Kina Grannis Performs ‘World In Front Of Me’

Kina Grannis hair partedKina Grannis performed ‘World In Front Of Me’ with her latest YouTube video. The song is off her album ‘Stairwells’. Afterward, the singer songwriter talked about extending her fall tour with six additional dates in the midwest in November, while December sees her perform at El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles.

“I just finished my fall tour… that’s not true. I finished this leg of my fall tour,” Kina said after her performance. “I’m currently in Florida, and there are fourteen shows, and they’re all amazing and I loved meeting everybody so much, so thank you to everyone that came out. The exciting news is that I’m extending the fall tour, so starting in November, I’m going to be doing I think six more dates in the midwest… I’m very, very excited. I really haven’t been to the midwest much at all.”

Watch the update below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Baby’ By Justin Bieber

Kina Grannis covers Justin Bieber 'Baby'Kina Grannis posted her latest YouTube cover, taking on ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber. Afterward, Kina talked about the tour in support of her new album ‘Stairwells’, wished all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, and talked about heading to Japan with her sister.

“Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, and especially mine, because she happens to be the best,” Kina said about the holiday. “That was me. I’m sure all of you are wonderful mothers, but I love my mother a lot.”

As for the early posting of the cover, Kina explained, “So in case you noticed, the video is up early, which is weird because I usually put these up really late. It’s up early because I’m going to Japan tomorrow with my sisters for ten days, so I’m probably not going to be back online for the next few days if you are one of my Twitter followers or something. I haven’t died, I’m just in Japan with limited internet access. I’ll see you all when I get back. Have a wonderful next ten days and thank you all for everthing.”

Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Performs ‘Mr. Sun’

Kina Grannis 'Mr. Sun'Kina Grannis performed her song ‘Mr. Sun’, which is off her recent album release ‘Stairwells’. The singer songwriter then discussed tour dates in support of the LP. Check out show details and purchase tickets at Because of the unusually non-sunny weather in Los Angeles and a failed attempt to record the song outside due to sirens and helicopters, she drew the sky and sun on her wall instead.

“So give me one minute to explain myself,” Kina said after the performance. “So I wanted to play ‘Mr. Sun’ in celebration of springtime, and so I wanted to play it in the sun obviously outside, where it’s green and pretty. Living in LA, that shouldn’t be too hard, except the last week it’s been all gloomy and rainy and freezing, well, not freezing, 50 degrees. Anyways, it’s been not sunny, so that was feeling and yesterday it was sunny, so I went outside and I must have tried about twenty takes, but I swear to you that every minute there was either a siren, a helicopter, or a really loud truck going down my street, so it was a huge failure and my last resort was, okay, I’ll make a spring inside my house. I decided I’d cover a whole wall in blue Post-its, but apparently that’s as far as a pack of blue Post-its goes, so it’s not quite an entire sky, but it’s enough to give you the gist that is a ‘Mr. Sun’ and it’s the sky.”

Watch the performance and comments via her YouTube below.

Kina Grannis Performs ‘I Believe In You’ With Tyler Hilton

The latest YouTube cover from Kina Grannis features the singer songwriter performing ‘I Believe In You’ by Tyler Hilton… and with the man himself. Kina wrote on her official web site blog:

A couple of weeks ago I got together with the amazingly talented Tyler Hilton and we did a little duet of his song ‘I Believe In You’. Such a great song! I also got a super secret copy of his EP coming out this month and it’s awesome. Perhaps we can look forward to more collabs with Tyler in the future, he’s quite entertaining :)

Watch it below.

Kina Grannis ‘Valentine’ Video

Kina Grannis plays guitar on her 'Valentine' music video

February 8, 2010 – Kina Grannis is out with the music video to her new single ‘Valentine’, which is available for free download at her official web site, The song is off her upcoming album ‘Stairwells’, out February 23rd.

