La Roux Perform ‘In For The Kill’ On NME Radio

British synthpop duo La Roux performed their hit single ‘In For The Kill’ for NME Radio. Watch via YouTube below.

La Roux’s Elly Jackson On The State Of Pop Music

Elly Jackson of La Roux talked to NME about being at number 2 in the charts, the state of British pop music and her place on the NME Radar tour. “I’ll be honest, I’m not overly positive about it,” Jackson said in regards to today’s pop. “Pop music is always two sides to me. It’s the Backstreet Boys side, that kind of music for kids side, and the novelty tracks and one hit wonders. And it’s always had the more classy side, the David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, stuff like that. I just feel [the classy side] is missing a bit too much, and we have a lot of this boy girl band, one or two hit wonder thing going on.” Watch it via YouTube below.

La Roux ‘Bulletproof’ Video

La Roux are out with the music video to their new single ‘Bulletproof’, the third release off the British electropop duo’s self-titled debut album, out June 29th on Polydor. Watch it below.