Lance Bass, Zac & Vanessa Film Pool Party Skit

Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass, ‘High School Musical’ couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Nicol Ritchie and Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden were among the stars who taped a comedy clip for with Adam Shankman, the man behind the ‘Prop 8 the musical’ skit and producer the Efron starring ’17 Again’. “Basically Tom Lennon plays Zac’s embarrassing Uncle Hank crashing a Hollywood Pool party,” Jake Syzmanski blogged. The video comes out Wednesday. Read more and check out pictures here.

Lance Bass Attends John Varvatos 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit

March 9, 2009 – Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass sported a new look attending the John Varvatos 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit at the John Varvatos Boutique in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 8).

“Any organization that helps children try to heal themselves, especially something as bad as sexual abuse,” Bass said of why he attended the event. “Just giving them a save place to come and share their stories and start that healing process is just amazing.”

He also discussed the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation, as well as injuries to Nancy O’Dell and Jewel on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Watch an interview with below.

Lance Bass Would Rather Record New Album With *NSYNC

November 27, 2008 – Lance Bass spoke with In Touch magazine about chances for an *NSYNC reunion. “It’s a definite possibility,” the 29-year-old said. “We are like brothers — it’s perfect.” Following the success he’s enjoyed with ‘Dancing With the Stars’, finishing third on the ABC hit, Bass said “there is talk of putting an album together next year, but I would much rather do it with *NSYNC. So we are going to be talking about that.” But no word whether this reunion would include Justin Timberlake.

Lance Bass Surprised To Still Be In ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lance Bass posted his latest diary on as he continues to compete in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, resuming tonight on ABC. Lance tells readers:

I was really surprised we made it through to the semi-finals, because I thought we were going home last week. Len [Goodman] gave us the lowest score out of all the couples, and he really influences how viewers vote. He basically tells America if we’re good or bad. When he gave me a 7, I thought it was over. Getting voted through just tells me that the fans really want to see us stay. I know I’m not the best dancer in the world, but I finally feel like everyone’s for me now, instead of against me.

The full story at has since been removed.

Lance Bass: *NSYNC Reunion ‘Always A Possibility’

November 6, 2008 – MTV News caught up with Lance Bass, who said he’s open for an *NSYNC reunion. The American boy band last released an album in 2001 with ‘Celebrity’.

“There’s always a possibility for a tour or reunion. It’s something that we really haven’t discussed yet,” the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant said. “But it’s something I would love to talk about. I think it’s maybe needed in the next year or so, and I think our fans would love it, ’cause we never got to say goodbye. I want to do the Boyz II Men thing, where we just sit on the stools.”

Watch his comments below.

Lance Bass Previews Tonight’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’

November 3, 2008 – Lance Bass blogged about his participation on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ over at ahead of tonight’s show. “It’s going to be so difficult for us to impress the judges this week, because last week, our jive was so fun and energetic – and this week we go straight to the rumba, which is so opposite, it’s not my favorite,” the former *NSYNC star writes. “It’s the ‘dance of love’. We’re going to do from the perspective of a new couple who are just discovering each other. We’re making it very Earthy – we’ll be barefoot – like we’re on the beach doing the dance. It’s going to be very cute and sexy – and hopefully entertaining.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Lance Bass Defends Lacey Schwimmer

Lance Bass offered some strong feelings about the scores and comments he received by the judges on Monday night’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

“I was definitely disappointed with the judges comments,” the former *NSYNC star told his partner Lacey Schwimmer in a report for ‘Entertainment Tonight’. “I think it was totally unfair for them to pick on you like that because I think this competition is about them judging me, which is really hard judge. But to pick on you, that was uncalled for.”

Video of the segment at has since been removed.

Lance Bass And Lacey Schwimmer Quiz Each Other

‘Dancing with the Stars’ dancing couple Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer visited the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ set, asking each some eye raising questions. Lance asked Lacey that excluding himself, which of his *NSYNC bandmates she had a crush on. “Obviously it would be Justin Timberlake,” Lacey said. “I think half of the world agrees with that. Who doesn’t want like a big blonde curly afro?”

Lance also revealed his nickname for Lacey was “Pookie Bear”. Asked about his pre-show ritual, Lance said he always gets real hungry right before the show. “So I have to really stuff my face with either a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, or peanut butter and banana sandwich.” Video of the pair quizzing each other at has since been removed.

Lance Bass Rehearsing For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lance Bass, who is one of the contestants on the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, posted the first images from his rehearsals with Lacey Schwimmer. The ‘DWTS’ season kicks off September 22nd on ABC. “Just want yall to know I am very excited to be apart of such an amazing show,” the former *NSYNC star wrote to fans. “This will be a lot of hard work, but will be so much fun! My partner is Lacey on his blog at MySpace (@basslance) Schwimmer from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’! They could not have picked a better partner for myself!! She is so amazing and kicking my ass in rehearsals!! If you are not familiar with her yet, YouTube her!!”

Lance Bass Visits With Britney Spears

November 2, 2007 – Lance Bass says he met up with longtime friend Britney Spears at her Malibu home on Wednesday night. “I went over to the house. It was great,” the former *NSYNC star told People magazine. “I went over to see the kids, and you can tell she’s really trying so hard to get herself back in order.” The 28-year-old, promoting his new memoir ‘Out Of Sync’, said his advice to Britney now is simple. “Just be yourself,” he said, “and remember where you came from.”