“I wrote ‘Valentine’ while killing time being antisocial the night before Valentine’s Day,” Grannis said about the song. “All my friends had gone out to a party and I opted to stay in and hang out with my guitar.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘God In My Bed’ By K’s Choice

January 29, 2010 – Kina Grannis was joined by her sisters Misa and Emi in her latest YouTube cover performance, taking on ‘God In My Bed’ by K’s Choice. “After MUCH back and forth with the manufacturer, I think we are finally going to press,” Grannis writes. “For a moment there I was worried they weren’t going to be printed in time. but it’s all good to go now. I’m kicking into gear now as there is LESS than a month before ‘Stairwells’ is released.” Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Crawl’ By Chris Brown

Kina Grannis covers Chris BrownKina Grannis’ latest YouTube acoustic performance is a cover of Chris Brown’s new single ‘Crawl’. Kina apologized for not having a video up last week due to being sick and she previewed her show last night at the Troubadour.

“Sorry that I didn’t get a video up last week. I got sick and my voice was gross and I was freaking out because I had my big show this week, so I couldn’t really sing,” Kina explained. “I couldn’t really do much of anything, but I think I’m almost better. My voice is 75% right now. Hopefully it will be 100% by Wednesday. So yeah, Wednesday is at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. It’s an all-ages show. I’m super excited. I’m playing with my band and they’re amazing and we’ve been practicing a lot. It’s gonna be really fun.”

Watch it below.

Grannis Sisters Perform ‘White Christmas’

December 24, 2009 – Kina Grannis’ latest YouTube performance is a cover of the Big Crosby holiday classic ‘White Christmas’, featuring her sisters Misa and Emi. Afterwards, she reminded viewers about her ‘Stairwells’ album and the Troubadour gig on January 13th. Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Fireflies’ By Owl City

Kina Grannis covers 'Fireflies' by Owl CityDecember 9, 2009 – Kina Grannis posted a cover of ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City as her latest YouTube clip. Afterwards, she talked about how her new album is called ‘Stairwells’ and will be out February 23rd. “I went through several names, and this one was just right,” Kina said.

“The other announcement is much more exciting, that is that I finally have a release date. I almost can’t contain my excitement here. I kind of never thought it would happen, but it’s happening and I’m scared and I’m pumped and I just can’t wait for it to be in your ears and in your home,” Grannis said before announcing the February 23rd release. “I cannot express how excited and slightly nervous I am. I’ve put so much into this album. So much time and so much everything.”

Watch the performance and comments below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Half Of My Heart’ By John Mayer

Kina Grannis guitarsKina Grannis’ latest YouTube cover is ‘Half Of My Heart’ by John Mayer, a song that features Taylor Swift. Afterwards, the singer songwriter talked about her gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on January 13th.

“I have some exciting announcements. Actually one is exciting and one is not. The first one is that in January I have my first show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. This will be my first big all ages show in LA and I’m really, really excited. I’ll be playing with a band, my friend Keith Tut on cello and Reid Pryor on percussion and drums and looking into a few keyboard players at the moment. I’m really, really excited and I really hope that a lot of people can come out because it’s gonna be my first time at a venue I really, really love, so that is the first thing, January 13th but I’ll be telling you about that for two months now.”

Kina added that she’ll soon be outsourcing her merch sales to a company so she can keep more focused on her music. “Sadly, it’s come to the point where I need to focus on the music and other aspects of what I do and I’m going to have to pass this job on to a company that will be shipping for me,” Grannis explained. “Also, you’ll get it in a more timely manner, because I’m not known for getting your CDs out to you very quickly. So I guess it’s good and bad. I will miss it a lot.”

Watch the performance and message below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Blood Bank’ By Bon Iver

Kina Grannis covers Bon IverKina Grannis covered ‘Blood Bank’ by Bon Iver in her latest YouTube video. Afterwards, the singer songwriter talked about losing her voice and being excited to tour with Daniel Bedingfield and David Archuleta.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” Kina said about her vocal troubles. “I don’t think I’m sick and I definitely wasn’t singing that loud, but halfway through recording this my voice just disappeared. I managed to get most of the harmonies in. I wanted to add two more, but I just, nothing comes out, because they were really high ones, and if I try to sing high, there’s nothing. It’s really weird. I tried honey and lemon and tea, nothing worked. Anyways, hopefully it comes back soon.”

