberley Locke

Kimberley Locke in the studioKimberley Locke posted some footage they shot from the recording studio on her MySpace.

“I’m in the studio with a couple of great friends, Russell and Josh Skinner,” Locke said. “So we wanted to bring you guys in the studio today just to see what the writing process is like,” the ‘American Idol’ alum said. “Hopefully we’ll get a song out of it today.”

When Locke was ready to lay down some vocals, she explained, “So this is part of the process when you’re in the booth. There are different types of mics, and I’ve actually been know to kind of blow out a couple of mics myself. So we picked our mic that we’re gonna use in the booth, and this is the booth. Every booth is different. There’s a little window where I can see Russell, but welcome to the booth.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Kimberly Caldwell ‘Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys’ Video Behind The Scenes

Kimberly Caldwell - Making Of Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys

Kimberly Caldwell guides fans through the making of her recent video for ‘Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys’ in a new behind-the-scenes video clip. The ‘American idol’ alum introduced friends and family who are helping her with the shoot, and explained why she loves the song itself. “I think it’s a good message about pretty much being yourself, and not allowing other people who don’t even know who they are to get your energy,” Caldwell explained. ‘Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys’ is available now on iTunes and is the first single from her upcoming debut ‘Without Regret’, due out April 19th. Watch it via Vevo below.

Kimberley Locke: ‘Idol’ Still Has Hope Despite Simon Cowell’s Exit

Kimberley Locke did a Q&A with, where she talked about her ‘Making the Curve’ reality show, having weight issues, her mother’s health scare, and why she thinks ‘American Idol’ still has a chance now with a big turnover with the judges, including Simon Cowell. “I think there is hope because it s a good show,” Locke said. “Even though Simon is leaving it’s tricky ’cause people love him for his bluntness and hate him for the same reason. They want to hear what he has to say so it will be different. I think it can survive because it’s feel-good. People love having contestants in their living room after week and seeing the kid next door have their dreams come true and grow.” The complete transcript at has since been removed.

Kimberley Locke Talks About Her ‘American Idol’ Experience

With ‘American Idol’ going into the top three this week, the Los Angeles Times spoke with ‘Idol’ season two top 3 finalist Kimberley Locke spoke about the experience. Locke also talked about a favorite ‘Idol’ memory was doing a song with Burt Bacharach and bursting into tears during their performance. She said her favorite performance was her cover of Billy Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind’. “I don’t know what it’s like going to back to normal life after the show because I didn’t go back,” Locke said, which continues now with her new single ‘Strobelight’. Watch the interview below.

Will Adam Lambert Replace Simon Cowell On ‘American Idol’?

Adam Lambert

The National Enquirer reports that after Adam Lambert “bowled over” producers with his ‘American Idol’ performance as a mentor, the show’s executives are convinced he’d be an ideal successor for Simon Cowell when he leaves the show at this season’s end to begin work on the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor’. “They believe he’ll bring a fearless, youthful freshness to the show,” an ‘Idol’ source told the tabloid.

Kimberley Locke Talks About New Season Of ‘American Idol’

April 16, 2010 – Kimberley Locke visited ABC News Now to talk about her new single ‘Strobelight’, what she’s been up to since her ‘American Idol’ season two experience, her picks for this season’s ‘Idol’, feeling the contestants this year are being “a little lazy” and not going for the high notes, and reports that Crystal Bowersox was thinking about leaving the show. “If she knows now that this business is not for her, then I say take it home,” Locke said of Bowersox. “If she wants to miss out. Listen, if I told you I never got homesick I’d be lying to you. I get homesick now… That’s life, and if she’s willing to give up this amazing opportunity that she has, honey rock on. I’m sure the other six will be happy that she’s gone. That’s one less competitor.” The interview video has since been removed.

Kimberley Locke To Host ‘Making The Curve’ Reality Show

The New York Post reports Kimberley Locke has signed on with Media Meld Studios to host ‘Making the Curve’, which will feature talented, plus-size women who compete to form a hit pop musical group. The ‘American Idol’ alum will also executive-produce the series, which hasn’t found a network home.

Kimberley Locke Really Does Use The InStyler

Kimberley Locke talks about the InStylerA common question Kimberley Locke gets is “Do you really use the InStyler?” and “Does it really work?”

The ‘American Idol’ season two finalist decided to upload a little video to answer the question as her stylist put the infomercial product to work.

“Anyway, we just wanted you guys to see us getting my hair done I guess,” Locke said in the clip. “So if anybody asks me again I’m just gonna say go watch it online. We do use it and it’s actually really great.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed. The infomercial that features Kimberley can be seen via YouTube below.

Kimberley Locke Busy Writing For Projects

Kimberley Locke updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) on Monday (May 18), talking about what she’s been up to. The ‘American Idol’ season two finalist writes:

I know you’ve been wondering what I’m up to and what I’m working on. As I mentioned in a previous blog I’ve been doing some writing for both my project and other people’s projects. I haven’t written a lot for me as I am still thinking about direction for my next project.

I’ve also been working on some hosting things. Some of which I can’t talk about just yet. ;-). You may have heard already that I will be doing some hosting on a show called Gospel Dream. So as soon as I know the air dates I will let you know. Or if you find out before me, then you can let me know! As you know this is Idol Finale week and I will be hosting the red carpet for Radar Online. So you can check that out too.

Kimberley Locke Writing & Singing In The Studio With Josh Skinner

Kimberley Locke updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) on Monday (April 13), revealing her new management and what she’s been up to in the studio. The ‘American Idol’ season two finalist writes:

First of all I have new management! I am very excited to be working with Jay Schwartz. He works with one of my favorite artists, Gladys Knight. We are both extremely excited about our new partnership. We are already working on new and exciting things in regards to my career. I think you all will be happy to hear that these things are in music and television. So I’ll keep you posted.

As some of you know I’ve been writing with my friend Josh Skinner. We’ve been having fun in the studio writing and singing. We are mostly writing for other people’s projects, which is a lot of fun because I’ve never done that and it makes me feel like a REAL writer. (I know that sounds crazy). Some of the stuff could be used for my next album but it’s too early to tell.