Lance Bass Visits KIIS FM Featuring Alli Sims & Sam Lufti

October 31, 2007 – Lance Bass was in the studio to talk with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 31) about his new book ‘Out of Sync’. Bass talked about how the *NSYNC guys often speculated about who in the band was gay, how he’s trained to go into space but hasn’t gotten the chance yet, still loving to flirt with women, his poker playing friend Shannon Elizabeth, loving Broadway, and more.

During the last half of the interview, Alli Sims was on the phone from Britney Spears house, talking about when she once met Lance, and Sam Lufti got on the line talking about heading out to Starbucks and having Jayden and Sean over for Halloween today. They were unable to get Britney on the line.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Lance Bass Discusses ‘Out Of Sync’ With CNN’s Melissa Long

CNN’s Melissa Long speaks with former *NSYNC star Lance Bass about his new tell-all book ‘Out Of Sync’. Bass talked about leading a double life during his days with the popular boy band, wishing he could have come out sooner, how he’s critical of the management system in the recording industry, schooling, acting on Broadway in the musical ‘Hairspray’, his quest to go into space, how “there’s always potential” for an *NSYNC reunion, and what’s next for him.

“I felt like I had four guys’ careers in my hands,” Bass said regarding his reluctance to come out. “If this secret ever got out, it would really overshadow anything that we did professionally. So it was something I kept to myself and never told one person.”

On her mother finding out, Bass said, “She actually found out on the internet. She Googled my ex, and found out he was an activist and openly gay. That kind of rang a bell in her head. She was like, ‘Wow’, and she got it at that point.”

Discussing regrets about keeping it a secret so long, Bass said, “I wish I could have been comfortable years and years ago. I think everyone should be able to be themselves at any given time, and not worry about what other people think. People live for other people’s expectations, and everyone should just live for themselves and be happy. I wish I could have come out a long time ago, especially at the height of *NSYNC. I think it really would have helped a lot of people.”

Watch the interview below.

‘In The Year 2000’: Britney & *NSYNC

February 23, 2007 – During the ‘In The Year 2000’ segment on last night’s ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’, Conan predicted: “Britney Spears will reveal that the reason she shaved her head is to reduce aerodynamic drag as she plummets from fame.” He then predicted: “*NSYNC will partially reunite when Justin Timberlake stops in at a Chili’s, and Joey Fatone takes his order.”

Lance Bass Visits ‘Showbiz Tonight’

Lance Bass visited ‘Showbiz Tonight’ on Wednesday (October 24), where co-host AJ Hammer asked the former *NSYNC star what he thought happened to his friend Britney Spears. “You know, that’s what happens to some people when you have – you grow up in this business at such a young age,” Bass explained. “We were lucky enough to have, you know – I had my four best friends around me at all times to knock me down back to earth if, you know, I ever started get my head into the clouds. When you are a solo artist, especially a female solo artist, it’s really difficult when you have no one around telling, you know – telling you the truth. And every day you pick up a magazine and people are nitpicking your body weight and what your hair was like today. You know, it’s crazy. We never got that. No one cares, you know, if I gain ten pounds this week.” But Bass isn’t hopeless that Britney can turn things around, telling Hammer, “But things will change. You know, she’ll get back, and she’ll be fine.” Read the entire interview transcript, towards the bottom of the page, here.

Danielle Fishel Talks About Almost Having Sex With Lance Bass

Danielle Fishel talked about her relationship with Lance Bass on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ on Tuesday (October 23) and how she almost lost her virginity to the former *NSYNC star. Bass said he realized it would be the wrong thing to do on Valentine’s Day, knowing that he’s gay, to deflower the ‘Boy Meets World’ actress and be crushed later to know the man she first had sex with was gay.

The interview clip at YouTube has since been removed.

On TV: Lance Bass, Feist, Mariah Carey

Pop acts on television this week include:

Sara Bareilles, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Monday

Ashley Tisdale, who performs on ‘The View’ and guest hosts/performs on ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday

Shar Jackson, who visits ‘TRL’ on Monday after winning ‘Celebrity Rap Superstar’

Mariah Carey, who visits ‘The View’ on Tuesday

Feist, who performs on ‘Today’ on Tuesday and ‘The View’ on Wednesday

Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass, who visits ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ on Tuesday

Ben Harper, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, who performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday

Jonas Brothers, who perform on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday

Lance Bass Reveals All On ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ On Tuesday

Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass is a guest on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ on Tuesday (October 23). The preview states: “No question is off limits with *NSYNC’s Lance Bass! Tyra sits down with the former boy band member who opens up about things he’s never talked about, including how he hid his sexuality at the height of the band’s popularity, his first kiss with a guy, if he had crushes on any of the other members of the group and if he ever went “all the way” with a woman! He even gets a little choked up when he reveals what Justin Timberlake said that made him cry and when he realized the band would not be reuniting. Plus, Lance gets a surprise when his former girlfriend and ‘Tyra’ correspondent Danielle Fishel joins him on stage and shares details from their love life and how she found out he was gay. Danielle takes Lance on a walk down memory lane when she pulls out a box of mementos she kept from when they were dating. Plus, a young man who realized he was gay shares his experience coming out to his fraternity brothers and strict Catholic family.”