KSM Check In After Hot & Windy Day In Las Vegas

KSM checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@ksmofficial) on Sunday (July 19) with the following bulletin:

Hey hey hey! So yesterday we spent the day in lovely Las Vegas. Outside it was super hot and windy –> resembling a hair dryer, if you will. Sophia, Katie and I went to look for food across the street and we almost flew away. Sheesh, the things we do for flatbread sandwiches from Subway. Anywho, the show went really well! We had a blast. :) Thank you to everyone who came!! Afterwards, we had a long drive to Colorado and we arrived a couple hours ago. Today is Angela’s birthday! So we’ll be bowling and eating tonight in celebration! Then, tomorrow we’re back to work. Can’t wait for the show :) Hope to see you guys there.

Seattle Leaves KSM Kind Of Obsessed

KSM checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@ksmofficial) on Wednesday (July 15), talking about their visit to Seattle for a performance at WaMu Theater on Tuesday. The pop rock girl group write:

Hey everyone!
We just had a show in Seattle and it was AWESOME. We had a couple days off and we actually got to explore the city! We walked all around downtown Seattle and ate sushi for like, every meal of everyday. Some of us went to the Space Needle too!

We also got to go to the first Starbucks EVER and that was way cool. Seattle had such a cool vibe we were kind of obsessed. The show was THE BOMB!!! We had a great time getting to play for everyone and meet everyone at the meet and greet! We want to come back as soon as possible!

<3 KSM

KSM Discuss ‘Twilight’ Guys And School’s Out Memories

Twist magazine hung out with KSM backstage during their tour with Demi Lovato and David Archuleta. The pop rock girl group and ‘Twilight’ fans discussed whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob in the first clip. The second clip features the girls sharing their favorite school’s out memories. Watch both videos via YouTube below.

KSM Discuss Demi Lovato Tour

KSM sat down with Teen.com to talk about their current tour with Demi Lovato and David Archuleta. Watch the clip below to find out about Shelby, Shae, Katie, Sophia and Kate’s experience so far on the road and who they would love to tour with in the future.

Video at Teen.com has since been removed.

KSM ‘I Want You To Want Me’ Video

KSM are out with the video for their new single ‘I Want You To Want Me’, a cover of the Cheap Trick 1977 hit. Watch the video, featuring the cast of the new ABC Family series ’10 Things I Hate About You’, below.

KSM Describe Miley Cyrus In A Word

KSM attended the ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ premiere, where the pop rock girl group describe Miley Cyrus in one word and revealed their red carpet tips and tricks. Watch the Popstar! magazine interview below.

KSM’s Shelby And Katie Have A Sleepover

Shelby Cobra and Katie Cecil of KSM posted a video skit for on their YouTube channel, featuring the pop rock pair having a banana-phone conversation before having a sleepover and dancing along to ‘I’m Not Okay’ by My Chemical Romance. Watch ‘Get Outta My Cranium’ below.

KSM Get Crazy And Perform ‘Distracted’

KSM visited the Popstar! Magazine offices in New York City, where the female pop rock group talked about the craziest thing each member had ever done, such as getting an ear pierced, driving a parent’s car without a license, drinking out of a flower arrangement, and jumping off a roof. The group also performed ‘Distracted’. Watch both below.

KSM Honored To Be Part Of The Cheetah Girls’ Last Shows

KSM checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@ksmofficial) on Tuesday (December 23). The Burbank, California pop rock group tell readers:

Hey guys!! We’re already back from The Cheetah Girls tour, and we had so much fun! We’re sad that it’s already over though. Everyone on the tour was so nice and hospitable, and the crowds were amazing!! We feel so honored to have been a part of their last shows, and we’ll never forget it! It was a lot of fun to get to run around their huge stage too haha. We’ll be home for a couple weeks, and then we’re back to work with some really cool stuff coming up :). Cant wait to see you guys out on the road again soon!