Laura Imbruglia Not Happy With ‘Too Cute’ CD Review

'Laura Imbruglia' album cover

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Monday (November 13) a few weeks after the release of her self-titled debut album. “So… people seem to like the album… it’s getting ok reviews, which is nice, because I don’t take kindly to criticism,” she writes. “So… to one negative girl who said in her review: ‘It’s cute. But it will likely be a little bit too cute for many. Even fans of The Grates might find it a touch irksome’ – I will say – Ouch. That hurts me on more than 1 level. Mean. Nasty. You are a poo head. Is it ‘cute’ to call someone a ‘poo head’? IS IT?! Take it!”

Laura Imbruglia Is An Interesting Contradiction

Jake Stone of Australia’s Beat magazine writes: “Twenty-three-year-old singer/songwriter Laura Imbruglia is an interesting contradiction. On record, she’s a wordy student of pop with a contrasting melancholic, comedic edge. In person, she’s stubborn and wary, but it’s understandable; she’s probably sick of the media constantly comparing her to her sister, Natalie. The irony is that Laura is the more talented and interesting of the two.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Laura Imbruglia Posts Three Songs From Forthcoming Album

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Friday (September 15). “Hey kids, I’ve just added 3 new songs to my page! Yay,” she writes. “They’re off my album that comes out on Oct 14! I hope you like them. JJJ has been playing ‘Tear Ducts’ every now and then but perhaps you should call and email them all day, every day and see if you can make them play it some more. Only if you feel like doing that. I dunno. You’ll also notice I’ve re-designed my page and got rid of the ‘purty faces’ background. Sorry to anyone who is disappointed that their ugly mug no longer graces my page, but the ugly faces were starting to lose their charm. It was time to move on. ALRIGHT?! Lemme know what you think of these new tunes, unless you’re going to give me criticism. I don’t even like the constructive kind, so back right off, buddy. Love always, Laura”

Laura Imbruglia Finishes Work On Debut Album

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on May 10th, while she was touring with Josh Pyke & Bob Evans. “I’m tired. I’m hungover,” she writes. “Did I sign some dude’s chest last night and draw arrows pointing to his nipples and then write ‘Nipples!’ excitedly? I think I did. New rule- Laura doesn’t sign skin. It’s un-ladylike. And Lord knows I am VERY ladylike normally. So, in other news- my album is being mixed now, and it’s nearly complete. Master it on Monday. Very exciting. Just checking in.”

Laura Imbruglia Hard At Work In The Studio

Laura Imbruglia checked in with fans as she’s busy recording her full-length debut. “Recording is like eating a macadamia nut,” she writes. “It’s really tedious to crack through all the hard sh** to get to the good stuff, but once you get to the good stuff, that makes you want to keep going through more tedious cracking to get to more good nuts. Or something.” Check out pictures she’s posted from the studio at

Laura Imbruglia Begins Work On Debut Album

Laura Imbruglia, Natalie’s younger sister, checked in with fans on her official site, revealing plans to record her debut album. “The time has finally come,” she writes. “I am recording my debut album. Debuts are more exciting than marriage, I tells ya. Not that I’m married. But I feel like this is more exciting. It is. yes. So, from next week through to the end of March, Nick, Stiff and I (and some guest musos here and there) will be building an album. Head builder of said album (that is – producer) will be Tim Powles.” Read more at