Jack Ryder Feared Kym Marsh Was Having Affair

Jack Ryder suspects his estranged wife Kym Marsh is having a fling. He told pals, “I fear my wife’s having an affair—although I don’t want to believe it. Our marriage is in tatters. I need more time before we think of getting back together. I packed a bag and left her to go and stay with my dad. I love my wife more than anything and I want us to grow old together. But for now we’re taking time out. We both need space to assess what’s going to happen.” Despite being linked to Triple Eight star David Wilcox, the former Hear’Say singer insisted, “I’d never cheat on Jack. Never.”

Ruthless Kym Marsh Marches On

July 30, 2003 – The Sun is lashing out at former Hear’Say singer Kym after her split with actor Jack Ryder. They suggest of her reasoning, “Former EastEnders star Jack has not found any work after quitting the soap. An out-of-work actor hubby has no part in Kym’s ambitions, so she’ll carry on without him.”

It’s not the first time Kym’s made a power fame-move: “She failed to tell Popstars bosses she was a mother-of-two until she made the finals. And, in the weeks before Hear’Say’s first single shot to No1, she ditched her brewery worker fiance Martin Murphy.”

Kym Marsh Missing Jack Ryder Already

July 30, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Kym admits she’s missing Jack Ryder already just one day after they parted. The poor man’s Posh and Becks split because of “turbulence.” She said, “I am missing him and hopefully we will get back together,” adding, “He’s doing auditions and hoping to get some sort of work.” Meanwhile, the father of Triple Eight singer David Wilcox denied his son was the reason for their split. “Kym has rung David to say she was having some problems with Jack,” he said.

Kym Marsh Separates From Husband After 11-Month Marriage

July 30, 2003 – The Mirror reports former Hear’Say star Kym confirmed her separation with Jack Ryder after a marriage of only 11 months. The detached couple said in a statement: “It is with sadness and regret that we have to announce we will be taking a trial separation as of today. Over the past couple of months we have experienced some turbulence in our relationship. This, together with Kym’s work commitments, has added an even greater strain on the marriage. The decision to spend some time apart has been made mutually and amicably and our number one priority is to preserve the marriage and to consider the children. Hopefully with this time and space we will be able to sort out our differences and repair our relationship.”

Kym & Jack Fight To Save Their Marriage

July 27, 2003 – Kym Marsh and actor Jack Ryder are battling to save their marriage after just one year, according to the Sunday People. “Kym has been working non-stop for two months and both she and Jack have found it really hard being apart,” a close pal of the former Hear’Say star revealed. “She is promoting her album and they have barely seen each other. When they do they feel there is no time to catch up properly and get even more stressed.”

‘Legally Blonde 2’ UK Premiere

The Cheeky Girls, Liberty X, former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh, and Triple Eight were on hand at the UK premiere of ‘Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde’ at the Warner West End Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday (July 23).

Kym Marsh Skimps Up Attire To Boost Album Sales

July 20, 2003 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say star Kym is pulling out all the stops to make her solo career work after her single failed to make the Top 10 last week. The singer wore a skimpy dress and flashed her legs in a rather unladylike way on a Top Of The Pops kids’ interview.

Kym Marsh Takes A Shot At Less Successful Hear’Say Bandmates

July 11, 2003 – The Mirror reports that Kym appeared on Manchester radio station Key 103 on Wednesday to talk about her successful solo career, and was asked: “What do you think you have that Hear’Say haven’t?” The singer immediately replied: “A recording contract for starters.” Kym then panicked and was quick to try and rectify things by apologizing. “Oh dear, I probably shouldn’t have said that should I?”

Cheeky Girls Plot Airport Tour

June 10, 2003 – The Sun reports that the Cheeky Girls are set to get on the nerves of travelers with a summer tour of Britain’s major airports. Gabriela said, “We can’t wait to send people off on their summer holidays. Airports can be frustrating places and hopefully we can cheer everyone up if they are delayed.” But one traveler said, “I’m not sure if the Cheeky Girls blaring out their pop songs all afternoon is going to help matters much. Still, the kids will probably like it.”

