Laura Imbruglia Questions James Mercer’s Employment Practices

Laura Imbruglia

Laura Imbruglia checked in with her Facebook fans on Tuesday (May 15), talking about the new ‘Port of Morrow’ album from The Shins, wondering about why James Mercer canned every other original member of the Albuquerque, New Mexico indie rock group. The Australian recording artist writes:

Ever since Mr Mercer dumped the rest of The Shins, I’ve been unable to muster the interest to check out the new album. I know it will be good, but why? Why?! The whole band?! Why?!

Laura Imbruglia ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ Video

Laura Imbruglia is out with the music video to her new single ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’, off the Australian indie pop artist’s second album ‘The Lighter Side Of…’, out now on Chatterbox. Watch the Robert Babekuhl and Filipe Marques directed video via YouTube below.

Lauran is offering fans a chance to download ‘When It All Falls Apart’ for free by signing up for her mailing list at

Laura Imbruglia Releases ‘The Lighter Side of…’

Laura Imbruglia just released her second full-length album ‘The Lighter Side of…’, which can be heard in full at her official web site, The Australian singer songwriter also posted a YouTube video talking about what’s included if you buy the CD. “I know it’s easy to download music for free and that’s what people do these days but this album comes with a COMIC BOOK,” Laura writes. “It really needs to be seen to be believed. I thought I’d do a little vlog where I talk people through it and encourage them to buy the physical version but I just come across like a grumpy old lady.” Watch it below.

Laura Imbruglia Sings Salt N Pepa’s ‘Shoop’ At Karaoke Bar

Laura’s Karaoke Adventures! episode 2 features Laura Imbruglia at a bar performing the Salt n Pepa hit ‘Shoop’. “Salt n Pepa were a big part of my life in 1994. Me and my friend Nichole used to perform this and ‘None of Your Business’ to our year 6 class whenever we could convince Mrs Smith that it’d be a good idea,” Natalie’s sister writes. “I think TLC, The “Dangerous Minds” soundtrack and Shaggy entered my life soon after. Awesome.” Watch it below.

Laura Imbruglia: Second Album Out Early Next Year

Laura Imbruglia busy in the studioLaura Imbruglia recorded her second album in March 2009 with Nick Huggins in Melbourne, Australia, joined by Robbie Avenaim on drums.

“So it’s looking like my album will actually come out early next year with a single or 2 to come out before that,” Imbruglia wrote on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia). “There is lots of planning and behind-the-scenes bureaucratic red tape annoying sh** that means you can’t just record and album and chuck it out there. Apparently. Don’t look at me, I just do as I’m told. I’m the artiste. So to pass the time, I will be posting videos.”

Watch highlights of their recording session via MySpace below.

Laura Imbruglia Posts Four New Songs On MySpace

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on her player including ‘Pauly’, ‘When It All Falls Apart’, ‘Terrible Disease’, and ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’. The Australian indie pop singer writes:

Hey!!! The powers that be have said I could put some new songs up for you to listen to. So I put 4 up. They cover some of the musical area that’s on my album but there is more area which you will hear when said album is released. Plenty more area. Like, another 9 songs more area.

I hope you like ’em. I’m really friggin’ excited to have something new out there and some new songs to play live. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more shows soon and when my new band is ready to start playing shows, we will get rockin’ like Dokken. Or Darkthrone. Or Dark Tranquillity. Or Dream Theater. Or Duran Duran.

Laura Imbruglia Day Two Update Recording Second Album

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Tuesday (March 10) with an update on the second day of recording her second album. The Australian indie pop singer tells readers:

Soooo…today we recorded some more stuff.
I did vocals for “You’re A Parasitic Germ”, guitar and vocals for a song called “Living on Light” (which I wrote with my friend Christian from the band Talons) and guitar & vocals (together at the same time ’cause I am a warrior of steel) for a song called “All My Worst Nightmares”.
I haven’t played either of those just-mentioned songs live before so you won’t know what the hell I’m talking about.
But “Living on Light” is about breatharianism and Jasmuheen. Google those words. Yes. And it’s got an unsettling feeling to it.

‘It’s Getting Worse’ By Laura Imbruglia Featured In MTV iTunes Ad

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Wednesday (September 3) with the following message:

Hey gang,

Sh**, I haven’t blogged in a gazillion years. Tax return has been really tricky to work out this year, I blame that, and the rising cost of fuel for my lack of blogness. Sorry.

So, my news is this-

MTV have chosen my song “It’s Getting Worse” to use on an upcoming ad to promote MTV on iTunes. Now, this isn’t normally the sort of thing I’d go telling everyone, but I’m not credited on the ad, so I figure, if some curious person saw the ad, liked the song and Googled “MTV on iTunes ad song”, they might reach this blog and discover it is my tune.

And then they’ll go download it for free. Bastards.

So keep yr eye out on MTV over the coming months, you may hear a mashed up version of the song. Who would’ve thought a bitter love song could be transformed into advertising gold? Not I, but I am happy all the same.

Love, Laura x

Watch Laura performing the song while walking through the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna, Austria back in February below.

Laura Imbruglia Happy After John Howard Defeat

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at on Saturday (November 24), pleased with the news that Australian Prime Minister John Howard was defeated by Kevin Rudd in Saturday’s elections. She writes:

It was a RUDDSLIDE! Yay!
Congratulations to the people of Australia for our new Government. Hoorah!
So…um…in other exciting news…
Remember how I kept bugging you to vote for the “Looking For Rabbit” clip? Well, you voted good, ’cause it came in at #3 for most voted for Aussie clip of 2007 on good ‘ole JTV.
I got so many votes I’m almost the Labor party. The evidence is below…so thankyou from my bottom of the heart.

Saturday 24.11.2007
1. GOTYE โ€“ Hearts A Mess
3. LAURA IMBRUGLIA โ€“ Looking For A Rabbit

Watch the ‘Looking For A Rabbit’ video below the fold.


Laura Imbruglia Checks In From London

Laura Imbruglia on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Monday (September 24). She writes:

I’m in sunny Europe!

Howdy! I’m a travelling gal! I’ve eaten way too many lollies, they’re just so good over here- I can’t control my urges.

So, Berlin was fun – I’m very much looking forward to heading back there to continue my German fun- please come to the shows – all Germans reading this. And please point me in the direction of a good David Hasselhoff t-shirt. Thanking you.

Now I’m in London and really not doing much during the day- tomorrow I will aim to do SOMETHING with my day, as I am really wasting my precious time in this foreign country.
I have added another London show to my list- 5th October and other bits and pieces of information.

Check it out, y’all!
Come to my London gigs!

Laura x