J.D. Adams And Kimberly Caldwell Of ‘American Idol’ Split

Us Weekly reports ‘American Idol’ stars Kimberly Caldwell and J.D. Adams have ended their brief romance. “We broke up in early June,” Adams revealed. “Both of us were traveling so much. We decided to spend some time focusing on our careers.” Adams is pursuing fame in Los Angeles, while Caldwell is touring with the other ‘Idol’ finalists.

‘Idol’ Popularity Not Reserved For Just The Winners

July 26, 2003 – The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Charles Grigsby was getting a lot of female attention earlier this month as he wandered a mall in Toronto with fellow ‘American Idol’ singer Rickey Smith. “The reaction has been incredible, for real,” Grigsby said while simultaneously greeting enthusiastic fans and doing the interview. “It just shows how much love we’ve gotten off the show, and now the tour.”

Iraqi Soldiers Get The ‘Idol’ Mistreatment

July 24, 2003 – Conan O’Brien again joked about the ‘American Idol’ movie featuring Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini during his Late Night monologue last night. Conan said, “According to the Washington Post, Iraqi soldiers claim they’ve been mistreated by U.S. troops. That’s right. Yeah, the U.S. troops deny this, but did admit to making the Iraqi troops watch ‘From Justin to Kelly’.”

Simon Cowell Chats With Mancow

July 23, 2003 – Simon Cowell recently did an interview with Q101’s Mancow where the ‘American Idol’ judge says he hopes that ‘Idol’ champ Ruben Studdard will be the next Barry White. He also insists Paula Abdul will be back for ‘American Idol 3’. As for reports that he or Robbie Williams were gay, Cowell admitted there is a lot of gays in the industry, but they aren’t but it doesn’t matter, people will believe what they want to. They also replayed Triumph the Comic Insult Dog when he bashed Simon and Cowell says when he met Robert Smigel (Triumph’s voice) afterwards, he seemed deranged. Audio at q101.com has since been removed.

Parents Fume Over Careless And Ignorant ‘Idols’

July 21, 2003 – The family of the 5-year-old nearly run down by a jet-skiing Justin Guarini are continuing their attack of the American Idol runner-up in Globe magazine. Debora Zollinger Heizer, 33, says, “He was reckless, careless, and totally ignorant about the danger he put my child in.” After the incident, she wasn’t impressed with Kelly Clarkson’s response either. “Kelly Clarkson was really mouthy,” Heizer fumed. “She kept saying that they did nothing wrong and to stop bothering them. I was so angry.” Her hubby Clint added, “They laughed it off like we were making a big deal out of nothing. And the worst part is, that as the police asked them to leave, folks went down to get their autographs. What a sick society.”

Mandy Moore Needs A Tape Of ‘American Idol’ Finale

July 20, 2003 – Steppin’ Out magazine’s Chaunce Hayden caught up with Mandy Moore for a Q&A on her new film ‘How to Deal’, dating Andy Roddick, her busy schedule, and her forthcoming album ‘Coverage’. Mandy also weighed in on ‘American Idol’, and admitted to being upset over missing the finale. “I’m hoping somebody will send me a tape of it,” she told Chaunce. “I’m just so bummed! You know, you watch the whole season and you’re rooting for certain people and then you miss the big finale!” The singer/actress says she was “rooting for Kimberley [Locke?]! I voted for her at least five times, and I was so bummed when she got voted off! I loved her. I would buy her record in a heartbeat. But I’m glad Ruben won.”

Kimberly Caldwell Shows Interest In Boob Job

‘American Idol’ finalist Kimberly Caldwell tells Maxim magazine if she could change anything about her body — it might be her chest! She says, “If I could change anything I’d have bigger boobs … but if I did get a boob job I’d be like, ‘Check ’em out aren’t they great?’ I wouldn’t be one of those girls who try to pretend nothing happened.” She also warns all that even though she looks sugar-sweet, she’s really a wild cat: “As a Texas girl, I promise you: Don’t mess with me, because I will throw down. And I will win.”

Kimberly Caldwell Didn’t Listen To Simon’s Mean Advice

Ousted American Idol Kimberly Caldwell answered fans’ e-mails after her visit on MTV’s Total Request Live last week. Asked if she took Simon Cowell’s advice during the competition, she said, “Whenever Simon critiqued me–if it was constructive criticism–I always took his advice (under consideration). But at the same time, when he was mean…it was in one ear out the other.”

Kimberly Caldwell Plots Future With J.D. Adams

TV Guide Online caught up with ousted ‘American Idol’ Kimberly Caldwell and asked if she planned on a duet with fellow ‘Idol’ J.D. Adams, who she met on the show and has been dating ever since. “I’m hoping in the future we’ll be able to unite and maybe do some entertainment gigs, maybe even acting or singing as well,” she said. “I’d love to do both. I know that he wants to pursue his career right now, and so do I. So, we’re trying to focus on our careers, but at the same time, be there for each other.”

Simon Cowell Says Girls Don’t Like Kimberly Caldwell

When Extra TV sat down with ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell, the first topic on the plate was the ousting of Kimberly Caldwell. And did Carmen Rasmusen survive by sympathy? “Why did Carmen stay and Kimberly go? First of all, I think girls just don’t like her… I couldn’t care less which one of them goes this week and which one goes next week.”

Kimberly Caldwell Says Goodbye To Hollywood

After Kimberly Caldwell was voted off by ‘American Idol’ viewers last night, she thanked everyone for their support. “Thank you so much for this incredible, incredible experience,” she said. “To these people sitting over here [pointing at the Idols], you are so incredible. I love all of you. You’re all going to be gigantic stars. I’ll be voting for you at home.”

America Eliminates Kimberly Caldwell

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After being in the bottom three for the past several weeks, Kimberly Caldwell, the 21 year old blonde from Texas was booted off of American Idol. This week the bottom three included Carmen Rasmusen, Trenyce, and Caldwell. The performance that gave Caldwell the boot was Billy Joel’s ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me.’

Kimberly Caldwell Not Upset Over Simon Cowell’s Weight Remark

Entertainment Weekly caught up with ousted ‘American Idol’ Kimberly Caldwell and asked her what happened that prevented her from moving on to the finals. “I don’t know, but it was a wonderful experience, and I knew I’d be just as excited for them as if I’d made it,” Caldwell said. “I’m just so proud of Julia and Charles.” As for judge Simon Cowell suggesting to reporters that she needs to lose some weight? “It’s total constructive criticism,” she said. “I do need to tone up a little and lose a few pounds. If that’s the worst thing he has to say about me, that’s fine.” Read more.