Pop Stars Celebrate New York Legalizing Gay Marriage

Lady Gaga and her crew celebrate New York legalizing gay marriage

Several pop artists are reacting to the news Friday night that the New York state Senate passed a measure to legalize gay marriage in the state by a vote of 33-to-29. The measure was then signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Among the messages on Twitter:

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga): I can’t stop crying. We did it kids.
The revolution is ours to fight for love, justice+equality. Rejoice NY, and propose. We did it!!!

Lance Bass (@LanceBass): Historic moment happening right now in NY!!!! We are so close!!!!
Watch @andersoncooper on CNN to follow best coverage of this historic moment!
BIG BIG DAY FOR OUR FAMILIES 33-29 it passed!!!! Now lets educate people and make sure we make them feel comfortable with why this happened!

Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters heads to Twitter to respond to news New York has legalized gay marriageAna Matronic of Scissor Sisters (@scissorsisters): I’m so proud to be a New Yorker, where marriage equality has been realized! Who wants Minister Matronic to officiate their gay wedding? xANA

P!nk (@Pink): CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ABOUT TIME! RT @nytimes NYT NEWS ALERT: Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate

Ricki-Lee Coulter (@THErickilee): Two years ago the world lost one of it’s brightest stars…the king of pop & my biggest inspiration :( His legacy will last forever! X

Wynter Gordon (@wyntermusic): New York just passed the law to allow gay marriage!!!! Who’s getting hitched!!!!!! :)?!?!

Allison Iraheta (@AllisonIraheta): Woo! RT @outmagazine: We Do: GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN NEW YORK: Start dieting for that dress fitting, gals!!!!!

Christina Perri (@christinaperri): Yay NYC!!!! finally!!!! start proposing lovers!!! #equality

Sia Furler (@siamusic): Congratulations to new york for getting with the program and passing the bill to allow same sex marriage! We deserve nothing less!

Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan): I think that what is happening in NY tonight is an incredible thing… NOH8 fingers crossed
GO NY!!!!
Nice work to Gov. Andrew Cuomo*
Proud to be FROM NY!

Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmusic): wonderful news! @nytimes NYT NEWS ALERT: Gay Marriage Approved by New York Senate

Kimberley Locke smiles over news that New York has legalized gay marriageKimberley Locke (@KimberleyLocke): Happy Pride NYC!!!! What a gift!!!!! #gaymarriage

Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin): Time to celebrate!!! Marriage Equality for NYers! Its about… love! nyti.ms/iW3CZr #humanrights #LGBT

Samantha Ronson (@samantharonson): Divorce lawyers all over New York State are celebrating tonight! YAY!

Savannah Outen (@therealsavannah): You did it NYer’s! Everyone deserves to be with who they want. Love Is Love. #equality

Tiffany Giardina (@TiffanyGiardina): Just another reason why NY is the best! #eastcoast #SSM #loveislouder

Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore): MARRIAGE EQUALITY in NEW YORK! What a win and what a way to start the weekend!! California: time to follow suit….

Justin Guarini (@justin_guarini): Good for you New York!! #tolerance

Kylie Minogue, seen here performing in Madrid, reacts to the legalization of gay marriage in New YorkKylie Minogue (@kylieminogue): Go NYC!!!!! #equalityforall Love is love is love!!!!!

Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel): proud to be a new yorker today! #MarriageEqualtiy

Nadine Coyle (@NadineWorldwide): This weekend and forever in NYC we are celebrating a human right that should always have been. Now.. Who is getting married? Xx

Lady Gaga ‘The Edge Of Glory’ Video

Lady GaGa 'The Edge Of Glory'

Lady Gaga is out with the music video to her new single ‘The Edge Of Glory’. The song is the third single from the New York City pop singer’s latest album ‘Born This Way’, out now on Interscope Records. Lady Gaga and the Haus of Gaga co-directed the video, which was shot last month.