The Cheeky Girls Do Paris

May 4, 2003 – The Sunday People caught up with the Cheeky Girls in Paris and asked the twins why they ditched their trademark hot pants. They responded, “We have a lot of young girls who are fans of ours and we want to grow with them. Like our hero, Madonna, we want to constantly change our look. Mum also thinks that to be a successful act and not a one-hit wonder we need to adapt our look regularly.”

Cheeky Girls Plane Chaos Claims

May 2, 2003 – Radio 1 reports complaints that the Cheeky Girls caused chaos on a flight from Rotterdam to Heathrow to are being investigated by the airline KLM. Passengers are claiming that minutes after the girls went into the cockpit of the twin-propelled Fokker 50 plane, it started lurching all over the place. Some say they thought it was going to crash. One passenger has said he saw one of the girls sitting in the pilot’s lap.

Party In The Park Photos

Former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh, Gareth Gates, Girls Aloud, Busted, Blue, Daniel Bedingfield, Atomic Kitten, Dannii Minogue, Liberty X, former Spice Girl Mel C, and the Sugababes performed at Capital Radio’s ‘Party In The Park’ to Raise Funds For The Princess’ Trust on Sunday (July 6) in London. Check out pictures from Rex Features.

Kym Marsh Works Out In London

June 26, 2003 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of former Hear’Say star Kym working out with her personal trainer in London’s Hyde Park. The singer jogged, did push-ups and boxed for two hours as she got in shape to promote her next single.

Power FM’s Power In The Park Photos

Busted, Blazing Squad, Girls Aloud, Kym Marsh, the Cheeky Girls, former Spice Girl Mel C, and Jennifer Ellison performed at Power FM’s Power in the Park in Southampton, Britain on Sunday (June 8). Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2).

Kym Won’t Be Calling Myleene Anytime Soon

May 5, 2003 – While Kym Marsh has made up with former Hear’Say bandmate Suzanne Shaw, she tells The Mirror the ice hasn’t thawed with Myleene Klass. “If Myleene wants to talk to me then she can pick up the phone,” Kym sniffed. “I’m definitely not bothered about talking to her, the ball is in her court. But I spoke to Danny and I’m meeting up with him soon.”

Suzanne Shaw Settles Kym Marsh Hear’Say Beef

Feuding ex-Hear’Say members Kym Marsh and Suzanne Shaw apparently have settled their differences, according to The Mirror. A source revealed Suzanne made the first move when she called to congratulate Kym on her chart single. “I was so shocked to hear her voice, I nearly dropped the phone,” Kym admitted. Suzanne once called Kym and her husband Jack Ryder “the council estate [ie. ‘poor man’s’] Posh and Becks.”

Haircut Comment Draws Kym Marsh’s Ire

May 1, 2003 – The Daily Star reports former Hear’Say singer Kym got terse when a cheeky fan asked her “Who cuts your hair? The local council?” She retorted, “I detect a hint of jealousy here. It’s girls like this that love Jack [Ryder] so get really jealous I’m with him.”

Cry Baby Kym Marsh

April 26, 2003 – Top of the Pops spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym and asked the singer if she cried when husband Jack Ryder first proposed to her. “He was so sweet when he proposed. It was lovely, so I did cry then,” she admitted. “On our wedding day, as I was walking down the aisle, Jack was crying his eyes out as well, so that really set me off! He was sobbing, like I’ve never seen a man cry before. So we were just blubbing from the minute I entered the church, throughout the vows, right until we left. It was a very tearful day!”

Kym Marsh Tries To Extend Family

April 16, 2003 – Doctors had reportedly given former Hear’Say singer Kym the all-clear to attempt to have a child with husband Jack Ryder after diagnosing her with polycystic ovary syndrome. But the couple have to play a waiting game after doctors told them it may not be possible for her to have any more children after all. Kym, who already has two children from a previous relationship, confessed, “We definitely want a child together and we’ve talked about it. I’ll continue to work and I would take a nanny with me so that I can be with the child. But we still don’t know for sure whether I’ll be able to have more kids.” She is upbeat, however, about their chances. “I’ve only recently been diagnosed with it, but I may have had it for years,” she added.

