Lady Gaga ‘Marry The Night’ Video

Lady Gaga 'Marry The Night' music video

Lady Gaga is out with the music video to her new single ‘Marry The Night’, the fifth release from the New York City pop singer’s second studio album ‘Born This Way’, out now on Interscope Records. “This song is about me going back to New York,” Lady Gaga told NME. “I wrote this about the courage it took for me to say ‘I hate Hollywood, I just wanna live in Brooklyn and make music’.” Watch the self-directed video via YouTube below.

Lady Gaga ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’ EP

Lady Gaga 'A Very Gaga Holiday' EP cover

Lady Gaga is making a splash this holiday season – the singer’s brand new ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’ EP is out now on iTunes, and includes Gaga’s versions of ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Orange Colored Sky’, along with Born This Way’s ‘Yoü and I’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’ as peformed on ‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’, which aired Thursday on ABC. Preview the tracks now via Soundcloud below.

In addition, Gaga’s ‘Born This Way The Collection’, which includes ‘Born This Way The Remix’ and ‘Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden’ Blu-Ray/DVD, is now available for purchase, along with the Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson photo book.

‘Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden’ DVD Blu-Ray Out Nov. 21st

Lady Gaga 'Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden'

Lady Gaga will release a Blu-Ray and DVD copy of the Emmy Award winning HBO special ‘Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden’ that includes exclusive, never previous to seen footage. The Blu-Ray and DVD will also available in a special package called ‘Born This Way, The Collection’, which will include the 17-track record ‘Born This Way’, the new ‘Born This Way’ The Remix album and the Monster Ball Tour DVD. All items are available beginning November 21st, the same day that the Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson book will be released.

‘Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden’ Set List:
1. “Dance in the Dark”
2. “Glitter and Grease”
3. “Just Dance”
4. “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”
5. “The Fame”
6. “LoveGame”
7. “Boys Boys Boys”
8. “Money Honey”
9. “Telephone”
10. “Speechless”
11. “Yoü and I”
12. “So Happy I Could Die”
13. “Monster”
14. “Teeth”
15. “Alejandro”
16. “Poker Face”
17. “Paparazzi”
18. “Bad Romance”
19. “Born This Way”

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’ Video

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are out with the music video ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’, a modern take on Rodgers and Hart’s ‘Babes in Arms’ musical tune featured on Bennett’s album ‘Duets II’, out now on Columbia Records. “I never met a more talented person in my life,” Bennett told Billboard about Gaga. “I think she’s going to become as big as Elvis Presley.” Watch the Lee Musiker and Richard Rodgers directed video below.

Lady Gaga Fires Back At Cathy Horyn’s Fashion Critiques

Lady Gaga 'You And I'

Lady Gaga lashed out at negative fashion critics, notably New York Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn, over their of harsh, elitist way of writing about fashion as “extreme critic fundamentalism.” The pop star took to her column in V magazine to respond to some of the criticism she’s been hit with, including Horyn calling her “an ugly duckling with great spook appeal.” Gaga writes:

It’s so easy to say something is bad. It’s so easy to write, “One star, hated it, worst show of the season.” It’s much more challenging to reckon with and analyze a work. It requires research, but maybe no one does their research anymore. So my question, V readers, is this: when does the critique or review become insult and not insight? Injury and not intellect?

Gaga’s entire column at has since been removed.

Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Wins Best Female Video VMA

Lady Gaga was a winner during last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, accepting the Best Female Video Moonman for her ‘Born This Way’ music video, which was directed by Nick Knight. As was the case throughout the night, Gaga was in her the character of her alter ego, Jo Calderone.

“I’m so happy to accept the award tonight, because Gaga’s not here, for Best Female Video,” Jo said. “Thank you so much to Nick Knight! And I know that if she was here tonight, she would want me to thank her little Monsters. You know earlier tonight they told me I got Best Video with a Message. But you know what, there’s so many great artists in this room… Every video they’ve got has a fu**ing message. I feel so blessed to be here, and it’s true. It doesn’t matter who you are, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender, you were born this way. God bless you MTV. Yeah!”

Watch the acceptance speech below.

Lady Gaga Opens MTV Video Music Awards As Jo Calderone

Lady Gaga opened last night’s MTV Video Music Awards by assuming her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, before performing ‘Yoü and I’, the latest single from the pop star’s ‘Born This Way’ album.

“Lady Gaga, she left me,” Calderone said during a lengthy monologue about the character’s relationship with Gaga, while smoking a cigarette. “She said it always starts out good. … She said I’m just like the last one.”

During the performance, Gaga was joined onstage by Queen guitarist Brian May. Lady Gaga stayed in character during the entire awards show.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Lady Gaga ‘Yoü And I’ Video

Lady Gaga 'Yoü And I' music video

Lady Gaga is out with the music video to her new single ‘Yoü And I’, the fourth release from the New York City pop singer’s second studio album ‘Born This Way’, out now on Streamline / Interscope. The video was shot by Gaga’s long-time collaborator Laurieann Gibson in Springfield, Nebraska, and features Gaga’s male alter ego, who is also featured on the single’s cover, and Yuyi, her mermaid ego.

“The video is quite complex in the way that the story is told, and it’s meant to be slightly linear and slightly twisted and confusing, which is the way that love is,” Gaga tells MTV News.

Does Keo Nozari Prefer Britney Spears Or Lady Gaga?

Keo Nozari

Check out pop singer/songwriter/producer Keo Nozari’s just launched VYou page where you can get to know him better. In one of his first videos, Keo answers whether he prefers Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. “I like both of them for different reason. Britney Spears gets a bad rap,” Keo said, adding that he loves the pop tart’s current album. Keo added that Gaga has “more raw musical talent”, but said he’s “not super crazy” about her new album ‘Born This Way’.

Nozari’s sophomore album ‘Love Boutique’ is available on Amazon and iTunes now. Watch the comments below the cut. (more…)

Lady Gaga Feels Connected To Madonna, Barbra, Cher & Blondie

Lady Gaga graces the cover of the new issue of The Advocate, where the pop star talks about joining Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Blondie as a singing icon in the gay community. “I feel so connected to Madonna in a lot of ways, and I feel connected to Barbra, and I feel connected to Cher and Blondie and all of the women who came before me,” she tells writer Jeremy Kinser. “I worshipped them my whole life, and I would never be where I am today without all of them to inspire me. I feel so grateful that I have such strong women to look up to.”

The 25-year-old also discussed her dispute with Target after the retailer failed to assure her that they’d make a commitment to gay charities and organizations in response to their financial support of Tom Emmer. “Taking an ambiguous stance is not what I’m about, obviously,” Gaga explained. “I like to go right for the ass-kicker. You’re either in or you’re out. I’m from New York. I know bullsh**. I can smell it from a mile away.”

Update: The interview at has since been removed.