“Sorry to be a downer. But my grandpa died about five months ago, and my dad and I were going to say goodbye to him at the hospital, and I got out a big thing of agave tequila and my dad sat next to me at the piano and we started to doing shots back and forth, and I wrote ‘Edge of Glory’ on the piano and my dad and I cried,” Gaga said about the 14th track on ‘Born This Way’. “The song’s about your last moment on Earth, the moment of truth, the edge of glory is that moment right before you leave the Earth. So that song can be played on the piano, but it’s actually set to this giant, huge, techno rock, Springsteen-esque dance beat. I actually had Clarence Clemons from the E Street Band come in and play saxophone on it. It’s fu**ing beautiful.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

Kerli On Lady Gaga Comparison Frustrations

singer Kerli

Kerli spoke with the Michigan weekly Between The Lines about whether she feels any resentment towards Lady Gaga, who the Estonian artist is often compared to even though she began her career a few years before Gaga. “No. It’s fine,” the 24-year-old said. “I just feel like it’s hard for every creative female artist out there because you get compared to her so much. But in a way, I’m actually really happy that there is a big artist out there who’s pushing the envelope. That’s good for other creative females. I’ve always done my thing and would like to get credit for it as well.”

Lady Gaga Visits ‘New.Music.Live.’

Lady Gaga on 'New.Music.Live.'

Lady Gaga visited with ‘New.Music.Live.’, promoting her new album ‘Born This Way’. The pop star discussed how the first single ‘Born This Way’ is the gateway drug to the album, having a dark and light side, her belief of life on other planets, how she wanted to be a star and a good person growing up, and striving to do something great for her fans with the new album. The 3-part interview at newmusiclive.ca has since been removed.

Justin Timberlake Hosts ‘SNL’ Season Finale With Musical Guest Lady Gaga (Video)

Justin Timberlake was the host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ season finale over the weekend, with musical guest Lady Gaga. Timberlake started off with a monologue by singing his promise not to do any singing for the night. Both artists then starred in the Digital Short ‘3-Way (The Golden Rule)’ with Andy Samberg, where the song centered around the rule that says when there’s two guys and only one girl, “it’s not gay, when it’s in a three-way.” The former *NSYNC star then made a cameo in Herb Welch’s on the scene report. JT then helped entertain when a carnival ride broke down as a flirtatious robot. In a celebrity edition episode of ‘What’s That Name?’, Timberlake and Gaga had to name various people to win money for their charities, with Justin having trouble with a former bandmate. Justin continued the game show themed skits with ‘Secret Word’. Joining former ‘SNL’ cast member Jimmy Fallon, Justin reprised his role in ‘The Barry Gibb Talk Show’. In a web only skit, Timberlake spoofed his own foray into acting by playing Mozart plotting a similar move.

Lady Gaga’s musical performances included ‘Judas’ and ‘Born This Way’. Watch the skits via NBC.com below (Lady Gaga’s performances have since been removed).

Lady Gaga Sports Pigtails & A Corset In V Magazine Shoot

Lady Gaga

News of the World has a preview of the Lady Gaga photos featured in the June issue of V Magazine, where the pop star is seen in pigtails and a corset. “At a certain point, exhaustion becomes a state of being – I have to be strong and overcome it. It’s like a cloud, a fog that hovers over me,” Gaga tells the mag.

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Lady Gaga Spends A Day As Metro’s Guest Editor

Lady Gaga switched careers for a day, taking over as editor for the day at newspaper network Metro.

“I’m just really, really excited that I get to do this because it’s going to really show the world that you can do so much with just one voice.”

Watch highlights from her visit to Metro offices in a report from ITN below.

Lady Gaga Talks ‘SNL’ With Johnjay And Rich

During an interview with the syndicated radio morning show Johnjay and Rich on Monday (May 9), Lady Gaga revealed that she’s looking forward to performing on the season finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and that she will perform some sketches with host Justin Timberlake. The pop star said she previously attended theater school and that she’s looking forward to performing live skit, and giving herself a “good nervous breakdown” on live television. She added that having ‘Born This Way’ getting covered by Weird Al was “a turning point in my career” and was “a right of passage”. The season finale of ‘SNL’ airs May 21st. The interview audio at 1047kissfm.com has since been removed.

Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ Video

Lady Gaga is out with the music video to her new single ‘Judas’, off the American pop singer’s new album ‘Born This Way’, out May 23rd on Interscope Records. “People say that I’m trashy. or pretentious or this and that,” Gaga told NME. “[The video] is my way of saying ‘I’ve crossed the line, I won’t even try to repent. Nor should I’.” Watch the Laurieann Gibson directed video via YouTube below.

Lady Gaga Gets Inspirational In Long Island

Lady Gaga gave an inspirational message to fans at her Long Island concert on Saturday (April 23). “Tonight I want you to forget all your insecurities,” the singer told the crowd. “I want you to reject anyone or anything that’s ever wanted to make you feel like you’re not good enough. Like you don’t belong.” Watch it via YouTube below.