‘Make Luv’ Edges Kym Marsh To Top British Charts

April 14, 2003 – Dance band Room 5 kept its hold on the top of the British singles chart for a third week on Sunday with ‘Make Luv’ featuring Oliver Cheatham, the Official UK Charts Company said. Former Hear’Say member Kym saw her solo debut ‘Cry’ enter at #2, while Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘I Can’t Read You’ was the top 10’s only other new entry at #6.

Poor Man’s Posh and Becks Label Slides Off Kym Marsh

April 11, 2003 – Radio 1 spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym and asked the singer if she felt angry that the tabloids refer to her and hubby Jack Ryder as the poor man’s David and Victoria Beckham. “I just kind of ignore it, really,” she said. “It’s just one of those things that you have to realize is part of your job. You know, you can’t turn it on and off like a tap. You can’t have good press when you want it and bad press, you know – it doesn’t work that way.”

Kym Marsh Gets Solo Backing From Myleene Klass

April 10, 2003 – The Mirror reports Kym has received unexpected backing in her solo career – from former Hear’Say bandmate and heated rival Myleene Klass. “I wish Kym well,” Myleene said. “It’s tough in this business.” Klass even refused to rule out the band reforming. “Never say never,” she said.

Kym Marsh Calls Hubby Jack Her Duracell Man

Former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh has revealed the secrets of her sex life with former EastEnders pin-up Jack Ryder. “Jack and I have sex at least three times a day,” she said. “I call him my little Duracell man because he keeps on going and going and going. He has amazing energy which is great for both of us because we lose a lot of pounds having sex. And it could be anywhere in the house.”

Kym Marsh: Hear’Say Would’ve Split Even If I Stayed

Capital FM in London spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh who opened up about leaving the pop group, and the band’s breakup shortly thereafter. “I think they would have split anyway,” Kym responded when asked if they would have split if she had stayed in the group. “Because if what they say happened to them – all the abuse and being spat at etc – is the truth, then that would have happened whether I was there or not. It wasn’t happening when I was still in the band, but our popularity was on the wane.”

Kym Marsh Seeks Professional Help For Flying Phobia

March 27, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Kym is going to have therapy to overcome her fear of flying. “I freak out a lot about flying and my management decided it would be a good idea to get professional help,” Marsh admitted. “I cry on my way to the departure gates and when I get on the plane I get really dry-mouthed and my breathing goes all funny.”

Kym Ends Klass War With ‘Cry’

January 17, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh is ending her feud with the group by writing a track about the band’s last days. ‘Cry’ will launch Kym’s solo career in April, and will include the line: “I think about you every day, no matter what I do or say/I’d just like to say I never meant to make you cry.” The lyrics reportedly address bandmate Myleene Klass’ tearful appearance on the Frank Skinner show after the split. A source close to the singer said, “The song is her way of saying sorry for anything that happened and a sign she is moving on.”

Kym Marsh Packing Lumber At Do It Yourself Store

November 10, 2002 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say singer Kym was spotted at a do-it-yourself store carrying out wood for a bit of home handiwork with EastEnder hubby Jack Ryder. One onlooker who spotted the pair in St Albans, Herts, said: “It seems Kym has got Jack doing the DIY like any new husband should but he was looking a bit tired as he carried the packages.”

Kym Marsh Switches On The Christmas Lights

November 3, 2002 – Former Hear’Say member Kym was on hand at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Grays, Essex, UK, where she switched on the Christmas lights on Friday night (November 1).

Kym Marsh Surprised But Not Smug On Hear’Say Demise

October 1, 2002 – The Sun spoke with former Hear’Say singer Kym, who admitted to being shocked that the group decided to split. Marsh said, “Our paths just don’t cross and I don’t have their phone numbers. It came as a bolt out of the blue. I had no idea.” She insists she’s not happy to see the group’s demise though. “One thing I would like to make clear is that I’m not wearing a smug little smile. In fact, I wish the band all the best and hope they can all go on and make a career of it, either with other bands or as solo artists.” Read more.