Talking about what was coming up for her, Kina said, “So this week is very exciting. I will be writing with two musician who I admire very much, my friend Daniel Bedingfield and the lovely David Archuleta, so it’s gonna be a very exciting week. That’s why my video is on time because I won’t have time later. Album update. I’ve finally chosen the album cover photo, which is exciting, and we’re sending that off to my designer this week and we’re gonna get going on that.”

Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Use Somebody’ By Kings Of Leon

Kina Grannis covers 'Use Somebody'Kina Grannis is the latest in a long string of artists to cover ‘Use Somebody’ By Kings Of Leon.

Afterwards, the singer songwriter spoke with fans about how her album “is finally getting mastered this Wednesday, which pretty much finishes up that whole making of the album part, , which is really crazy to me. I’m still working on album art and stuff like that. It’s very, very exiting. I’m sure there will be some very excited tweets coming out of me come Wednesday.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.

Kina Grannis ‘Stars Falling Down’ Acoustic Performance

Kina Grannis 'Stars Falling Down'September 18, 2009 – Kina Grannis performed an acoustic version of her song ‘Stars Falling Down’, a different take on the song she originally made with a keyboard. “I like both versions,” Grannis said afterwards. “One way’s the quirky fun version and one version is like the something other version.”

As for the album, “It’s coming, but it’s really helped so much to know there are people being patient and supporting and wanting this album, so thank you. I’m going to the studio again tomorrow to finish some mixes, and I’ve also said this a million times, but I think this might be the last time, but if this isn’t the last time, only one more day. There’s no way this takes more than one more day in the studio. But I’m really excited. After that we take it to mastering and then it starts getting real, which is crazy. Still no release date yet. I’ll keep you posted.”

Watch it below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘The Sound Of Silence’ By Simon And Garfunkel

Kina Grannis covers 'Sound of SilenceKina Grannis’ latest YouTube video features her performing a cover of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel, filmed inside a sauna.

“As for my album, it’s still being mixed,” Grannis said. “I’m going in again tomorrow to work on it. We’re getting really close. I also found the picture I may want to use for my album cover, which is really exciting.”

Watch the performance and commentary via YouTube below.

Kina Grannis Covers ‘Fallin’ For You’ By Colbie Caillat

Kina Grannis covers Colbie CaillatAugust 20, 2009 – The latest YouTube performance by Kina Grannis is a cover of ‘Fallin’ For You’ by Colbie Caillat.

“Things are going well,” the singer songwriter said after the performance. “Mixing on the album is finishing up this week… I’m hopefully gonna start getting back into shows again in the next coming months, so perhaps I shall come to your area. We’ll see. I hope to eventually get everywhere.”

Watch the performance and comments below.

Kina Grannis & Sisters Cover ‘White Winter Hymnal’ By Fleet Foxes

Kina Grannis was joined by her sisters Misa and Emi in her latest YouTube cover, doing an acoustic take on ‘White Winter Hymnal’ by Fleet Foxes with some improvised instruments. Watch the outdoor performance, recorded while they were on vacation in Lake Tahoe, below.

Kina Grannis Performs ‘Another Day’

Kina Grannis 'Another Day'July 10, 2009 – Kina Grannis performed her song ‘Another Day’ in the singer songwriter’s latest YouTube video. The track is off Grannis’ first album ‘Sincerely, Me’.

Afterwards, Kina said, “Things have been crazy. Good crazy. The album is in the process of finishing up and so it’s taking up a lot of time. I’m going on a family vacation all of next week, so I’m not sure when the next blog will be. I don’t know if we’ll have internet and I’m kind of freaking out. It will be fun and I love my family very much… The good news is that the new album is progressing, which is good, because it’s been in the works for quite a while.”

Watch the video below.