Kreesha Turner On The Set Of ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ Video

Jamie Parcel of Live Video caught up with Kreesha Turner on the set of her music video for ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’. “It’s much more of an emotional song,” the Canadian singer said regarding her first U.S. single. “So a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing has been kind of emotion driven, feeling driven, it’s just been a performance moreso than dancing. So I’ve been brushing up on my acting chops.” has since removed the video.

Kreesha Turner ‘Bounce With Me’ Video

Kreesha Turner 'Bounce With Me' single cover

Kreesha Turner ‘Bounce With Me’, the track featured in the Nikon Coolpix commercial featuring Ashton Kutcher, off the Canadian pop singer’s debut album ‘Passion’, out soon on Capitol Music Group/EMI Music Canada. Watch it at VEVO.