Hear’Say Aren’t Friends With Kym Marsh Anymore

Hear’Say stopped by Capital FM the other day to talk about their new single ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’, plans for the album, touring next year and life after the departure of Kym Marsh. Asked about the new album, Myleene Klass said, “We’ve been jet-setting all over the place trying to work with as many producers as possible to get as many influences as we can. It’s going to be very cool, very sassy sounding. We’re going out to New York next week and then the week after that we’re in Norway – so there’s a lot of different influences coming our way.”

Meanwhile, Danny Foster didn’t have much kind to say about Kym and not being invited to her wedding. “We’re not still friends with Kym,” Danny said. “Kym left the band and that’s it. We’re not really up on the wedding, we didn’t want to go and we weren’t invited. You have to move on and move away from things. Kym left the band eight months ago now, so to be honest we couldn’t care less what she’s doing, because we’re busy doing what we’re doing. To have a single charting means that Hear’say have moved on and we’re now a new band in our own right. The past is absolutely irrelevant now.”

Hear’Say Shot At By Crazed Gunman

July 16, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports Hear’Say were shaken after a crazed gunman threatened them as they headed to Summer XS gig in Himley Park, Dudley, Wolverhampton on Sunday. A band source revealed, “To say they were freaked out is an understatement. They have no idea why someone would want to launch an unprovoked attack on them. They are just relieved no one was hurt.”

Kym Marsh ‘Devastated’ Over Ex’s Suicide

Sky News reports former Hear’Say member Kym Marsh cut short her honeymoon after finding out her ex-boyfriend Tony Anderton committed suicide on her wedding day. “I’m very sad about it and I’ll be visiting his grave at the weekend,” Kym said. “I just want to send my condolences and regret to his family as well as my love. I want them to know it was an honor to have known Tony.” Read more.

Former Hear’Say Kym On Honeymoon From Hell

August 20, 2002 – The Sun spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym Ryder about her honeymoon from hell. The planned two-week trip to Corfu was cut short after Kym was stung by a wasp on the second day and their privacy was invaded by photographers. Kym also talked about the suicide of her ex lover Tony Anderton saying, “He was just one of those people you thought would be OK. I could never imagine him being that low. His death wasn’t anything to do with my marriage but they found him on the morning of the wedding. It was a huge shock.” Read more.

Kym Marsh Topless Snaps Exposed As Shameless Publicity

The Sunday People has exposed that former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh and her topless honeymoon pictures were actually done with her full knowledge in a shameless publicity stunt where the singer attempted to get £40,000 for the pictures. “Everyone knows celebs like to ensure they get good publicity. But it would be hard to think of anyone who has done anything as cheap and tacky as this,” said an insider. “To actually set up and sell pictures of yourself topless on your honeymoon takes some beating. It shows absolutely nothing is sacred with Kym Marsh.”

First Lover Of Kym Marsh Reveals All

August 17, 2002 – News of the World interviewed Kym’s first lover Phil Anderton, who said her new husband Jack Ryder is a lucky man. Anderton revealed of the former Hear’Say star, “I was her first lover. But she took to sex like a duck to water. The first time we were upstairs at my house and it was all over quite quickly. But after Kym had overcome her initial nerves we were at it like rabbits. She liked every position and there was nothing she wouldn’t try. She’s the most adventurous woman I’ve ever slept with.”

Hear’Say’s Kym Marsh Booed At Her Wedding

August 11, 2002 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say member Kym was booed at their showbiz wedding to Jack Ryder yesterday. Fed-up shoppers jeered and made V signs at the pair as Kym barely made herself visible to the crowd, likely because she had secured a deal worth over $450,000 to sell the wedding photos to a magazine.

Kym Marsh Forced To Invite Rivals To Wedding

August 5, 2002 – The Sunday People reports ex-Hear’Say singer Kym has had to invite arch-rivals Liberty X to her wedding with Jack Ryder because not enough celebrities will be there. “She had to swallow her pride,” said a source. “It shows how desperate she is.”