Kimberley Locke ‘8th World Wonder’ Video

Kimberley Locke '8th World Wonder' single cover

‘American Idol’ season two finalist Kimberley Locke is out with her debut video ‘8th World Wonder’. Watch it online below the fold.

On The Set Of Kimberley Locke’s New Video

‘American Idol’ finalist Kimberley Locke is back with a new, hit single, ‘8th World Wonder’. ET on MTV crashed the set of her video for the song, where she talked about her 20-pound weight loss and what it’s like having Clay Aiken as a roommate. “It’s really hard to eat right when Clay stocks the refrigerator with Hot Pockets!” she says.

Kimberley Locke Preps Solo Debut

‘Extra’ joined ‘American Idol’ Kimberley Locke for an exclusive look at her album cover photo-shoot, where she commented on how it feels to be in the spotlight, “It does feel different because there’s not five other girls waiting to get in the chair,” Locke said. “It’s all about me right now.”

Kimberley Locke Visits WBLI

WBLI in Long Island had ‘American Idol’ Kimberley Locke on the program Tuesday to chat with hosts Steve and Maria. Locke talked about her experience on the show which kicked off its third season last night, how Maria looks just like Kimberley, her new single ‘8th World Wonder’ which is out on radio this week, and her new album which is still being worked on. They talked about how surprising it was that Justin Guarini was dropped by RCA and Locke says that’s an artist’s nightmare. Kimberley talked about being roommates with Clay Aiken and they probed a bit about rumors he was gay. She also weighed in on all the judges, saying she thought Simon Cowell’s ribbing of Randy Jackson’s weight prompted him to get gastric bypass surgery.

The 6-minute interview audio at has since been removed.

Kimberley Locke Didn’t See It Coming

Ousted ‘American Idol’ Kimberley Locke tells Extra TV she didn’t see it coming. She says, “[Wednesday] night I was thinking it could go either way, any one of us could have been gone last night. But it just so happened to be me.” But it was no surprise for the surly Simon Cowell. He says, “I predicted on [‘Extra’] that Kimberly Locke would leave the show and I was right.”

Kimberley Locke Says ‘Idol’ Was Cutthroat Early On

Though just ousted Kimberley Locke and finalists Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken appeared tight on the May 14th episode, the 25-year-old tells Access Hollywood things were cutthroat early on in the competition. “Everybody kept a zipped lip about what they were singing and what licks and notes they were hitting,” revealed Kimberley. “They would actually sing something different in rehearsal. It was like, ‘Don’t give it away because someone could steal your money note.'”

Kimberley Locke Rises To The Top

Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly was singing the praises of Kimberley Locke following Tuesday night’s episode of ‘American Idol’. Shaw writes, “Could her chunky highlights have been hotter? Could her fitted black shirt have been more flattering? And could she have made a mediocre Diane Warren song sound any better? As Simon told Ruben and Clay, ‘Watch out for Kimberley Locke.’ Perhaps Kimberley is the new Clay, a.k.a. the one Ruben has to beat to win the ‘American Idol’ crown.” Read more.

Kimberley Locke On Her Bickering Battle With Simon

TV Guide Online spoke with ‘American Idol’ finalist Kimberley Locke who moved on to the finals after a bickering match with Simon Cowell after her performance. Asked why she stood up to Mr. Nasty, Locke said, “My initial take on it was that it was kind of personal, the fact that he said I didn’t have a personality. It kind of hurt my feelings. But I realize that that’s what Simon does. By me coming back at him… he strategically pulled my personality out of me. He wanted to see my personality at that point, so he got what he wanted. I was totally not prepared for that, though. I was very shocked.” Read more.

Frenchie & Kimberly Draw Interest From Just My Size

While ‘American Idol 2’ contestants Kimberly Locke and Frenchie Davis may not have the figure Simon Cowell has in mind, the pair have gotten interest from plus-size clothing manufacturer Just My Size. The New York Post reports the company has approached the two women, asking to create fashions just for them.