PCD’s Kimberly Wyatt Mending Fences With Mom

Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls checked in with fans on the band’s official web site blog on Monday (September 22), talking about their promo stops in Germany and England, and opened up about a strained relationship with her mother that’s taken a step in the positive direction. Wyatt writes:

My mom came out for our video shoot. It was only a couple of days but it’s such a huge stepping stone in our mother, daughter relationship. There were many things I held against her in my growing years that I had a grudge against her for so many years. I find that when you are finally ready and able you can find the forgiveness and give in to the guilt for all those pent up feelings. When you are able to release it all, you free yourself up to understanding why things that happened, happened. Finally, as hard and sometimes as unsure as it feels we are able to pick up where we left off and begin again. I never know for sure what our relationship will blossom into. But establishing a relationship with my mom is a huge stepping stone in my life. It’s so important to have that foundation in life.

The full post at pcdmusic.com has since been removed.

Kimberly Wyatt Of Pussycat Dolls On Compassion

Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls checked in with fans on the American pop group’s official web site while they were in Malaysia preparing for Saturday’s 2008 MTV Asia Awards. Offering “deep thoughts”, Wyatt writes, “Nobody likes to be disliked and the only reason people lash out is usually because of something that has nothing to do with you. The biggest lesson in accepting happiness and love into your life fully is compassion. Compassion is the fruit to allowing yourself to disregard negative feelings. We often hold situations against people for years and allow it to build on itself. Fight after fight we build a grudge against someone and it becomes the hardest emotion to tear down. We react to people in certain situations due to the persona we have built around them. We create an alter reality in our head due to the situations we have encountered with them.”

The entire post at pcdmusic.com has since been removed.